Cinderella (2015)


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Cinderella Movie Info:
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Written by: Chris Weitz
Starring by: Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden
Genres: Drama | Family | Fantasy | Romance
Country: USA
Language: English

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Cinderella Plot Summary
Cinderella (2015)

Ella lives with her wealthy parents on a beautiful estate in a peaceful kingdom. From a young age, she is taught by her mother to believe in the existence of magic, allowing her to befriend many animals on the estate, particularly the mice. Everything is perfect until her mother contracts an illness and dies. On her deathbed, she makes Ella promise that she will always have courage and show kindness to others. Years later, when Ella is a teenager, her father marries Lady Tremaine, the widow of an old acquaintance, who has two daughters of her own: Drisella and Anastasia. Ella welcomes her stepfamily, despite the stepsisters’ unpleasant attitudes and her needing to protect her mouse friends from her stepmother’s cat, Lucifer.

Soon after, Ella’s father goes abroad on business, promising his stepdaughters gifts of luxury. His own daughter merely asks for the first branch to brush against his shoulder on the way. While he is gone, Lady Tremaine begins to gradually reveal her true cold, cruel and jealous nature, persuading Ella to sleep in the attic and let Drisella and Anastasia have her room. Soon they receive word that he has fallen ill and died. Desperate for money, Lady Tremaine dismisses the servants and forces Ella to do all their work, and refusing to let her eat with the family. One cold evening, Ella sleeps by the fireplace in an effort to stay warm. The next day, she rises with her face covered in cinders. This leads her stepsisters to mock her as “Cinderella” – a taunt in which Lady Tremaine joins as well.

Crushed by her stepfamily’s cruelty, Ella goes for a ride into the woods, where she encounters a hunting party. She meets one of the hunters, who claims to be an apprentice named Kit who lives in the palace. Unknown to her, he is actually the only son of the land’s dying king. Despite never learning her name, Kit (a nickname given to him by his father) is enchanted by Ella’s charm, kindness, and unique outlook on life and becomes infatuated with her. Upon learning that he has little time left, the King insists that Kit finds a bride at an upcoming ball. While Kit is required to marry a princess, he can’t get over the mystery girl, and persuades his father to let every eligible maiden in the land attend.

When the ball is announced, the Tremaine family is ecstatic at the prospect of marrying into royalty. However, when Lady Tremaine refuses to buy Ella a new dress, Ella fixes up an old pink dress of her mother’s with help from the mice. On the night of the ball, Ella tries to join her stepfamily on the way out. But Lady Tremaine, claiming that her mere presence will disgrace them, goads her daughters into helping her rip up the dress before leaving without her. Ella runs into the garden in tears where she encounters an old beggar woman, who reveals herself to be her Fairy Godmother. She uses her magic to reveal her true form, and subsequently turn a pumpkin into a magnificent carriage, four mice into horses, two lizards into footmen, and a goose into a coachman. She then transforms Ella’s dress into a gorgeous blue gown, complete with a delicate pair of glass shoes before sending her on her way with the warning that the spell only lasts until midnight.

At the ball, the entire court is entranced by Ella, especially Kit. She wins the coveted first dance with him, whose true identity she’s pleasantly surprised to learn. This irritates the Grand Duke, who secretly promised Kit to a specific princess—a fact that Lady Tremaine overhears. After dancing, Ella and Kit tour the palace and grounds together. But before he can learn her name, the clock strikes 11:59, forcing her to flee and accidentally dropping one of her glass shoes at the palace stairs in the process. She manages to get away before the stroke of midnight and hides the other shoe in her room as a memento, reasonably content that her one night will become a beautiful memory.

Soon after, the King dies, but not before giving his son permission to find the girl and marry her if he wishes. After Kit becomes king, he has it announced that every maiden in the kingdom is to try on the shoe, Ella goes to her room to get the other shoe, only to find her stepmother waiting with it in her hand. Lady Tremaine has figured out her identity from her attitude after the ball. She demands to be made the head of the royal household if Ella marries Kit. She also demands that Ella ensure that Drisella and Anastasia get proper husbands as well. Ella refuses, so Lady Tremaine smashes the shoe and locks her in the attic. She then brings the shattered shoe and identity of the mystery girl to the Grand Duke, and blackmails him into rewarding her with the title of countess and advantageous marriages for her daughters. The Duke takes the shattered shoe to Kit, hoping to convince him to forget the mystery girl, but this makes Kit more determined than ever to find her.

The Grand Duke and the captain of the guards lead a garrison to try the remaining shoe on all the maidens in the land, but it fits none of them. When they arrive at the Tremaine estate, the shoe fits neither of the stepsisters, they turn to leave, only to hear Ella singing (“Lavender’s Blue”) through a window that the mice had opened for that purpose. The Grand Duke tries to leave anyway, but one of the men reveals himself to be Kit in disguise and demands that the captain investigate the sound. Once Ella is found, Lady Tremaine tries to forbid her from trying on the shoe by claiming that she is Ella’s mother, but is overruled by the captain. Ella then curtly tells Lady Tremaine that she is not, and never has been, her mother. She and Kit are finally reunited. Kit recognizes Ella even without the shoe, which fits perfectly. The stepsisters both plead for forgiveness. Ella leaves with Kit after forgiving her stepmother, who leaves the kingdom with her daughters and the Grand Duke.

At the wedding, Kit and Ella are crowned as the new king and queen. The Fairy Godmother narrates that they become the land’s most beloved monarchs, ruling with the courage and kindness Ella had promised her mother, and they lived happily ever after.


Cinderella Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Kenneth Branagh

Writing Credits

Chris Weitz (screenplay)


Cate Blanchett
Lily James
Richard Madden
Helena Bonham Carter
Fairy Godmother
Nonso Anozie
Stellan Skarsgård
Grand Duke
Sophie McShera
Holliday Grainger
Derek Jacobi
Ben Chaplin
Ella’s Father
Hayley Atwell
Ella’s Mother
Rob Brydon
Master Phineus
Jana Perez
Princess Chelina of Zaragosa
Alex Macqueen
Royal Crier
Tom Edden
Lizard Footman
Gareth Mason
Goose Coachman
Paul Hunter
Eloise Webb
Ella (10 years)
Joshua McGuire
Palace Official
Matthew Steer
Mimi Ndiweni
Slipper Lady
Laura Elsworthy
Slipper Lady
Ella Smith
Slipper Lady
Ann Davies
Slipper Lady
Gerard Horan
Lord Veneering
Katie West
Daniel Tuite
Anjana Vasan
Stuart Neal
Stable Boy
Adetomiwa Edun
Richard McCabe
Joseph Kloska
Royal Crier’s Assistant
Andy Apollo
Prince’s Retinue Member
Craig Mather
Prince’s Retinue Member
Jonny Owen-Last
Prince’s Retinue Member
Nari Blair-Mangat
Prince’s Retinue Member
Michael Jenn
King’s Doctor
Josh O’Connor
Ballroom Palace Guard
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Andrew Fitch
Bhanu Alley
Visiting Dignitary (uncredited)
Elina Alminas
Princess Valentina (uncredited)
Scherrikar Bell
Townsperson / Ball Guest (uncredited)
Francesca Bennett
Latin Noblewoman (uncredited)
Sophie-Anna Brough
Ball Guest (uncredited)
James Butcher
Ball Dancer (uncredited)
Laurie Calvert
Chief Guard Cassius (uncredited)
Arielle Campbell
Ball Dancer (uncredited)
Janet Dawe
Townsperson / Onion Seller (uncredited)
Robert J. Fraser
Townsperson (uncredited)
Edward Lewis French
Ball Dancer (uncredited)
Melissa Galloway
Ball Guest (uncredited)
Monique Geraghty
Princess Sasia of Arabia (uncredited)
Alexander Gillison
Townsperson (uncredited)
Riley Halden
Townsperson (uncredited)
John W.G. Harley
Courtier Guest (uncredited)
Ant Henson
Palace Footman (uncredited)
Rajesh Kalhan
Nobleman (uncredited)
Sayed Kassem
Ball Guest (uncredited)
Joe Kennard
Palace Guard (uncredited)
Victoria Ann Kenway
Ball Guest (uncredited)
Alex Marek
Palace Guard (uncredited)
Barrie Martin
Gentleman (uncredited)
Henry McCook
Palace Footman (uncredited)
João Costa Menezes
Ball Dancer (uncredited)
Bronwyn Pearson
Hopeful Maiden (uncredited)
Gino Picciano
Ball Guest (uncredited)
Jd Roth-round
Palace Guard (uncredited)
Julian Seager
Townsperson / Tavern Drinker (uncredited)
Sarah Sharman
Market Trader (uncredited)
Drew Sheridan-Wheeler
Nicolas Golding (uncredited)
Peter Stacey
Fisherman (uncredited)
Zizi Strallen
Ball Guest (uncredited)
Tom Swacha
Footman (uncredited)
Georgie-May Tearle
Townsperson / Courtier / Ball Guest (uncredited)
Dolapo Umar
Slipper Maiden / Townsperson (uncredited)
Leila Wong
Princess Mei Mei (uncredited)
Charlotte Worwood
Wealthy Maiden (uncredited)
Elliott Wright
Palace Guard (uncredited)

Produced by

David Barron producer
Simon Kinberg producer
Tim Lewis executive producer
Allison Shearmur producer
Barry H. Waldman executive producer

Music by

Patrick Doyle

Cinematography by

Haris Zambarloukos

Film Editing by

Martin Walsh

Casting By

Lucy Bevan

Production Design by

Dante Ferretti

Art Direction by

Ravi Bansal (MPC)
Anthony Caron-Delion
Gary Freeman supervising art director
Paul Laugier
Stuart Rose
Leslie Tomkins supervising art director

Set Decoration by

Casey Banwell
Francesca Lo Schiavo

Costume Design by

Sandy Powell

Makeup Department

Kat Ali makeup artist daily
Sophie Ashworth hair trainee
Sylvia Atkins makeup artist: crowd
Hayley Barkway crowd makeup junior
Ria Biggerstaff make-up and hair: dailies: Crowd
Helena Card crowd makeup junior: dailies
Orla Carrol key hair
Mary Cooke hair stylist daily
Cat Corderoy hair trainee: crowd
Lauren Katie Cox makeup junior
Francesca Crowder hair supervisor: second unit
Naomi Donne makeup designer
David Dorling crowd hairdresser
Sarah Downes crowd makeup artist: daily
Kimberly Dunbar hair assistant (additional: Crowd)
Samantha Easey crowd hair junior
Holly Edwards hair: daily
Amy Elliot make up dailies junior
Ann Fenton make up artist: crowd
Doone Forsyth makeup artist
Lucy Friend makeup artist
Marzenna Fus-Mickiewicz additional makeup artist / hair stylist
Lucy Gargiulo crowd makeup artist: daily
Lisa Halstead makeup daily
Charlotte Hayward Crowd makeup artist
Jess Heath crowd makeup trainee: daily
Carol Hemming hair designer
Nadia Homri crowd make up artist: daily
Lesley Hooper crowd hair junior
Jill Hornby makeup: Dailies
Charlie Hounslow makeup artist: second unit
Susan Howard lead prosthetic makeup artist
Lynn Jackett hair stylist: dailies
Soleil Jackson makeup dailies
Catriona Johnstone crowd hair: dailies
Nadine Keiser makeup trainee: second unit
Samantha Kininmonth makeup/hair artist
Joseph Koniak hair stylist
Chris Lyons special effects teeth
Siobhán McGrath hair trainee: dailies
Annabelle McMahon crowd junior makeup artist: dailies
Jose Mora-Perez special makeup effects artist
Angie Mudge crowd hair: dailies
Ryo Murakawa assistant hair stylist
Lisa Mustafa hairstylist: crowd
Victoria Nugent daily wig dresser
Sharon O’Brien makeup artist
Charlie Oswin hair team: Dailies
Cara Parry daily makeup artist
Cristina Patterson contact lens designer/painter (as Cristina Patterson Ceret)
Adam James Phillips crowd hairdresser
Cassie Pollard crowd makeup junior: dailies
Nina Pratley crowd makeup artist: dailies
Nikita Rae crowd make up supervisor
Lacey Rixson daily crowd hair trainee
Nora Robertson makeup artist
Sophie Rowatt daily crowd makeup trainee
Helen Rowe silicone technician
Andrew Simonin crowd hairdresser
Sophie Slotover make up artist: crowd dailee
Zoe Tahir crowd hair supervisor
Emma Trachtenberg daily main unit hair trainee
Wakana Yoshihara hair supervisor
Paul Job barber (uncredited)

Production Management

Steve Harding unit production manager
Todd Livdahl production technology executive
Todd London post production executive
Katie Reynolds post-production supervisor
Katherine Tibbetts production supervisor
Trevor Waterson production supervisor
Suzie F. Wiesmann production supervisor: segments

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Paul Bennett assistant director: model unit
Mark Cockren third assistant director: second unit
William Dodds first assistant director
Claire Frayn crowd assistant director
Mark Gillespie additional third assistant director
Emma Gunnery crowd 3rd assistant director: dailies
Stewart Hamilton second assistant director: floor
David Keadell third assistant director: crowd
Bryn Lawrence second assistant director: second unit
Sandrine Loisy base 3rd assistant director
Phoebe Vale Markham additional third assistant director
Ryan Newberry third assistant director
Richard Oxford crowd assistant director
Samar Pollitt key second assistant director
Gary Richens third assistant director: crowd
Ed Ripley set production assistant
Sam Rook third assistant director
Nanw Rowlands crowd second assistant director
Maria Salcher crowd assistant director
Barney Shakespeare crowd assistant director
Arthur Shepherd crowd assistant director
Samuel Andrew Smith second second assistant director
Toby Spanton third assistant director: second unit
Richard Whelan first assistant director
Alexander Witt second unit director
Laura Wootton assistant director: crowd

Art Department

Jess Alexander graphic artist
Christian Ashton assistant graphic designer
Matt Askey draper
David Balfour property master
Ken Barley h.o.d. plasterer
Jonathan Bond greensman
Cécile Bouquet researcher
Joe Bovington stand-by props
Tom Brady trainee props
Alan Brooker draper
Mark Buck plasterer
Steven Burdett greensman
Charlotte Bushnell prop coordinator
Jeni Campbell prop modeller
Alison Cardy production buyer
Usha Chaman construction coordinator
Tony Chance storyboard artist
Dan Chater art department runner: dailies
Po Sing Chu concept artist
Mick Chubbock stand by plasterer
Federico Costantini concept artist: art department
Steve Court supervising plasterer
Rachel Cutler assistant buyer
Dean Davey pumpkin carriage modeller: bgi supplies
Jonas De Ro concept artist
Emmanuel Delis props buyer
James Enright props
Jessica Fernandes art department producer: MPC
Jeff Finch plasterer
Darren Fitzsimons sculptor
Colin Fox drapes master
Matt Francis greensman
Lydia Fry draughtsman
Mark Geeson chargehand dressing props
Kerry Gissing prop assistant
Amy Grewcock assistant graphic designer
Nate Hallinan key artist
Matt Hancock set dresser (dailies)
Lindsay Harris pumpkin carriage senior modeller: bgi supplies
Rohan Harris prop paintings
Alison Harvey assistant set decorator
Toby Hawkes pumpkin carriage senior modeller: bgi supplies
Stuart Heath pumpkin carriage supervisor: bgi supplies
Tuireann Herriott assistant buyer
Emma Jackson hod sculptor
Patricia Johnson senior draughtsman
Caitlin Murray Jones modeler
Alexandra Kemp props (as Alex Kemp)
Sophie Le Lievre assistant sculptor
Stuart Leach pumpkin carriage senior modeller: bgi supplies
Elizabeth Loach set designer
Eliot Maidment stand-by prop trainee
Dean Marsh props
Jon Marson key greensman
Dan Maslen visual consultant
Melanie May set decoration assistant
Hugh McClelland junior draughtsman
Scott McInnes concept artist
Norah McKeogh set dresser
Aoife McKim action prop buyer
Elly Meyrick production buyer
Nadia Mogilev concept artist
Kan Muftic concept artist
Alan Neighbour chargehand carpenter
Brian Neighbour construction manager
Heather Noble art department coordinator
Josh O’Neill carpenter
Tom O’Neill carpenter
Robert Park Hod carpenter
Nick Pelham storyboard artist
Alice Phelps set decoration assistant
Kimberley Pope concept artist
Andrew Proctor draughtsman
Justin Richards greens coordinator
Isona Rigau art department assistant
Gary Robinson props
Mark Russell construction buyer
Jack Salkeld dressing props
Luke Sanders junior draughtsman
Matt Sargent draper
Ryan Saward props
Corrine Silver art department assistant
Codrina Spataru sculptor
Bgi Supplies pumpkin carriage builder
Ed Symon draughtsman
Gregor Telfer props
Daniel Thompson carpenter
Rebecca Todd prop maker
Bradley Torbett chargehand stand-by propman
Darren Tubby draughtsman
Eddie Tycer prop modeller
Arnaud Valette concept artist
Christopher Vincent art department runner: dailies
Les Ward drapes supervisor
Laurence Wells chargehand dressing props
Clint Whelan prop modeller
Thomas Wingrove junior illustrator
Ashley Winter VFX art director
Helen Xenopoulos assistant art director
Jackie Yau assistant set decorator
Scott A. Riley props (uncredited)
Rut Villamagna props (uncredited)
Janis Vitolins props (uncredited)

Sound Department

Orin Beaton boom operator
Lilly Blazewicz sound runner
Peter Burgis foley artist
Andrew Caller sound mix technician
Simon Chase dialogue editor
Simon Diggins adr mixer
Mike Dowson sound re-recording mixer
Thomas Fennell second boom operator
Samir Foco sound effects editor
David Giles sound trainee
Nick Gillett boom operator: second unit
Peter Gleaves adr mixer
Ben Jeffes sound assistant: second unit (dailies)
Rob Killick dialogue editor
Jed Loughran sound effects editor
David Mackie assistant sound editor
Rolf Martens mix technician
James Mather supervising sound editor
Milos Momcilovic sound assistant: second unit: dailies
Paul Paragon second unit sound mixer: dailies
Richard Pryke sound re-recording mixer
Tom Sayers sound effects editor
James Shannon dolby sound consultant
Timothy Siddall sound mix technician
Jason Swanscott foley artist
Simon Trundle foley mixer
Tim White Second Unit Sound Mixer
Stuart Wilson production sound mixer
James Ezra adr recordist (uncredited)
Peter Warnock adr recordist (uncredited)

Special Effects by

Aaron Crowe special effects trainee
Terry Flowers special effects floor supervisor
Charlie Graovac special effects trainee
Victoria Hawden special effects buyer/co-ordinator
Nick Joscylene special effects technician
Karl Openshaw special effects technician: Model Unit
Sam Perez special effects assistant
Roderick Pulis special effects technician
Edd Slow special effects trainee
Jake Stout special effects trainee
Bgi Supplies special effects props/breakaways
David Watkins special effects supervisor
Kevin Gilmartin model maker (uncredited)

Visual Effects by

Illia Afanasiev digital compositor: MPC
Manuel Agost software developer
Ian Allard sr. lighting technical director
Juan Alonso digital compositor
Kapil Dev Anand visual effects artist
Chris Archinet vfx lighting artist
Ruth Asensio layout td: MPC
Mathieu Assemat visual effects
Andrew Atteberry animator
Eric Aubry matte painter: mpc
Matthew Badham visual effects production assistant
Dimitri Bakalov previs artist: Argon
Charlie Banks rigger: MPC
Tom Barber visual effects production assistant
Reuben Barkataki compositing supervisor
Nicolas Beaufays digital compositor: MPC
Sebastien Beaulieu lead lighting technical director
Michael Becki head of layout montreal: MPC
David Bemi-Bajer lead effects technical director
Simon Bennett-Leyh visual effects coordinator
Robert Bock vfx director of photography: Rodeo FX
Micha Boström previs artist
Virginie Bourdin art director
Gossart Brian visual effects artist
Wayne Brinton 2d supervisor
Ben Brown vfx data wrangler: MPC
Rory Bryans data wrangler: Moving Picture Company
Conor Byrne previz editor
Giulia Cadeddu digital compositor: MPC
Juan Francisco Calero digital compositor: MPC
Huseyin Caner Lidar scanning supervisor
Annie Caps compositor: MPC
Joe Carhart additional visual effects coordinator: The Walt Disney Studios
Giovanni Casadei pre-viz artist
Jean-Simon Chabot animator: MPC
Solene Chan-lam modeler/texture artist
Vikas Chandel environment td
Jane Chen environment artist
Jeremy Chinn title designer
Jung-Yoon Choi lead visual effects artist
Kate Choi lead lighter
Oli Clarke lead layout artist: MPC
Sally Clayton previs artist: Argon
Richard Clegg cg supervisor
Christopher Collis visual effects editor: MPC
Francesco Corvino concept artist: Rodeo FX
Maxime Cosseau lighting td: mpc
William Cote roto artist: Rodeo FX
Francois Couette lighting td
Bogdan Cristescu digital compositor: MPC
Andrew Daffy credits: animation
Marie-Cecile Dahan Rodeo FX
Dominic Daigle lead matte painter td: Rodeo FX
Patrick David digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Maurizio De Angelis cg modeler
Christophe Dehaene digital compositor: MPC
Stanley A. Dellimore global head of layout: MPC
Aaron Dennis fx technical director: MPC
Santosh Kumar Dey matchmove artist: MPC
Roland Dobson digital compositor: MPC
Kristen Drewski Production Coordinator DMP/ENV
Stefan Drury visual effects producer: pre-production: MPC
François Dumoulin visual effects supervisor: Rodeo FX
Frederic Dupere matte painter
Samuel Durocher roto artist: Rodeo FX
Denny Ertanto digital compositor: MPC
Amanda Farinos fx department coordinator: MPC
Ryan Fear motion control producer
Fathima Feminò compositor: mpc
Gavin Foden vfx pa
Nikeah Forde visual effects production manager
Jean-Sébastien Fortin digital compositor
Shizuka Fukuda digital compositor
Pawl Fulker previsualisation supervisor
Marie-Josee Gagnon digital compositor
Wei Gao digital compositor
Ange-Marie Gendron visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX
Jack George data wrangler
Cosmin Ghiga matte painter: mpc
Jérémy Giraudeau digital compositor
Claudio Gonzalez cloth technical director
Guillaume Goudreault lighting td: mpc
Mickael Goussard digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Jonny Gu digital compositor: MPC
Carlos Guillén digital compositor: MPC
Marie-Ève Gélinas roto artist: Rodeo FX
Noah Hamdan environment td/digital matte painter
Will Hardwick digital compositor
Jake Harrell modeler: MPC
Arnaud Havart matte painter
Karsten Hecker virtual production engineer
Charley Henley visual effects supervisor
Alfonso Hernández digital compositor
Sandy Heslop post-vis animator
Srivastava Himanshu Modeling and Texturing Artist: MPC
Victoria Hodson digital matte painter
Julie Holmes senior layout artist: MPC
Danny Huerta visual effects production manager: MPC
Vincent Italia visual effects artist (visual effects)
Jason Ivimey previs artist: Argon / senior previs/postvis artist: Argon VFX
Francesc Izquierdo lead crowd technical director
Lionel Jacobs digital compositor
Benjamin Jean visual effects: roto artist – MPC
Jose Jijesh modeling and texturing artist: MPC
Jonathan Jobin digital compositor
Ranajoy Kar matchmove artist: MPC
Jose Julian Karam Lopez digital compositor: MPC
Lari Karam fx technical director
Ravi Krishna Kasumarthy roto and paint artist
John Kay post visualisation artist
James D. Kelly visual effects photographer: MPC
Daniel Kemeys roto artist: mpc
Changil Kim researcher: Disney Research
Julien Klein digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Peter Koss digital compositor
Dorota Kowalska visual effects production manager: MPC
Andrew Kowbell roto/prep artist: MPC
Magnolia Ku Lea animator
Sujay Kumar G. matchmove lead: MPC
Aravind Kumar matchmove & rotomation
Davide La Sala lead character technical director
Jonathan Laborde cg artist: Rodeo FX
Felix Lafontaine compositor
Emanuel LaFrance senior digital compositor: MPC
Alain Lalanne visual effects producer: MPC
Carly Lamenta visual effects production assistant
Kevin Landry matchmover: Rodeo FX
Loic Laurelut digital compositor: MPC
Olivier Lavenant digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Boonhoe Law compositor: MPC Montreal
Stephanie Lawrence digital matte painter/environment td
Warren J.W. Leathem animation supervisor
Patrick Ledda visual effects supervisor: MPC
James Jooyoung Lee trailer title: Greenhaus GFX
Eduardo Lopez matte painter
Charlie Lovett previs artist: Argon
Francesco Lupo groom artist: MPC
Renaud Madeline digital compositor
Stephane Mailet matchmover: Rodeo FX
Gurumurthy Mande texturing artist: MPC
James Mann render/data support: MPC
Fredrik Mannerfelt digital compositor: MPC
Olivier Martin matte painter: Rodeo FX
Seth Martiniuk digital compositor
Rudy Massar senior modeller: MPC
Javad Matoorian-Pour compositor: previz
Alexey Mazurenko senior lighting/lookdev td (as Aleksey Mazurenko)
Jason McDonald previsualization supervisor: Argon
David McKay matchmover: Rodeo FX
Tracey McLean matte painter
Luis Jorge Medina digital compositor
Ian Menzies motion control operator
Simon Mercier roto artist: Rodeo FX / rotoscopy artist
Jobin Michael visual effects artist
Greg Modern tools developer: Argon
Trevor Moniz roto artist: Rodeo FX
Daniel Moore visual effects data wrangler: MPC
Sébastien Moreau visuel effects executive producer: Rodeo FX
Dafydd Morris previsualization artist
Javier Muñoz digital compositor: MPC
Olivier Nadeau lighting td
Marijus Neverdauskis digital compositor
John Niforos effects technical director
Heather Noble miniature shoot co-ordinator
Fredrik Nordbeck end credits sequence
Sanna Nyström production administrator: Argon
Steven O’Connor digital compositor: MPC
Alok Ogale digital artist
Jonathan Opgenhaffen concept artist
Jojan P M pipeline software developer: MPC
Guillaume Palegie digital compositor: MPC
Louis-David Paquette layout artist: MPC
Amy Paskow digital matte painter
Laura Pavone colour assist
Cara Payne visual effects coordinator
Simon Payne previs artist: Argon
Sara Pedramnia production assistant
Justin Peer on-set data wrangler
Gina Pentassuglia crowd technical director: MPC
Lara Perez Takagi production coordinator: Digital Compositing
Nigel Permane motion control technician
Victor Pillet technical animator
Xenia Pirojenko roto artist: Rodeo FX
Rob Pizzey digital colourist
Henriette Plum previs artist / previs artist: Argon
Stephanie Pocklington environment td
Ankit Priya paint/prep artist: mpc
Francis Provencher lead systems administrator: MPC
Victor Radulov digital compositor: MPC
Janhavi Ramaswamy prep artist / roto and paint artist
Antonio Ramos senior digital compositor: MPC
Thomas Ravi modelling & texturing artist
Laurent Reynaud digital compositor
Dominic Ridley cyberscanning / photogrammetry services
Mnandi Ridley visual effects artist
Pascal Rigaud vfx editor: Rodeo FX
Benoit Rimet visual effects artist (lead)
Stéphane Rioux digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Matt Rock production support
Isabelle Rousselle digital matte painter
Subhasish Saha visual effects artist
Paul Saint-Hilaire digital compositor
Anjum Sakharkar lead visual effects artist
Arnab Sanyal lead digital compositor
Jennifer Lee Scheer production manager
Karl Schudeck previs artist: Argon
Laetitia Seguin visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX
Roger Serrabassa Vilar digital compositor: MPC
Fiaz Shaikh modeling and sculpting artist: MPC
Aurora Shannon colourist: visual effects
Sergey Shlyaev senior lighting/lookdev td
Samuel Simanjuntak environment technical director: MPC
David Singer digital compositor: MPC
Matthew Smart previs artist / previs artist: Argon
Yoan Souligoux visual effects artist
Laurent Srey digital compositor
Nathan Srigley visual effects
Himanshu Srivastava Modeling and Texturing Artist: MPC
Pascale St-Pierre matte painter: MPC
Stephanie Jean Staunton digital compositor
Nigel Stone director of photography: model unit
Quentin Sur previs artist
Hemanth Surana paint and roto artist
Marc Taganas lead roto/prep artist: MPC
Florent Taisne digital compositor: MPC
Adam Tamel digital compositor
Patrick Tasse lead compositor
Jean-Yves Teillet lighting td
Catherine Therrien visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX
Olivier Thibaut senior software developer: MPC
Terry Thompson effects technical director: MPC
Jocelyn Tremblay digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Jozef van Eenbergen software developer: MPC
Alonso Varela digital artist
Mahadevan Vishal modelling & texturing artist: MPC
Luca Vitali visual effects artist
Elise Voyer FX Department Manager: MPC
Jean-Philippe Voyer roto artist: Rodeo FX
Zhi Wan matte painter td: Rodeo FX
Stephen T.Y. Wong compositor: MPC (as Stephen Wong)
Hasan Sedat Yildiz digital compositor: MPC
Simon Zaurrini 3D dmp Department Manager- MPC Montreal
Billy Ziller motion control producer
Henning Zimmer researcher: Disney Research
Rob Zohrab layout td
Lenka Zuckova lighting td
Thomas Buckingham render/data support: MPC (uncredited)
Jamal Hajlaoui render/data support: MPC (uncredited)
Julia Mueller-Madaus digital compositor: MPC (uncredited)


Dan Burman special action performer
David Collom stunt performer
Kelly Dent Cinderella Stunt double
Will Dent stunt performer (as William Dent)
Savage Dickon fight performer
Téo Ghil fight performer
David R. Grant stunt performer
Robert Hladik stunt double: lizard footman #1
Olivia Jackson stunt performer
Terry King sword choreographer
Dominic Kinnaird sword fight performer
Chris Manger stunt rigger
Anthony Newman captain
Lockhart Ogilvie fight performer
Andrej Riabokon stunt double / stunt performer
Olly Rowland stunt performer
Matthew Sampson stunt supervisor
Helen Steinway Bailey stunt double: Helena Bonham-Carter
Shane Steyn stunt performer
Ryan Stuart stunt performer
Gordon Summers stunt performer
Alexander Temmink lizard footman #2 / stunt performer: Lizard footman #2
James Unsworth stunt performer
Steen Young stunts

Camera and Electrical Department

Dennis Baldwin Practical Electrician
Louise Ben-Nathan second assistant “b” camera: second unit
Sergio Bernuzzi grip: dailies/second unit
Paul Brewster best boy
Alex Bridges video assist assistant
Bob Bridges video assist coordinator
Stuart Bridges video assist operator
Robbie Bryant assistant: Haris Zambarloukos / camera operator
Peter Byrne focus puller: “b” camera
Emmet Cahill best boy grip: second unit
Abigail Catto second assistant camera (B camera)
Dominique Cheung central loader
Andy Clarke lighting technician
Ray Cook electrician / rigging electrician
Joshua Dempsey electrician
Joe Dibble digital image technician (vfx unit)
Hamish Doyne-Ditmas camera operator: “c” camera
Tom Elgar video operator: miniature unit
Harry Elvin crane technicain dailies
Jason Ewart additional steadicam operator
Andrea Fishburn camera trainee: dailies
Kevin Fitzpatrick Prop Practical Electrician
Andrew Fletcher electrician: 2nd unit
Ben Foat second assistant camera: dailies
Steve Gilbert grip (second unit)
Michael Green focus puller: “c” camera
Phill Hardy second assistant “a” camera: second unit
Paul Helm electrician
Steve Hideg head technician
Des Hills russian arm precision driver
Darren Howton practical electrician
Stuart Hurst gaffer practicals
Clive Jackson camera operator: “a” camera, second unit
Callum Just digital imaging technician: aerial unit
Giles Keyte additional still photographer
Chris Knoll electrician
Ed Lancaster grip: second unit
Stephen Lloyd video assist trainee
Dan Lowe rigging gaffer
Simon Mahoney electrical rigger
Jason Martin 2nd unit rigging gaffer
Matthew Martin electrician
Graham Martyr first assistant camera
John Marzano aerial director of photography
Taylor McClay camera trainee: ‘c’ camera, dailies
Danny McGee practical electrician
Joe McGee practical electrician
Jack Mealing camera trainee (dailies)
Simon Meehan grip (second unit)
Michael Mensah crane technician dailies
Nick Mitchell electrician
Gary Moore electrician: second unit
Andy Munday rigging desk op
Ian Ogden grip trainee: pre-shoot
Jonathan Olley still photographer
Mark Packman Chargehand rigging electrician
Julian Perrin electrician
Sam Phillips a camera dolly grip
Toby Plaskitt russian arm operator
Elliott Polley grip trainee
Jack Powell electrician
Luke Redgrave camera operator: “b” camera
Ben Casciello Rogers 2nd assistant ‘c’ camera
Maiya Rose central loader: second unit dailies
Thomas Royal electrical charge hand / rigging chargehand
Grace Royall camera trainee
Xandy Sahla additional camera operator
Will Rae Smith electrician: dailies
James Smith-Pryor charge hand electric / electrical chargehand
Ricky Stelling H.O.D electrical rigger
Ian Stowe balloon light technician
Steve Sullivan electrical rigger
Chris Summers first assistant camera: “a” camera, second unit
Thomas Thomas lighting chargehand
Dean Thompson first assistant camera: a camera
Neil Tomlin crane technician
Alf Tramontin steadicam operator
Michael Wacker grip
Kieran Waites electrician
Jason Wells electrician
Julian White gaffer
Glyn Williams first assistant camera: ae / first assistant camera: aerial
Matt Wilson electrician
Alexander Witt director of photography: second unit
Bruno Witt trainee
Daniel Wombwell camera trainee: dailies, second unit

Animation Department

François Arseneau animator
Nicholas Cabana animator
Jane Clark storyboard artist
Julien Deragon animator
Camilo Duarte Franco animator
David Gimenez animator
Rusty Gray animator
HyunKyung Jung animator
Jeff Kim animator
Kolby Krook animator
Thiago Lima Martins animator: MPC

Casting Department

Vanessa Baker adr voice casting
Liz Bichard casting assistant
Emily Brockmann casting assistant
Ruth Key casting associate

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Sheara Abrahams principal costume standby
Marlek Al-Habib daily wardrobe dresser
Karen Beale crowd supervisor
Kitty Bennett Design Team Assistant
Naomi Bonner trainee costume maker
Lucy Brookes costume trainee
Valeria Cantelli costume maker
Melanie Carter chief costume cutter
Tania Chant costume maker
Angel Concepcion costume assistant
Geneva Corlett wardrobe assistant
John Cowell head textile artist
Janine Cunliffe costume assistant
David Davenport costume supervisor
Marco de Magalhães principal costume standby
Caroline Fallon costume coordinator
Sara Fay principal cutter
Oliver Garcia second assistant costume designer
Vana Giannoula costume maker
Rebecca Gillies-Baker textile artist (as Rebecca Gilles-Baker)
Harriet Kendall wardrobe mistress
Samantha Kent costume assistant
Ekaterina Kreinin costume maker
Emily Lancaster costume assistant
Charlotte Law assistant costume designer
Jane Law Costumes for Helena Bonham Carter Lily James Sophie McShera Holliday Grainger
Kay Manasseh costume buyer
Heidi McQueen-Prentice costume assistant
Clo Neary costume trainee
Hayley Nebauer costume maker: dailies
Linda O’Reilly set costumer
Tessa Phillips costume assistant
Kim Pickering costume trainee
Gemma Rasmussen costume maker
Cristina Ribó daily wardrobe dresser
Lucilla Simbari costume assistant
Sunita Singh principal standby
Stephanie Szumlakowski trainee breakdown artist
Rebecca Tredget costume daily
Trethanna Trevarthen costume maker
Harriet Willis costume graphic artist
Liz Harkin costume maker (uncredited)

Editorial Department

Trevor Brown digital intermediate colorist (Additional)
Herbert Butler digital intermediate conform editor
Jonathan Collard digital intermediate producer
Michael Davis dailies assistant editor
Nick Davis first assistant editor
Barbier Lucie color assistant
Zoe Medcraft editorial trainee
Josh Miller marketing post supervisor
George Mitchell editorial trainee
Sadaf Nazari second assistant editor
Robert Scammell hd dailies assistant
James Slattery dailies assistant
Matthew Tucker associate editor
Todd Kleparski senior digital intermediate producer (uncredited)

Music Department

Christopher Benstead supervising music editor
Peter Clarke music editor
Rupert Cross music programmer
Fiona Cruickshank score recordist
Martin Higgins midi preparation
Jake Jackson score and mix engineer
Rael Jones additional music editor
Laura Nakhla assistant music producer
Michael Pärt music editor
Maggie Rodford music producer
Aaron C. Shang composer: additional music
James Shearman conductor / orchestrator

Transportation Department

Darren Aitchison driver
Dean Arlen driver: post production
Tony Cooper driver: cast
Warren Deluce driver: David Barron
Darren Fenny production driver
Stephen Lawrence unit driver
Rachel Lydiate translux technician
Andrew Pitwell driver: cast
Lol Smith driver to Alison Shearmur
Barry Snell driver to tim lewis
Gerry Turner transportation manager
Kimberley White transport assistant

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