Chappie (2015)


Watch Chappie (2015)

Chappie Movie Info:
Directed by: Neill Blomkamp
Written by: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
Starring by: Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman
Genres: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Country: USA | Mexico
Language: English

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Chappie Plot Summary
Chappie (2015)

In an effort to combat the high crime rate in Johannesburg, the South African police force purchases armour-plated attack robots from weapons manufacturer Tetravaal, developed by Deon Wilson. A competing project is the remotely controlled MOOSE, developed by soldier-turned-engineer Vincent Moore. Deon is praised for Tetravaal’s success but Vincent grows jealous when the police are unwilling to give his heavy weapons platform equal attention. At home, Deon creates a prototype artificial intelligence that mimics a human mind to the point of feeling emotions and having opinions, but Tetravaal CEO Michelle Bradley refuses to let him test the A.I. on a police robot. Undeterred, Deon steals a recently damaged robot before it is destroyed and puts it in his van, along with the “guard key” needed to update the robot’s software. On his way home, he is kidnapped by a group of gangsters, Ninja, Yolandi and Amerika, who threaten to kill him unless he reprograms a police robot to fight for them. Deon installs the new software into the damaged robot, which responds with childlike terror upon powering up. Deon and Yolandi calm the robot, teaching it words and naming it “Chappie”. Despite Deon wanting to stay with the robot, Ninja forces him out of their hideout.

Ninja’s gang only has a few days to pay a debt of 20 million rand to “Hippo”, a powerful gangster. Yolandi sees Chappie as a child and wants to mother him, but Ninja grows impatient with his development due to both the impending deadline for the debt and Chappie’s irreplaceable battery running out, giving him days to live. Ninja tries to train Chappie to be a gangster by leaving him to fend for himself in a dangerous neighbourhood. After being wounded by thugs, he is followed by Vincent who plans to deactivate all Tetravaal weapons except for MOOSE. Vincent successfully extracts the guard key for his own use, but the traumatised Chappie escapes and returns to the hideout. Yolandi scolds Ninja for this mistreatment, but he manages to earn Chappie’s forgiveness by training him in martial arts and weapon handling. Ninja and Amerika trick Chappie into stealing cars for them, and lie about needing the money to replace his dying body.

At Tetravaal, Vincent uses the guard key to upload a virus shutting down all police robots including Chappie. Johannesburg’s criminals immediately start rioting in the streets, and Deon brings Chappie to the Tetravaal factory to fix him. After being restarted, Chappie notices a helmet used to control MOOSE. At the hideout, he re-engineers it to allow him to transfer his consciousness into a computer, so he can change bodies when his current one dies. Ninja’s gang uses Chappie to raid a police van and steal money, which is caught on the news prompting Tetravaal to pursue him. When Chappie learns that Ninja’s plan to acquire the body was a lie, he prepares to kill Ninja for betrayal. However, Deon arrives to warn them that Michelle Bradley has ordered that Chappie be destroyed. At that moment, the MOOSE robot (controlled remotely by Vincent) attacks the hideout and Hippo also arrives to collect his debt. Amerika and Hippo are killed in the ensuing battle while Deon is mortally wounded. When Ninja is about to be killed, Yolandi sacrifices herself to save him and Chappie destroys MOOSE by detonating a bomb.

Enraged by Yolandi’s death, Chappie drives Deon to the factory, storms into an office and fiercely beats Vincent close to death. He then transfers the dying Deon’s consciousness into a spare robot through the modified MOOSE helmet. As Chappie’s battery dies, the now robotic Deon wirelessly transfers Chappie’s consciousness into a deactivated police robot nearby. Deon and Chappie go into hiding as the police discontinue their contract with Tetravaal. The grieving Ninja finds a flash drive marked “Mommy’s Consciousness Test Backup”, which contains a copy of Yolandi’s consciousness. Chappie hacks into Tetravaal’s manufacturing facility, builds a robot resembling Yolandi and uploads the drive’s contents.

Chappie Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Neill Blomkamp

Writing Credits

Neill Blomkamp (written by) &
Terri Tatchell (written by)


Sharlto Copley
Dev Patel
Deon Wilson
Yo-Landi Visser
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Yankie (Amerika)
Hugh Jackman
Vincent Moore
Sigourney Weaver
Michelle Bradley
Brandon Auret
Johnny Selema
Anderson Cooper
Maurice Carpede
Police Chief
Jason Cope
Tetravaal Lead Mechanic
Kevin Otto
Chris Shields
Bill Marchant
Robert Hobbs
Police Commissioner
Mark K. Xulu
Gang Member
Sherldon Marema
Gang Member
Shaheed Hajee
Gang Member
David Davadoss
Mercedes Benz Driver
Anneli Muller
BMW Driver
Kendal Watt
Nissan Driver
Eugene Khumbanyiwa
Chan Marti
Field Reporter
Vuyelwa Booi
Field Reporter
Mike Blomkamp
Police Officer
Anthony Bishop
Police Officer
Paul Dobson
Police Robots
Max Poolman
Hippo’s Thug
Alistair Prodgers
Tetravaal Mechanic
Wandile Molebatsi
Armored Truck Guard
Arran Henn
VSN News Desk Reporter
Thami Ngubeni
VSN News Desk Reporter
James Bitonti
Gun Store Owner
Andea Volschenk
Tetravaal Office Assistant
Hein De Vries
Special Forces Soldier
Dan Hirst
Paul Hampshire
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Graeme Duffy
Tech (uncredited)
Miranda Frigon
Psychologist (uncredited)
Edwin Gagiano
Office Worker (uncredited)
Janus Prinsloo
Police Officer (uncredited)
Sean O. Roberts
Hacker (uncredited)

Produced by

James Bitonti co-producer
Neill Blomkamp producer
Victoria Burkhart co-producer
Simon Kinberg producer
Ben Waisbren executive producer

Music by

Hans Zimmer

Cinematography by

Trent Opaloch

Film Editing by

Julian Clarke
Mark Goldblatt

Production Design by

Jules Cook

Art Direction by

Bobby Cardoso
Emilia Roux

Set Decoration by

Daniel Birt

Costume Design by

Diana Cilliers

Makeup Department

Davina Lamont hair technician
Sarah Rubano hair department head / makeup department head
Charlie Runge key makeup artist
Christa Schoeman makeup artist
Brandon Swanepoel hair stylist
Tyron Sweeney hair stylist

Production Management

Brad Goodman post-production supervisor
Giancarlo J. Sini production supervisor
Steven St. Arnaud unit production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

James Bitonti first assistant director
De Villiers Fourie second second assistant director
Dan Mansfield second assistant director
Wesley Pereira trainee assistant director

Art Department

Brent Boates storyboard artist
Anneke Botha assistant set decorator
Lise-Marie Bothma technician: Weta Workshop
Richard Broad carpenter: reshoot
Graeme Cowie concepts artist
Joe Dunckley on-set supervisor: Weta Workshop
Garreth Fradgley props technician: Weta Workshop
Catherine Gaum set designer
Lara Gildenhuys art department assistant
George Hull conceptual artist
Michael Hyman key scenic
Ben Mauro conceptual illustrator: Weta Workshop
Thabiso David Mohapi key stand-by props
Emilia Roux supervising art director
Christo Strydom art department coordinator
Kobus Swart property master
Kevin Tomecek construction buyer
Filippo Valsecchi concept designer
Cobus Van Der Waal leadman
Doret Van Jaarsveld assistant property master
Doug Williams conceptual artist
Rose Worley props technician: Weta Workshop

Sound Department

Kevin Belen sound re-recordist
Craig Berkey additional sound re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Chris Chae adr recordist
Michelle Child sound effects editor
Bill Higley adr mixer
Gord Hillier sound editor
Andy Malcolm foley artist
Adam Mendez adr mixer
Chris Navarro adr mixer
Vince Renaud adr supervisor / dialog supervisor / sound re-recording mixer
Jo Rossi dialogue editor / pre-dub re-recording mixer
Ken Saville sound mixer
Christopher Scarabosio sound re-recording mixer
Kathie Talbot sound designer: trailer
Ian Tarasoff second unit sound mixer
Don White foley recording mixer
Dave Whitehead sound designer
Matthew Wilson sound effects editor

Special Effects by

Julian Brits special effects technician
Andrew Durno special effects technician
Will Furneaux 3d modeller: Weta Workshop
Robert Gillies workshop supervisor: Weta Workshop
Jamie Hendricks special effects technician
Mark Keetch 3d modeller: Weta Workshop
Joaquin Loyzaga special effects technician: Weta Workshop
Max Poolman special effects supervisor
Jamie Rencen special effects technician: weta workshop
Steven Saunders special effects technician: Weta Workshop
Carlos Slater propshop technician
Emil Snyman on-set special effects props technician: Weta Workshop
Donavin Waters pyrotechnician

Visual Effects by

Dinesh Acharya paint artist
Kathleen Adams visual effects production assistant
Luis Almazan compositor
Geoff Anderson visual effects producer: Image Engine
Bijay Awale senior digital compositor
Eric Bates animator: Image Engine
Valerie Bernard research & development: Image Engine
Nick Bernardi visual effects coordinator
Daniel Bigaj bg prep artist
Tim Bobyk motion capture technical director: Animatrik Film Design
Michael Bovberg digital compositor: Image Engine
Christine Breuninger prep artist: Image Engine
Robin T. Brown digital compositor
Stuart Bruzek digital compositor
Amirah Busairi bg prep artist
Sebastian Cabrera matchmove artist
Rodrigo Campero digital compositor
David Casey compositor: The Embassy
Enrique Sandoval Castro digital compositor: Image Engine
Freddy Chavez Olmos senior visual effects compositor
Gyanon Chitrakar digital compositor
Donny Choi bg prep artist: Image Engine
Sean Coonce digital compositor: Image Engine
Robin L. D’Arcy visual effects producer: Ollin VFX
Shane Davidson compositing supervisor
Sudarshan Dhakal paint artist
Ekaterina Diaz visual effects assistant coordinator: Ollin VFX
Daniel Duwe prep artist: Image Engine
Alberto Díaz digital compositor
Janeen Elliott senior compositor: Image Engine
Joe Engelke digital compositor
Adam Estey visual effects: Image Engine
Earl Fast lead animator: Image Engine
Manuel Feria bg prep artist
Tim Forbes character rigger: Image Engine
Lucien Fostier senior compositing technical director
Jenny Fulle visual effects producer
Sarah Fuller visual effects artist
Saul Galbiati prep artist: Image Engine
Jesus Garrido digital compositor: Image Engine
Gillian George matte painter
Bikash Ghaju senior paint artist
Sheila Giroux visual effects coordinator
Melissa Goddard digital compositor
Jessica González visual effects production: Ollin VFX
Azzard Gordon senior matchmove technical director: Image Engine
Michael Leigh Gresham roto paint artist
Neil Grey pipeline developer: Image Engine
Jack Grundy senior prep artist
Alec Hart lead onset data wrangler
Chris Harvey visual effects supervisor
Jeremy Hattingh visual effects onset supervisor
Gabriela Hickman visual effects production: Ollin VFX
Justin Holt lead texture painter: Image Engine
Jean-Francois Houde digital compositor: Image Engine
Ivan Imanishi research & development: Image Engine
Charlie Iturriaga visual effects supervisor
Woojo Jeon visual effects coordinator
Sam Johnston digital compositor
Marc Jones lead matchmove artist: Image Engine
Kiran Bhakta Joshi visual effects executive producer
Dipesh K.P. digital compositor
Andrew Kaufman research & development: Image Engine
Amir Khand senior paint artist
Adam King senior lighting technical director: Image Engine
Scott Kravitz animation supervisor: Image Engine
Benjamin Krebs digital compositor: Image Engine
Bobby Kuhl visual effects artist
Nicha Kumkeaw digital compositor
Cedric Launay shader writer: Image Engine
Miles Lauridsen senior compositor: Image Engine
Mathias Lautour lead look development artist
Marco Lee digital compositor
Benoit Lefebvre senior tracking artist
Nora León digital artist
Eleonor Lindvall prep artist: Image Engine
Prabhakar Maharjan digital compositor
Ajoo Manandhar paint artist
Tom Mangat bg prep artist: Image Engine
Dean Mangion matchmove technical director
Muhammad Marri texture artist: Image Engine
Greg Massie lead effects animator: Image Engine
Jack McAllan roto/paint artist
Chris McCrowe bg prep artist
Ben McEwan digital compositor: Image Engine
Petar Milacic senior technical artist: Animatrik Film Design
Jose Ignacio Narváez Monroy digital compositor
Henrique Moser lead compositor: Image Engine
Eden Munoz digital cleanup artist
Amitav Nakarmi visual effects producer
Mark Norrie sequence lighting lead: Image Engine
Ken U. Ogbo bg prep artist: Image Engine
Conrad Olson compositor
Ivonne Orobio digital compositor
Pierre Pages digital artist
Hojin Park digital compositor
Prakash Pathak visual effects coordinator (uncredited)
Geoff Pedder look development & lighting artist: Image Engine
Leela Petrie character/prop rigger
Jason Pielak visual effects editor
Lee Pierce digital compositor
Rémi Pierre visual effects artist
Eric Ponton senior compositor: Image Engine
Barry Poon visual effects asset supervisor: Image Engine
Louis-Daniel Poulin lighting technical director
Amit Pujari digital compositor
Amet Ramos Carpio roto artist
Bryce Rieger compositor: Image Engine
Marc Rubone digital compositor
Ai Saimoto senior lighting technical director: Image Engine
Bruno Sargeant virtual production producer: Animatrik Film Design
Conor Schock roto/paint artist
Pedro Seixas compositor
Umesh Shakya visual effects supervisor
Denys Shchukin senior effects technical director: Image Engine
Ehsan Shokrgozar pipeline technical director
Krijan Shrestha digital compositor
Rameshwor Shrestha visual effects project lead
Tom Sirdevan look development
Joao Sita lead compositor: Image Engine
Michael Stewart compositing supervisor: The Embassy VFX
Georgina Street visual effects coordinator
Josh Swanson paint artist
Alonso Sánchez digital artist
Martin Tardif senior lighting technical director: Image Engine
Tsering Tashi digital compositor
Jenn Taylor senior animator: Image Engine
Jeff Tetzlaff lead modeler: Image Engine
Mark Theriault visual effects artist
Kazuma Tonegawa matchmove artist: Image Engine
Alan Torres digital artist
Rene Toye visual effects editor: Image Engine
Anish Ratna Tuladhar digital compositor
José Ricardo Valdez Martínez digital compositor: Ollin VFX
Ruslan Vasylev senior modeler
Terry Veer visual effects artist
Andres Vergara visual effects compositor: pre-production tests
Jonathan Lisandro Gutierrez Vleeschower digital compositor
Marion Voignier compositor
Shawn Walsh visual effects executive producer: Image Engine
Mark Wendell cg supervisor: Image Engine
Cameron Widen layout supervisor: Image Engine / postvisualization supervisor: Image Engine
Anna F. Winters visual effects asset coordinator: Image Engine
Eric Hp Wong lighting technical director
Dione Wood visual effects producer
Casey Yahnke bg prep lead: Image Engine
Kareem Yassih technical assistant supervisor
Teh-wei Yeh previsualization artist: Image Engine / proof of concept: Image Engine
Matt Yeoman digital compositor
Gwen Zhang compositor: Image Engine
Junjun Zhu postvisualization artist
Mark Masson senior rigging technical director: Image Engine (uncredited)
Srikanth lead paint/prep artist: BOT VFX (uncredited)


Dermot Brogan stunt rigger
Jared Cohen stunt performer
Armando De Leca stunt double: Jose Pablo Cantillo
Brenda Firmani stunt double: Yolandi Visser
Warren Germishuys stunt driver / stunt performer / stunt rigger
Paul Hampshire stunt performer
Dan Hirst stunts
Grant Hulley stunt coordinator / stunt driver
Allen Irwin stunt driver
Sylvester Sindane stunt performer
DeVille Vannik stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department

Wendy Bown camera operator: Weta Workshop
Luke T. Campbell digital imaging technican: additional photography
Stu Carl grip
Neville Esterhuizen second assistant camera: “c” camera
Mannie Ferreira camera operator: “a” camera
Frank Gardner focus puller: “b” camera
John Gore aerial octocopter drone
Justin Hawkins first assistant camera: “a” camera
Zak Katz key video assist
Brad Maloney libra head technician
Skip Margetts aerial director of photography
Richard Muller digital imaging technician
Peter Nielsen second digital imaging technician
Dale Rodkin camera operator: “b” camera/steadicam
Amy Yeats second assistant camera
Andrew Greenan first assistant camera: “b” camera/steadicam (uncredited)

Animation Department

Oz Gani animator
Eric Luhta animator
Jonathan Macintosh senior animator
Andrew Malesky animator
Agata Matuszak animator
Terence P. Reilly animator
Jeremy Stewart animator
Terry Veer animator

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Gabrielle de Gersigny stylist: Die Antwoord
Lindsey Eyre set costumer
Philip Stapelberg costume truck supervisor

Editorial Department

William Bartlett digital intermediate coordinator: Digital Film Central Vancouver
Andrea Chlebak digital intermediate colorist
Chris Davies digital intermediate technical director: Digital Film Central Vancouver
Jordan Koen baselight operator: dailies
Gary Lam first assistant editor
Warren Mazutinec first assistant editor
Dan Muscarella color timer
Michel Smit assistant editor
Ken Smith assistant editor
Alex Taylor digital intermediate conform editor: Digital Film Central Vancouver
Sam Trounce digital intermediate producer: Digital Film Central Vancouver
Yvonne Valdez first assistant editor

Music Department

Drew Bayers music clearance and legal services
John W. Chapman music engineer
Jack Dolman music editor
Taurees Habib sampling team
Drew Jordan sampling team
Andrew Kawczynski composer: additional music
Steven Kofsky music production services
Stephanie McNally technical score engineer
Jill Meyers music clearance and legal services
Alan Meyerson music scoring mixer
Julian Pastorelli Music technical assistant
Nathan Stornetta sequencer programmer
Raul Vega sampling team
Rich Walters composer: additional music / supervising music editor
Christian Wenger score mix assistant
Catherine Wilson assistant music editor

Other crew

Robert Bentley location manager
Daphne Bezem production coordinator
Kyle Brosius title designer: trailer
Archie Casson assistant accountant
Vinca Cox script supervisor
Jane Fry production executive: completion guarantor
Miguel Flores Gamez production assistant: Vancouver
Joanne Goldstone production accountant
Eduard Klarenbeek location manager
Amanda Koh trailer titles
Jane-Anne Kokkinn locations coordinator
Jaydene Maryk post production coordinator
Irving Milgrom executive assistant: Mr. Jackman
Mpumi Mkhontwana payroll accountant
Craig A. Mumma digital acquisition supervisor
Sasha Paracels creative consultant
Tumi Poen first assistant accountant
Anele Rulumente accounts trainee
Livhu Sibasa accounts trainee
Giancarlo J. Sini financial controller
Vincent Stander production assistant: Vancouver
Estelle Vockerodt assistant accountant
Peter Wentzel finance executive
Irina Wozniak assistant production accountant
Jonathan Smiles consultant (uncredited)


Gabriel Napora special thanks

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