Deewane Dil Jale (2015) – Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch…


Deewane Dil Jale (2015) – Hindi Dubbed Movie

   Story: Arjun (Nani), an engineering college student longs for a bike. However, his father (Ahuti Prasad) does not fulfill his wish. Mahesh (Tanish) hailing from a middle-class family has two sisters. His father (Kasi Viswanath) is a retired man and his family survives on his pension. Mahesh wants to help his father and searches for a job. He gets a job in Kapil Chit Funds as a collection agent, but the manager puts a condition that Mahesh should have a two-wheeler. Mahesh’s mother (Tulasi) sells off some silver articles and he purchases a biketo join for the job. One day, Mahesh’s father suffers a stroke, and Mahesh loses his bike while bringing medicines. Though he lodges a police complaint it is of no avail. Mahesh goes jobless without the bike. One day Mahesh finds Arjun riding his bike and they fight with each other for the bike. Mahesh learns that Arjun has purchased the bike at chor bazaar after winning a bike race. They finally come to an understanding on the advice of a priest to…

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  • Nani
  • Aksha
  • Shweta Prasad
  • Tanish
  • Adarsh…
  • Navdeep
  • Ahuti Prasad
Ramesh Varma


Action, Romance





Bellamkonda Suresh

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