Fast And Furious 7 (2015) DVDScr Full Movie

Fast And Furious 7 (2015) DVDScr Full Movie

Watch Fast And Furious 7 (2015) DVDScr Full Movie Online Free

Furious 7 Movie Info:
Directed by: James Wan
Written by: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson
Starring by: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson
Genres: Action | Crime | Thriller
Country: Japan | USA
Language: English

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Fast And Furious 7 Plot Summary

Fast And Furious 7 (2015)

Fast And Furious 7 (2015) DVDScr Full Movie

Fast And Furious 7 (2015) DVDScr Full Movie

After defeating Owen Shaw and his crew and securing their amnesties, Dominic Toretto (Diesel), Brian O’Conner (Walker), and the rest of the crew are able to return to the United States and live normal lives again. Dom tries to help Letty (Rodriguez) regain her memories, while Brian begins to accustom himself to life as a father. Meanwhile, Owen’s older brother, Deckard Shaw (Statham), breaks into the secure hospital the comatose Owen is being held in and swears vengeance against Dom. Shaw breaks into Luke Hobbs’ (Johnson) DSS office to extract profiles of Dom’s crew. After revealing his identity, Shaw engages Hobbs in a fight, and escapes when he detonates a bomb that sends Hobbs and his partner, Elena Neves, flying from the building and onto the roof of a car. Severely injured, Hobbs is rushed to the hospital by Elena, who has escaped injury. Meanwhile, Dom learns from his sister Mia (Brewster) that she is pregnant again and convinces her to tell Brian about it, despite her objections. However, a bomb, disguised in a package sent from Tokyo, explodes and destroys the Toretto house just seconds after Han, one of their crew, is killed by Shaw in Tokyo. Dom later visits Hobbs in hospital, where he learns that Shaw is a rogue special forces assassin seeking to avenge his brother. Dom then travels to Tokyo to claim Han’s body, where he meets Sean Boswell, a friend of Han’s, who gives him personal items found at Han’s crash, among them a cross necklace that Dom had attempted to find for Letty.Fast And Furious 7 (2015).Back at Han’s funeral in Los Angeles, where crew members Roman Pearce (Gibson) and Tej Parker (Bridges) watch on, Roman vows that he doesn’t want to go to any more funerals, and Brian remarks that there is still one more of importance – Shaw’s. Suddenly, Dom notices a car observing and chases after the vehicle, driven by Shaw. After a head-on collision in a game of chicken, both prepare to fight but Shaw slips away when a covert ops team arrives, led by Frank Petty (Russell). Petty informs Dom that he will assist him in stopping Shaw if he helps him prevent a mercenary named Jakande from obtaining God’s Eye, a computer program that can use digital devices to track a specific person, and save its creator, a hacker named Ramsey, from Jakande’s men. Dom recruits Brian, Letty, Roman and Tej to help him. However, Brian makes a promise to Mia that after Shaw is dealt with, he will dedicate himself to raising their son full-time. To rescue Ramsey, the team airdrops their cars over the Caucasus Mountains, ambushes Jakande’s convoy and rescues Ramsey, finding out that she is a young woman. They then head to Abu Dhabi, where a billionaire has acquired the flash drive containing God’s Eye. The team breaks into his penthouse and manages to steal the flash drive. On both occasions, the team is pursued by Shaw, who engages in combat with Dom, and the team barely manages to escape alive. With God’s Eye, the team manages to track down Shaw,Fast And Furious 7 (2015). who is waiting at a remote factory. Dom, Brian, Petty and his covert ops unit attempt to capture Shaw but are ambushed by Jakande and his militants, who have allied with Shaw. In the ensuing battle, Petty’s men are killed and Petty is injured, though he manages to escape with Toretto and Brian while Jakande obtains God’s Eye from one of Petty’s men. On the way out of the country, Petty warns Dom and Brian that Jakande will use God’s Eye to hunt Ramsey down, and they drive off, leaving Petty behind to be evacuated by helicopter. Left with no other choice, the team decides to return to Los Angeles to fight Shaw, Jakande and his men on their home turf. Dom plans to confront Shaw alone while Brian and the rest of the crew prepare to deal with Jakande and regain control of God’s Eye. At the same time, Mia reveals to Brian that she is pregnant with their second child, a girl.

While Jakande pursues Brian and the rest of the crew with a stealth attack helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicle, using God’s Eye to track down Ramsey, the team uses Ramsey to hack into God’s Eye while sharing her mobile between their vehicles. Hobbs, seeing the team in trouble, breaks out of the hospital and destroys the UAV by ramming it with an ambulance. After Brian manages to manually reroute the program’s signal, Ramsey successfully completes the hack, regains control of God’s Eye and shuts it down. Meanwhile, Dom and Shaw engage in a one-on-one brawl on a parking garage, before Jakande intervenes and attacks them both, and Shaw is apprehended when part of the parking garage collapses on him. Dom then engages in battle with Jakande and launches his vehicle at his helicopter with him in it, narrowly missing, but successfully manages to toss a bag of grenades on board, before getting himself injured when his car lands and crashes. Hobbs then shoots the bag of grenades from ground level, destroying the helicopter and killing Jakande. When Dom remains unconscious, the team fears that he is dead. As Letty cradles Dom’s body in her arms, she reveals that she has regained her memories, and that she remembers their marriage ceremony, which happened unbeknownst to the rest of the crew. Dom regains consciousness soon after, remarking, “It’s about time”. Later, Shaw is taken into custody by Hobbs and locked away in a secret, high-protection CIA prison. Meanwhile, at a beach, Brian and Mia play with their son while Dom, Letty, Roman and Tej observe, appreciating their happiness and acknowledging that Brian is better off retired with his family. Dom silently leaves, and Brian catches up to him at a stop sign. As Dom remembers the times that he had had with Brian, they bid each other farewell and drive off in separate directions.

Fast And Furious 7 Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

James Wan

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Chris Morgan (written by)
Gary Scott Thompson (characters)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Vin Diesel
Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker
Brian O’Conner
Jason Statham
Deckard Shaw
Michelle Rodriguez
Jordana Brewster
Tyrese Gibson
Dwayne Johnson
Lucas Black
Sean Boswell
Kurt Russell
Mr. Nobody
Nathalie Emmanuel
Elsa Pataky
Gal Gadot
John Brotherton
Luke Evans
Owen Shaw
Tony Jaa
Djimon Hounsou
Noel Gugliemi
Ali Fazal
Sung Kang
Ronda Rousey
Iggy Azalea
Female Racer
Miller Kimsey
Charlie Kimsey
Eden Estrella
Samantha Hobbs
Gentry White
Letty’s Fan
Jon Lee Brody
Male Racer
Levy Tran
Race Starter
Anna Colwell
Hot Teacher
Viktor Hernandez
Steve Coulter
Robert Pralgo
Merc Tech
Antwan Mills
Weapons Tech
J.J. Phillips
Jorge Ferragut
Dominican Priest
Sara Sohn
Benjamin Blankenship
Merc Driver
D.J. Hapa
Faheem Najm
Brian Mahoney
Drone Tech
Brittney Alger
Romeo Santos
Jocelin Donahue
Stephanie Langston
Field Reporter
Jorge Luis Pallo
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Daniel McGraw
Dubai Party Guest
Jose Abril
Hector’s Crew (uncredited)
Andrew Ayala
Anton Toretto (uncredited)
John T. Belmont III
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Alan Boell
Duncan (uncredited)
Bradley Bowen
Business Man (uncredited)
Dante Briggins
Military Police (uncredited)
Claire Callaway
Go-Go Dancer (uncredited)
Sasha Casares
Car Wash Bikini Model (uncredited)
Bryan Casserly
Race Wars Attendee (uncredited)
John Cenatiempo
Korpi (uncredited)
Sandhya Chandel
L.A. Nurse (uncredited)
Paul Chappell
Japanese Art Dealer (uncredited)
Viviana Chavez
Rosy (uncredited)
Catherine Chen
Race Model (uncredited)
Dior C. Choi
Han Lue Brother (uncredited)
Daniel Collins
Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
Charles William Cook
L.A. Street Guy (uncredited)
Scott Dale
Door Gunner (uncredited)
Caitlin Dechelle
Billionaire Bodyguard (uncredited)
Jimmy Dempster
S.W.A.T (uncredited)
Elena Diaz
Foam Girl (uncredited)
Garrett H. Dumas
Mercenary (uncredited)
Alfonso Flores Jr.
Hector’s Crew Thug (uncredited)
Alessandro Folchitto
Special Forces Soldier (uncredited)
Micky Francis
Billionaire (uncredited)
Frankie Fronk
Frank LA Street Racer (uncredited)
Abigail Gamache
Billionaire Party Guest (uncredited)
Jaron Marquis Garrett
L.A. Street Racer (uncredited)
Erick Garza
Race Wars Extra (uncredited)
Jeff Matthew Glover
Orderly (uncredited)
Marcus Goldfinch
Barman – Abu Dhabi (uncredited)
Curtis Gordon
SWAT (uncredited)
Alonso Grandío
L.A. Street Racer (uncredited)
Danny M. Gray
Business Man (uncredited)
Jermaine Salute Green
British Special Forces Soldier (uncredited)
Ben Guppy
Race Wars Patron (uncredited)
Brandon Michael Hale
Security Guard (uncredited)
Taylor Hall
LA Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Yarett Harper
Race War Fighter (uncredited)
Roger Herrera
LA Street Pedrestrian (uncredited)
Michelle Farrah Huang
Dancer (uncredited)
Janell Islas
Nurse (uncredited)
Kalon Jackson
Prisoner Escort (uncredited)
Stephanie Jones
Emirati Woman (uncredited)
Heather M. Kayal
Race Car Girl (uncredited)
Patrick Kearns
Race Car Driver (uncredited)
Nathalie Kelley
Neela (uncredited)
East LA Thug (uncredited)
John Koyama
The Nervous Racer (uncredited)
Sulinh Lafontaine
Race Car Driver (uncredited)
Dana Langshaw
Twin Supermodel (uncredited)
Grace Langshaw
Twin Supermodel (uncredited)
Vivian Yoon Lee
Abu Dhabi Art Gallery Curator (uncredited)
Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
James Lewis
Armed Guard (uncredited)
Andrea Torres Lopez
Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Jazlynn Love
Foam Girl (uncredited)
Tara Macken
Bedroom Body Guard (uncredited)
Anthony R. McClara
EMS Worker (uncredited)
Carla McCullough
Administrator (uncredited)
Alex McGee
Young Dominic Toretto (uncredited)
Taylor McPherson
LA Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Euseph Messiah
Operator #1 (uncredited)
Rohain Mirza
Middle Eastern Billionaire at Billionaire Party (uncredited)
Roman Mitichyan
Khalid (uncredited)
Toneata Morgan
Race Model (uncredited)
Shad Moss
Twinkie (uncredited)
Scott Oakley
DSS Agent (uncredited)
Carmelo Oquendo
Mercenary (uncredited)
Chelsea Pereira
Hot Car Washer (uncredited)
Zane Pittman
Tuner Guy Funeral (uncredited)
Elizabeth Pollard
Sexy Car Show Girl (uncredited)
David G. Robinson
Specialist Firearms Officer (uncredited)
Susan Santiago
Nurse Santos (uncredited)
Zinnia Sayegh
Race War (uncredited)
Jon Komp Shin
Military Police (uncredited)
Cori Sims
Turner (uncredited)
Mike Stevens
Millionaire Party Guest (uncredited)
Callen David Stilphen
Military Police (uncredited)
Joel Thayakaran
Race Wars Racer (uncredited)
Klement Tinaj
Race Wars Racer (uncredited)
Alyssa Veniece
Upscale Billionaire Party Patron (uncredited)
Marina Voruz
Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
Terrence V. Walker
Rouge Mercenary (uncredited)
Derrick Whitney
Race Wars Racer (uncredited)
Shawn Wilson
Race Driver (uncredited)
Denise Woelpern
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Mitchell Yee
Police Officer (uncredited)

Produced by

Vin Diesel producer
Michael Fottrell producer
Adam McCarthy co-producer
F. Valentino Morales associate producer
Neal H. Moritz producer
Thomas Tull executive producer
Samantha Vincent executive producer

Music by

Brian Tyler

Cinematography by

Marc Spicer
Stephen F. Windon

Film Editing by

Leigh Folsom Boyd
Dylan Highsmith
Kirk M. Morri
Christian Wagner

Casting By

Anne McCarthy
Kellie Roy

Production Design by

Bill Brzeski

Art Direction by

Jonathan Carlos
Alan Hook
Desma Murphy supervising art director
Jay Pelissier
Brian Stultz
Martin Sullivan (Abu Dhabl)

Set Decoration by

Danielle Berman

Costume Design by

Sanja Milkovic Hays

Makeup Department

Cary Ayers additional makeup artist
Zera Azmi makeup artist: Abudhabi, U.A.E
Suzanna Boykin additional hair stylist
Andrea C. Brotherton hair stylist
Autumn Butler key makeup artist
Amber Crowe third makeup artist
Roxy D’Alonzo personal make-up artist: Vin Diesel
Linda D. Flowers hair department head
Lee Gren graphic designer specialty tattoos: Tinsley Studio
Tiffany Lord hair stylist (as Tiffany Bahr)
James MacKinnon makeup department head
Sarah Mays key makeup artist: Atlanta
Tracey L. Miller-Smith makeup artist
Yesim ‘Shimmy’ Osman second unit: key hair stylist
Quintessence Patterson makeup artist (second unit)
Eleanor Sabaduquia key makeup artist: second unit
Jennifer Santiago key hair stylist
Vanessa Sharp hairstylist: second unit, Colorado
Jamilah Simmons makeup artist
Tiffony Simpson hair stylist
Rachel Solow barber: Dwayne Johnson
Natalie Thimm additional makeup artist
Denise Tunnell makeup artist
Janice Tunnell makeup artist
Michelle Waldron assistant makeup artist
Lisa Ann Wilson key hair stylist
K. Troy Zestos additional hair stylist

Production Management

Vincent Agostino unit production manager (2nd Unit)
Frank Cuomo post-production supervisor
Maxine De Vere unit production manager: Abu Dhabi
Michael J. Malone unit production manager
Adam McCarthy production supervisor
Anora Tukhsanova production supervisor
Sadie Wilson production manager: miniatures
Khaled Zaazouh production supervisor: Abu Dhabi

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Jimmy Alfred third assistant director
Christopher Blackmore additional second assistant director / second second assistant director: action unit
Albert Cho first assistant director
Julie Cummings assistant director (second unit)
James Currier 2nd 2nd assistant director: 2nd Unit
Susan M. Elmore first assistant director: Action Unit / second assistant director: Action Unit
Jack Gill second unit director
Stephen Godenzie third assistant director: splinter unit Abu Dhabi, UAE
Robert S. Hoffman second second assistant director: second unit
Jeff Hubbard addl. second assistant director: 2nd unit
Nathan Kimball second second assistant director
Jeremy Kincaid-Smith first assistant director: splinter unit Abu Dhabi UAE
Scott Koche additional second assistant director
Joel Kramer second unit director
Allen Kupetsky second assistant director: abu dhabi, UAE
James LaRocca first assistant director: second unit
Alex Leimone additional second ad
Nicola Marzano first assistant director vfx unit: Abu Dhabi
Conte Mark Matal first assistant director: action unit (as Conte Matal)
Jayson Merrill key second assistant director: second unit
Liam Meyer third assistant director
Spiro Razatos second unit director
Brett Robinson First assistant director: action/splinter unit / second assistant director: additional photography / second second assistant director
Ethan Ross second assistant director: second unit
Nick Satriano first assistant director: second unit
Michelle Schrauwers additional second assistant director
Marty Eli Schwartz first assistant director: second unit
Emily Anila Shah assistant to 2nd Unit Director Spiro Razato
George Max Trummler 2nd assistant director: splinter unit Abu Dhabi UAE
Chad Wheeler staff add’l second assistant director
Jen Willis additional second ad: second unit

Art Department

Elena Albanese assistant art director
Salim Alrazouk prop master: wrap-up show / property master
Billy Baker set dresser
Mark Bialuski propmaker gangboss
Dann Brauckmann props / set dresser
Kim Breece set decoration assistant
Robert Bullock Jr. propmaker gangboss
Jonathan Carlos assistant art director
Michael Cawood previs artist
Cristina Lucia Cesari construction buyer
Po Sing Chu concept artist
Courtney Cocherell art department coordinator: set decoration
Katelyn Cocherell set decoration assistant
Donald K. Cochran propmaker
Katie Colpitts prop assistant
Robert Consing storyboard artist
Aaron ‘Cujo’ Cooley gang boss
Christopher Cooley construction utility
Rebecca Cornwall painter
Hank Curtis set dresser
Keith Darwin paint foreman: Atlanta
Raniero Daza prop maker
Jonas De Ro concept artist
Guillaume DeLouche property master
Bruce Di Valerio construction coordinator
James Doh storyboard artist
Timothy M. Earls lead set designer
Jack Evans set buyer
Jessica Fernandes art department producer: MPC
Randy Fitzgerald pyrotechnician
Sarah Forrest set designer
John Fox storyboard artist
Jeremy A. Gibbs gangboss
Will Grant set dresser (add’l on set dresser)
Matthew Groves buyer
Kaitlyn Hamby set dresser
Rob Hamby mill shop gangboss
Derek J. Hawthorne construction utility
Joe A. Hawthorne paint foreman
Melissa E. Holmes set decoration production assistant
Jeremy Holroyd gang boss
Stephen Hutton gang boss
Christopher Isenegger lead graphic designer
Kip Jamison set dresser forman
Ariel Kaplan set dresser
Chase Kliber art production assistant
Julie Kobsa set dresser
Mayumi Konishi-Valentine set designer
Ryan Kutch on set dresser: second unit
Fabian Lacey conceptual illustrator
Meagen Lee art production assistant
Andrew H. Leung concept artist
Anthony Liberatore storyboard artist
Jeffrey Lombardi props: additional photography
Kevin Mangan greens foreman 2nd unit
Bryan McBrien greens coordinator
Alex McCarroll assistant art director / set designer
Frank McEldowney greens foreman
Uzair Merchant assistant art director: Abu Dhabi
Lynsey Mouer art department assistant
Grahame Ménage scenic artist
Christopher Neely lead man
Javed Noorullah buyer
Tripp Norton on set dresser
Lisa Pasqualetti scenic artist
Giang N. Pham props coordinator
Susie Pilzninski researcher/digital asset coordinator
Manuel Plank-Jorge concept artist
Anne Porter set designer
Taraja Ramsess set dresser
Kelly Richardson art department coordinator
Aaron G. Rodriguez on set painter
Lee Ross lead scenic (los angeles)
Josh Roth assistant property master
Kelly Schultz gangboss
Heath L. Sewell scenic painter
Dean Sherriff concept artist
Anna Shpaltakova buyer/set dresser
Daniel F. Simmons construction gang boss
Shea Soutar stand by painter
Gregg Szabo set dresser
John Thomason Set Painter
Taylor Vaughan assistant props
Jason Vigdor set dresser
Garrett Vosburg greensman

Sound Department

Jason Abell recordist: trailer
Paul Aulicino assistant supervising sound editor
C. Douglas Cameron boom operator
Tom Caton boom operator
Greg Crawford adr mixer
Fredrick Cuevas adr recordist
Jesse Dodd additional add mixer / additional adr mixer
Thomas J. Doolittle second unit: sound utility
Chris Durfy second unit: sound mixer
Joe Dzuban co-supervising sound editor
Angelina Faulkner sound editor: trailer
Jamie Gambell additional sound utility
T.J. Garland sound utility
Jonah Guelzo sound recordist
Tim Hays sound mixer
Gary A. Hecker Supervising Foley Artist
Angel Josue Hernandez foley intern
Farhad Katrahmani sound utility
Alana Knutson additional sound utility
Colt Logan second unit boom operator
John Jay Martyn adr recordist
Flávio Medeiros sound editor: trailer
Reagan Mendoza a.d.r recordist
Frank A. Montaño sound re-recording mixer
Whit Norris production sound mixer
Marcus Petruska sound utility: second unit
Aron Siegel second unit: sound mixer
Robin Spears additional sound utility
Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit foley artist (as Dylan T. Wilhoit)
Brett Voss foley mixer
Todd Weaver sound mixer: second unit
Mark Weingarten sound mixer
Jeffrey Wilhoit foley artist
Allen Lee Williams III second unit: boom operator
Ryan Young adr recordist
Jack Hackett additional sound utility (uncredited)
Pedro Jimenez trailer re-recording mixer (uncredited)
Jon Krupp trailer re-recording mixer (uncredited)

Special Effects by

Frank Willis Balzer ash effects technician
Joel P. Blanchard special effects technician
John P. Cazin special effects foreman
Karl Chisholm sepcial effects senior on-set technician
Alan Droeger special effects technician
Jeremy Farlow special effects technician
Steven Carlton Ficke special effects foreman
Randy Fitzgerald pyrotechnician
Allison Gainza special effects administrator
Dean Hathaway ash effects technician
Chris Henderson special effects
David Heron special effects foreman
David Lobato special effects
Barry McQueary special effects
Joel Mitchell special effects foreman
Darin O’Neill special effects technician
Doug Passarelli pyrotechnician
Arthur G. Schlosser ash effects technician
Daniel Sudick special effects supervisor
Marcelo Tabor special effects technician
Marc Tantin special effects technician
Michael A. Tice special effects technician
Tom von Badinski special effects technician
Tim Walkey special effects foreman
Christopher Walsh special effects technician

Visual Effects by

Shaun Friedberg ‘Pyrokinesis’ senior animation technical director: Weta Digital
Eva Abramycheva senior visual effects coordinator
Carlos Acevedo visual effects technical director: MPC
Brian Adler visual effects producer: Gentle Giant Studios
Vako Agladze rotoscope artist
Lee Alexander matchmove lead: Scanline VFX
Stuart Allan previsualization artist
Mark Edward Allen senior fur groomer: Weta Digital
Praveen Allu visual effects artist
Cody Amos effects assistant technical director: Weta Digital
Byeongjun An effects technical director: MPC
Shelley Andagan visual effects coordinator: Scanline VFX
Eric Andrusyszyn compositor: MPC
Fischer Anselm compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Pat Antonelli 2nd unit data wrangler
George Antzoulides previs lead
Sagar Aphandkar prep/paint artist
Mathieu Arseneault technology support: Rodeo FX
Hunter Athey senior previz artist
David Aughenbaugh digital compositor
Marie-Ève Authier visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX
Dan Ayling camera td
Emi Baba digital artist: Scanline VFX
Jörg Baier digital compositor: Weta Digital
Sam Baker animator: Weta Digital
Santhoshi Balasubramanian digital compositor: Scanline VFX
Adam Balentine compositor: Scanline
Jasper M. Baltzersen roto/prep lead: MPC
Ron Barr additional opticals: Outback Post
Jay Barton visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain
Owens Bazile cg artist: Rodeo FX
Basel Bazlamit modeler: previz
Eric M. Beaver digital compositor
Olivier Beierlein senior shader writer & look development artist: Weta Digital
Alexis Belanger digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Matthew E. Bell senior look development and lighting artist
Gregory Bellis camera technical director: Weta Digital
Vincent Bergeron roto artist: Rodeo FX
Alex Berson digital compositor: weta digital
Tim Blake modeling and texturing technical director
Olivier Blanchet digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Vincent Blanco technology support: Rodeo FX
Robert Bock vfx director of photography (Rodeo FX)
Jeremy Boissinot environment artist: Digital Domain
Audrey Boivin Rodeo FX
Nadja Bonacina previs modeler
Markus Boos cg supervisor: ScanlineVFX Munich
Luke Botteron vfx editor: Digital Domain
Rachel Bouchard cg artist: Rodeo FX
Marie-Pierre Boucher visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX
Marie-Philippe Boudreau production support: Rodeo FX
Jean-Christophe Boue digital compositor: ScanlinevFx
Adam Bradley lead paint artist: Weta Digital
Alex Branton pipeline td
Jared Brient compositor: DD
Dean Broadland pipeline supervisor
Hugh Brompton visual effects coordinator
Christopher A. Brown lighting technical director: digital domain
Boris Bruchhaus senior effects technical director: MPC
Tom Bruno previs artist: Proof Inc
Stuart Bruzek digital compositor
Jeremy Burns inhouse compositing supervisor
Benjamin Burr compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Todd Busch Visual Effects Editor
Simon Butler fx artist: Digital Domain
Ria-Bella Buys digital artist: rotoscope artist: Weta Digital
Sebastian Cabrera matchmove artist
Miguel Diaz Cachero digital compositor: Weta Digital
Djordje Cakovan digital modeler: Weta Digital
Brian Carney postvis artist: Proof, Inc
Danielle Carney visual effects production assistant
Caleb Carr digital paint artist: Weta Digital
James Carson generalist td
Zac Cavaliero layout/shot creator
Melissa Cell digital production administrator: Digital Domain
Jake Cenac facial acquisition technician: Weta Digital
Christophe Chabot-Blanchet production support: Rodeo FX
Matthew Chambers production engineer
Guillaume Champagne cg artist: Rodeo FX
Johnny Chan paint artist
Viki Chan on-set/data integration lead: Digital Domain
Balachandar Chandrasekaran visual effects artist
Yashvhanth Chandrasekaran prep artist
Will Chang paint artist: weta digital
Steven Chapman photography and asset collection
Matthieu Chardonnet senior effects technical director: Weta Digital
Tristan Charette technology support: Rodeo FX
Marco Checa Garcia senior compositor: Scanline VFX
Vincent Cheng integration artist
Mark Chernausek digital production administrator: Digital Domain
Jon Chesson compositor: Digital Domain
Gabriel Chifor rotoscoping artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Darren Christie digital compositor: weta digital
Kelly Roslyn Christophers lighting/techical director
Marvin Chua lighting td
Jasper Chung rotoscope artist: weta digital
Marty Chung paint artist
Simone Ciliani effects techincal director: MPC
Sam Claitor production coordinator: Gentle Giant Studios
Patrick Clancey digital opticals
Dave Clark digital compositor
Francis Clément roto artist: Rodeo FX
Kaelen Cohen digital compositor
Patrick Coiteux cg artist: Rodeo FX
Shane Cooper senior software engineer
Alex Corll lighting td
Sophia Coronado Integration Artist: Digital Domain
Francesco Corvino matte painter (Rodeo FX)
William Cote roto artist (Rodeo FX)
Marcela Coto postvis coordinator: Proof, Inc
Jon Cowley visual effects supervisor: Scanline VFX
Jean-Michel Cristofaro roto artist: Rodeo FX
Ryan Cronin animator: Weta Digital
Wesley Cronk digital compositor
Francois Croteau matte painter: Rodeo FX
Alexia Cui lighting technical director
Kevin Culhane animator: Digital Domain
Scott Cullen animator
Robin L. D’Arcy visual effects producer: Ollin VFX Studio
Jean-Louis Darville visual effects data wrangler: 1st & Action Unit
Soumava Das lighting technical director: MPC
Dexter Davey digital compositor
Janelle Day visual effects coordinator: Weta Digital
Ana Mestre de Almeida Pereira digital compositor: Weta Digital
Gabriel Dedic pipeline td: Scanline VFX Munich
Yoshi DeHerrera 3D scanning supervisor: Gentle Giant Studios
Alberto Della Regina senior fx td
Stanley A. Dellimore global head of layout: MPC
Mark Derksen digital compositor: mpc
Dominique Derrenger visual effects consultant
Etienne Deshaies visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX
Anurag Deshmukh lighting td
Anouk Deveault-Moreau communications: Rodeo FX
Raffael Dickreuter previs artist
Thad Diego pipeline td: Scanline VFX Munich
Mike Diltz compositor: Scanline VFX
James Dinsdale digital effects crew: Weta Digital
Ben Dishart Texture Lead: Digital Domain
Andreane Dodier-Villeneuve digital compositor: Rodeo FX
James Dong cg artist: Rodeo FX
Tim Donlevy vfx on-set data / environments capture
Bogdan Dubovyk senior modeler: Scanline VFX
Julien Dubuisson pipeline td: Rodeo FX
Maxime Ducharme matchmover: Rodeo FX
R. Orlando Duenas previsualization editor
Georgia Dumergue visual effects
Geoff DuQuette digital compositor
Samuel Durocher roto artist (Rodeo FX)
Gus Duron digital opticals editor
Matthew Eberle visual effects lead data wrangler: 2nd unit
Yasmine El-Ghamrawy digital compositor
Jennifer Elena production support: Rodeo FX
Kane Elferink senior lighting technical director: Weta Digital
Harry Ellard effects technical director
Tyler Esselstrom cg supervisor: Scanline VFX Vancouver/Los Angeles
Lawrence Fagan spydercam flight control
Paul Fedor concept artist: matte painter
Manuel Ferdinand pipeline td: Scanline VFX Munich
Oliver Ferguson visual effects technical director: Weta Digital
Lauren Fernandez-Morrell paint artist: weta digital
Catarina Ferreira paint artist: weta digital
Christopher Finley production assistant: vfx
Shane Flaherty compositor
Megan Flood Paint Artist: weta digital
Marvin Fonacier senior systems engineer
Ludovic Fouche camera td
Xavier Fourmond compositing supervisor: Rodeo FX
Adam Francis motion control technician
Elliot Francoeur production support: Rodeo FX
Sebastien Francoeur cg supervisor: Rodeo FX
Florian Franke compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Philip Fraschetti senior paint artist: Weta Digital
Alan Fregtman pipeline td: Rodeo FX
Michel Frenette digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Mathias Frodin in-house compositor
Furious 7 senior reference photographer
Marie Fétiveau pipeline td: Rodeo FX
William Gabriele rigging TD: MPC
Jean-Francois Gagne digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Carl Gagnon cg artist: Rodeo FX
Jason Gandhi r&d
Dawn Gates digital artist
Storm Gezentsvey digital compositor
Sheik Ghafoor digital production administrator: digital domain
Abhishek Ghorui digital artist
Ty Gibson visual effects editor
Swen Gillberg visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain
Matthew Gilson concept designer: Digital Domain
Kenneth Gimpelson shots pipeline technical director
Soal Givord cg artist: Rodeo FX
Evgeny Glazyrin layout technical director
Jan Glöckner compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Rizza Go outsource producer: Digital Domain
Hanna Goodman compositor
Olivier Goulet lead matte painter td: Rodeo FX
Oded Granot digital compositor (Digital Domain)
Pasquale Anthony Greco data wrangler
Paul Greenwood camera td
Jay Grunfeld compositor
Christophe Guertin technology support: Rodeo FX
Jean-Sebastien Guillemette cg artist: Rodeo FX
Dominic Guilmette cg artist: Rodeo FX
Xin Steve Guo layout td: MPC
Deepak Gupta lighting technical director: WETA Digital
Marie-Ève Gélinas roto artist (Rodeo FX)
Kathrin Günther compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Magid Hajj compositor
Éric Hamel lead matte painter: Rodeo FX
Don Ho Han digital production administrator: digital domain
Heiðrún Tinna Haraldsdóttir digital compositor
Ashlyn Hardie visual effects coordinator
David Harter compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Toby Haruno senior character animator: Weta Digital
Emile Harvey digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Jasmin Hasel executive visual effects producer: ScanlineVFX Munich
Quentin Hema digital paint supervisor: weta digital
Gabriela Hickman visual effects production: Ollin VFX
Martin Hill visual effects supervisor: Weta Digita
La-Râ Hinckeldeyn visual effects coordinator: weta digital
Luke Hippely visual effects coordinator: Scanline VFX
Anita Ho compositing production manager: MPC
Edan Hopper visual effects coordinator
Gray Horsfield visual effects
Jeffrey John Howard visual effects coordinator
Heather Hoyland lead compositor: digital domain
Edward Hoyle production engineer: Weta Digital
Chung-Yin Hsieh Sr. Prep Artist: Scanline VFX
Mike Hsu effects technical director: MPC
Jocelyn Hudon cg artist: Rodeo FX
Lauren Hulsey compositor
Lina Hum digital artist
János Hunyadi modeler: Scanline VFX
Robert S. Hurlburt technical director
Gregor Höss compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Wahid Ibn Reza visual effects coordinator
Imraan Ismail on-set data wrangler; photographer and surveyor
Charlie Iturriaga visual effects supervisor: Ollin VFX Studio
Anna Ivanova senior texture artist: Digital Domain
Travis Wade Ivy digital compositor: Scanline VFX
Samuel Jacques cg artist: Rodeo FX
Alistair Jamieson visual effects data wrangler
Jean-Sebastien Jasenovic technology support: Rodeo FX
Kelly Jean-Ware technology production manager
Kirsten Jelliffe previs artist
Helen Jen visual effects lead coordinator
Viv Jim senior compositor: Scanline VFX
Danny Jones lead paint artist
Yohan Joo Integration Artist
Pratik Jore visual effects artist
Scott Joseph roto/paint artist
Nikos Kalaitzidis digital effects supervisor: visual effects
Matthew Kapfhammer motion capture technical director: WETA Digital
Stephen Karl camera: matchmove artist
Devika Kawle visual effects coordinator
Kevin Kelm creature td: Weta Digital
Patrick Keogh facial motion editor/facial animator
Bumjun Jeremy Kim roto-prep: MPC
Hong Kim compositor
Taeyoung Kim lighting technical director: MPC
Andrea Kistler visual effects coordinator
Meier Korbinian cg artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Michelle Korczak compositor: Digital Domain
Lars Kramer camera td
Patrick Kreuser compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Alexey Kuchinsky compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Jules Kueffer asst. data wrangler
Divya Kumar Vij visual effects artist: prime focus
Aravind Kumar matchmove & rotomation
Evan Kwan digital compositor
Wanda Kwok paint & roto artist
Sebastian Küchmeister cg artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Jonathan Laborde cg artist (Rodeo FX)
Kosta Lagis visual effects artist
Alison Lake digital compositor: MPC
Alyson Lamontagne roto artist: Rodeo FX
Juan Pablo Lampe compositor (weta digital)
Marc Landrain camera technical director: WETA Digital
Nathan Lane camera technical director: Weta Digital
Josh Lange previsualization artist: Proof, Inc.
Isabelle Langlois visuel effects executive producer: Rodeo FX
Roland Langschwert visual effects supervisor: ScanlineVFX Munich
Eric Larivee roto artist: Rodeo FX
Kurt Lawson digital compositor: Scanline VFX
Jooyong Lee senior compositor: Scanline VFX
Richard S. Lee senior matte painter
Eric D Legare animation technical director
Andrew Lema modeler: digital domain
Nicolas Lemay roto artist: Rodeo FX
Taylor Lenton look development
Marco Leone digital compositor: digital domain
Olivier Lesaint senior shader td: Weta Digital
Raphael Letertre cg artist: Rodeo FX
Jenny Leupold texturing artist: MPC
Hao Li researcher: weta digital
Isaac Lipstadt digital production manager: Scanline VFX
Bryan Litson cg supervisor
Manuel Llamas digital compositor: digital domain
Jo Lockman technical director
Rajavel Loganathan digital compositor
Dayaliyah Lopez visual effect coordinator: Universal Pictures
Gary L. Lopez digital compositor: pixomondo
Philip Lorentzson digital compositor: mpc
Jade Lorier facial motion editor
Ruth-Anne Loveridge modeler
Daniel Lowenberg matchmover: Rodeo FX
Valerie Loyer cg artist: Rodeo FX
Matt Lumb lighting technical director
Anthony Lupoi visual effects supervisor: Cantina Creative
Fredrick Lyn lighting td
Rasely Ma integration artist
Wan-Chun Alex Ma research and development: WETA Digital
Matt Magnolia senior visual effects coordinator: Universal Pictures
Kevin Mah lead effects technical director: MPC
Keywan Mahintorabi digital compositor
Stephane Mailet matchmover (Rodeo FX)
Uwe Majer compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Liam Major paint artist
Daisuke Maki lighting technical director: Weta Digital
Michael Maloney compositing supervisor: Digital Domain
Jona Maluck compositing supervisor: ScanlineVFX Munich
Paul Maples motion control operator
Antoine Marbach visual effects producer / visual effects producer: ScanlineVFX Munich
Amelie Marcoux visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX
Sophie Marfleet lead envirocam artist/compositor
Jason Marlow senior matchmover
Terry Marriott fx td
Rob Mason technology support: Rodeo FX
Marc Massicotte digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Haydn Masuda compositor: Digital Domain
Rebecca Matkaluk visual effects coordinator
Neil Mayo visual effects editor: Weta Digital
Jack McAllan roto/paint artist
Oliver McCluskey lead lighting artist
Chris McCrowe roto/paint artist
Bradley McFlinn rotoscoping artist
Tom McHattie assistant vfx editor: weta digital
Kelvin McIlwain visual effects co-supervisor
David McKay matchmover (Rodeo FX)
Sarah McLauchlan vfx production manager
Chris McLeod visual effects coordinator
Robert K.O. McLeod shots pipeline technical director
Rick McMahon senior digital artist
David McPhail visual effects coordinator
Sven Mecklenbroich compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Himanshu Meena Senior Matchmove Artist
Gagan Mehta senior lighting technical director: Weta Digital
Juan Melgoza senior digital artist: Factory VFX
Marco Menco facial modeler: Weta Digital
Juan Carlos Mendoza digital compositor
Kiran Menon digital compositor
Simon Mercier matte painter td (Rodeo FX)
Miklós Mesterházy lighting technical director
Michael Miller sr. modeler: Scanline VFX
Seth F. Miller digital paint artist: Weta Digital
Jackie Mills Roto paint lead
Tamara Mitchell digital compositor
Udit Mohan digital compositor
Dominique Moisan cg artist: Rodeo FX
Matthieu Molina lighting technical director: weta digital
Trevor Moniz roto artist (Rodeo FX)
Mathew Monro assistant lighting technical director: WETA Digital
Jose Ignacio Narváez Monroy compositor
Berrin Moody senior digital paint artist: Weta Digital
Sara Moore visual effects producer
Diana Morawski animator: MPC
Sébastien Moreau visuel effects executive producer (Rodeo FX)
Raul Moreno postvis supervisor
Steven Morgan-Hastie digital paint artist
Christian Morin digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Emmanuelle Morin roto artist: Rodeo FX
Zac Morris paint artist
Walid Mouawad cg artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Emmanuel Moulun digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Daniel Moy lead modeler
Julia Mrugala junior fx artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Karen M. Murphy visual effects producer
Howie Muzika modeler: Digital Domain
Vanessa Mylchreest visual effects artist
Jeff Nadwidny visual effects: MPC
Ashley Nagy environment artist: digital domain
Naren Naidoo senior paint artist: Weta Digital
Shoban Narayanan senior compositor
Brendan Naylor lighting technical director
Chris Nichols senior texture painter
Gregory Nic Nicholson motion control operator
Valérie Nicol production support: Rodeo FX
Drew Nielsen visual effects coordinator
Tahl Niran digital compositor
Sam Nixon lead layout/integration artist
Kevin Njoo postvis artist: Proof, Inc
Victor Norberg digital compositor
Jordan Nounnan previs artist: Proof, Inc.
Brian Nugent digital compositor
Keith O’Hara visual effects coordinator
Juan Olivares digital compositor
Sai Win Myint Oo fx artist: Digital Domain
Ray Ooi digital paint artist
Ivonne Orobio compositor
Jojan P M pipeline software developer
Sivakumar Padala Lighting TD: MPC
Vincent Papaix lead digital compositor: Digital Domain
Scott Paquin animator
Stéphane Paradis digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Brice Parker visual effects production manager: weta
Ian Parra digital compositor
Devon Patterson visual effects coordinator
Lucita Peek rotoscope artist: weta digital
Guillaume Pelletier cg artist: Rodeo FX
Philippe Pelletier digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Brian Peluso digital compositor
Daniel Perez 3D Modeler: ScanlineVFX
Fabiano Petroni animation technical director
Dominic Piché cg artist: Rodeo FX
Xenia Pirojenko roto artist (Rodeo FX)
Danielle Plantec visual effects supervisor: Scanline VFX
Patrice Poissant cg artist: Rodeo FX
Etienne Poulin St-Laurent lead matchmover: Rodeo FX
Guillaume Poulin vfx editor: Rodeo FX
Éric Pouliot technology support: Rodeo FX
Keith Price assistant data wrangler
David Pritchard previs artist
Darren Quah matte painter
Marko Radinkovic senior digital compositor: MPC
Amet Ramos Carpio roto artist
Pablovsky Ramos-Nieves lighting technical director: Scanline VFX
Kade Ramsey digital paint artist: Weta Digital
Troy Ramsey lead paint artist
Florent Revel layout artist
Mauricio D. Ricaldi roto & paint artist
Dominique Richer roto artist: Rodeo FX
Pascal Rigaud vfx editor (Rodeo FX)
Stéphane Rioux digital compositor (Rodeo FX)
Stephen Robertson senior compositor
Matt Rock production support
Ryan Rogers lead lighting technical director
Tom Rubendall visual effects coordinator
Theresa Ellis Rygiel post visualization supervisor
Ronald Samson lighting technical director
Arnab Sanyal digital compositor
Ryan Saper modeler / previz
Alessandro Saponi cg supervisor
Prithvijit Sarkar lighting department manager: MPC
David Saxon shots pipeline technical director
Michael Scheffler system administrator: ScanlineVFX Munich
Caterina Schiffers digital compositor: weta digital
Franz Schiller compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Jordan Schilling digital compositor: weta digital
Paul Schlie compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Florian Schroeder compositing supervisor: Weta Digital
Laura Schultz visual effects producer
David Seager digital effects supervisor: MPC
Anik Seguin visual effects editor
Kevin Seivewright cg artist: Rodeo FX
Lorenzo Serran lighting technical director: MPC
Paul Seyb facial motion editor/facial animation
Manesh Shafiei media systems: Digital Domain / systems support: Digital Domain
Jimit Shah background prep artist
Craig Sheppard visual effects editor: DD
Rick Shine lead data wrangler: 2nd unit
Joseph Silva compositor: Digital Domain
Uros Simic senior lighting technical director: MPC
Jye Skinn animator
Stephen Sloan technical director: Digital Domain
Brian Smallwood senior nuke compositor: Digital Domain LA
Stephen Smart production engineer: Weta Digital
Irene Smirnova cg artist: Rodeo FX
Cameron Smith lighting technical director: Weta Digital
Laurel A. Smith senior cg generalist: texture/ look development
Eva Snyder digital compositor: Weta Digital
Robert Snyder environment artist
Jordan Soles head of development: Rodeo FX
Michael Solon senior paint and rotoscope artist: WETA Digital
Eddie Soria senior paint artist
Nelson Sousa lead modeler: Scanline VFX
John C. Sparks lead fx artist: Digital Domain
Reina Sparks digital matte painter
Melissa Spicer compositing coordinator: : weta digital
Laurent Spillemaecker visual effects supervisor: Rodeo FX
Jean-Michel St-Pierre Lapierre digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Barry St. John lead visual effects coordinator: second unit
Helge Stang compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Andreas Steinlein compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Albrecht Steinmetz matchmove supervisor: weta digital
Tim Stern compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
John Stevenson-Galvin senior digital modeler: Weta Digital
Jonas Stiltz compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Hemanth Surana paint/prep artist
Edy Susanto cg artist: Rodeo FX
Alonso Sánchez digital artist
Giuseppe Tagliavini digital compositor: Weta Digital
Kazuki Takahashi lead shading technical director
Hirofumi Takeda digital compositor: Weta Digital
Cornelia Tan rotoscope artist
Andrew Taylor shader writer: Weta Digital
Larry Taylor lidar technician: Gentle Giant Studios
Ari Teger previs artist: Proof, Inc
Radley Teruel digital artist
Kieran Tether senior lighting technical director: Weta Digital
Catherine Therrien visual effects production assistant (Rodeo FX)
Raphael Thiery camera technical director: weta digital
Michael Thingnes senior digital paint artist: weta digital
Amelie Thomas visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX
Cameron Thomas compositor: Scanline VFX
Gareth Thomas rotoscope artist
Robert Charles Thomas fx lead: Digital Domain
Jon Thorsen camera td
Jithendran Thottupurath matchmove rotoanim department coordinator: MPC
Kar Hung Tom technology support: Rodeo FX
Carine Touraille pipeline td: Rodeo FX
Duy Tran cg artist: Rodeo FX
Cedric Tremblay roto artist: Rodeo FX
Tzung-Da Tsai CG Programmer
Ron Underdahl on-set/data integration: Digital Domain
Claudius Urban animator
Juan Valenzuela Alcaraz digital compositor
Felix Vallieres digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Kevin Vanderjagt digital producer: Digital Domain
Alonso Varela visual effects artist
Benito Vargas previs artist
Sebastien Veilleux digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Armando Velazquez digital compositor
David Vidal Pedroza visual effects artist (MPC)
James William Visconti III computer playback engineer
Aude Vitrant department manager: MPC
Jean-Philippe Voyer cg artist (Rodeo FX)
Reed Wade production engineer
Thomas Dane Wagener vfx coordinator: Digital Domain
Tim Walker compositor: Weta Digital
Brenda R. Wallace production engineer
Mary E. Walter visual effects assistant editor
Ed Walters roto paint artist (Scanline VFX)
Mike Wassel visual effects supervisor
Andrea Weidlich senior researcher: Weta Digital
José Manuel Weil cg artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Larry Weiss lead lighter (MPC)
Glenn Wells camera technical director
Jeff Wells lead compositor: Scanline VFX
Blair Werschler visual effects artist
Todd Whalen visual effects coordinator
George Wharton digital compositor: Rodeo FX
Jason Wheatley visual effects editor
Shane Christopher Wicklund digital compositor: The Moving Picture Company
Trevor Wide texture artist: Digital Domain
Katie Williams roto/paint artist: Digital Domain
Kevin J. Williams previsualization supervisor: Proof, Inc
Blake Winder digital compositor: Weta Digital
Martin Wiseman visual effects producer: Weta Digital
Philipp Wolf visual effects associate producer: ScanlineVFX Munich
David B. Wolgemuth II compositor
Andrew Wood visual effects
Clare Woodford-Robinson digital modeler: Weta Digital
Bjoern Wortmann compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich
Leon Woud visual effects
Terry Wu compositor
Tuba Yalcin effects technical director: Scanline VFX
Asuha Yasuda matte painter
Viki Yeo senior texture artist: Weta Digital
Alexandra Zedalis postvis artist / previs artist
David Zeng digital artist
Philippe Zerounian cg artist: Rodeo FX
Rob Zohrab lead layout td
Thomas Buckingham render/data support: MPC (uncredited)
Anthony Chiang visual effects (uncredited)
Craig Christian previs animator: Proof Inc. (uncredited)
Georg Duemlein effects technical director (uncredited)
Erika Gourvitz visual effects assistant coordinator (uncredited)
Garritt Hampton motion control tech (uncredited)
Kay Hoddy senior roto artist (uncredited)
Lorenzo Lavatelli lead effects technical director: Weta Digital (uncredited)
Niall Lenihan production engineer (uncredited)
James Mann render/data support: MPC (uncredited)
Harrison Marks visual effects coordinator (uncredited)
Prakash Pathak production assistant: vfx (uncredited)
Cesar Quijada senior digital paint artist: Weta Digital (uncredited)
Barry Safley digital compositor: Weta Digital (uncredited)
Karen N. Sickles studio production manager: Digital Domain (uncredited)
Bjoern Siegert rendering r&d: Weta Digital (uncredited)


Tsuyoshi Abe stunts
Matthew R. Anderson safety rigging
Alina Andrei stunt performer / stunt performer: sheik bodyguard
Christopher ‘Critter’ Antonucci stunts
Heather Arthur stunts
Jonathan Arthur stunt driver
Jennifer Badger stunt performer
Dean Bailey stunt driver
Donny Bailey stunts
Gregory J. Barnett stunts
Jeffrey G. Barnett stunts
JoAnn Bernat stunt performer
Mustafa Beyter stunt driver
Freddy Bouciegues stunts
Jeanette Branch stunts
Charlie Brewer stunts
Max Calder stunts
Donny Carrington stunt double: Chris Bridges
Colin Cary precision driver
David Castillo utility stunts
Paul Chappell precision driver
Tye Claybrook Jr. precision driver
Marcelle Coletti stunt performer
Tim Connolly stunts
Johnny Cooper stunts
Lateef Crowder stunts
Wally Crowder stunt driver
Scott Dale stunt driver / utility stunts
Elizabeth Davidovich stunt double: Elsa Pataky
Caitlin Dechelle stunt double: Ronda Rousey / stunt utility
Nick DeKay stunt driver / stunts
Julius Denem stunt double: Roman Pearce
Michael Dengel stunt driver
Philip Dido stunts
Gordon Dillard Jr. stunts
Alex Duke stunt performer
Jayson Dumenigo stunt rigger: utility stunts
Adam C. Edwards utility stunts
Katie Eischen stunts
Susan M. Elmore stunt rigger
Richard Epper stunts
Debbie Evans michelle rodriguez stunt driver / stunts
Troy Faruk stunts
Jimena Ferrante stunts
Andrew Fincher precision driver
Jessi Fisher stunt tester
Andy Gill stunt coordinator: second unit
Jack Gill stunt coordinator
Katie Gill stunts
David M. Graves utility stunts
Ryan Gray stunts
Riley Harper stunt driver
Yarett Harper stunts
Regis Harrington stunts
Adam Hart stunt performer
Steve Hart stunt performer
Chris Henderson stunts
John Herndon stunts
Damita Jane Howard stunt performer
Ashley Nicole Hudson stunt performer
Myles Humphus Stunt Double: Dwayne Johnson / Stunt Double: Vin Diesel
David Ismalone action coordinator
Reggie Jackson stunts
Jace Jeanes stunt double: Jason Statham
Linda Jewell stunt double: Nathalie Emmanuel
Arum Jewell-Kingi stunts
Bobby Jordan stunt performer
Patrick Kearns stunt driver
Dennis Keiffer utility stunts
Steve Kelso stunt dbl/driver
Lauren Mary Kim stunt performer
Henry Kingi Jr. stunt driver
Alex Kingi stunts
John Koyama stunts
Joel Kramer stunt performer / stunt player / supervising stunt coordinator
Mark Kubr stunt performer
Sulinh Lafontaine stunt driver
Jasi Cotton Lanier stunt performer
James Laski precision driver
Bill Leaman stunt rigger
Oakley Lehman stunt coordinator / stunt double: Paul Walker
Matt Leonard stunts
Michael Li utility stunts
Sam Looc stunt double: Tony Jaa
Maggie Macdonald stunt double: Michelle Rodriguez
Brian Machleit stunt driver
Tara Macken stunt performer
Neil Macwan stunt driver
Raymond Mamrak stunt performer
Anderson Martin stunt driver
David Brian Martin stunts
Eric Matuschek stunts
Tim McAdams stunt double (Tej Stunt Double)
Ed McDermott II precision driver
Tony McFarr stunts
Swat Member stunt performer
Jessica Merideth stunts
Angela Meryl stunt double: Nathalie Emmanuel
Jody Millard stunt driver
Heidi Moneymaker stunt double: Michelle Rodriguez
Renae Moneymaker stunt double: Rhonda Rousey
Phillip Moore stunt performer
Dave Moro precision driver
Vanessa Motta utility stunts
Matthew Austin Murray stunts
Robert Nagle stunt driver
Tree O’Toole stunt performer
Allan Padelford stunt driver
Natalie Padilla stunt double: Jordana Brewster
Isaac Palmisano precision driver
Manny Perry stunt driver
Spiro Razatos stunt coordinator
Jim Recznik precision driver
Tanoai Reed stunt double: Dwayne Johnson
Meredith Richardson stunt performer
Bayland Rippenkroeger stunts
Jimmy N. Roberts stunt driver
Troy Robinson stunt coordinator
Joe Ross utility stunts
John Ross stunt performer
John Rottger stunts
Andy Rusk stunts
Tim Sabatino precision driver
Maya Santandrea stunts
Anthony G. Schmidt stunts
Courtney Schwartz stunts
Greg Sproles stunts
Justin Sundquist stunts
Swat stunt performer
Vernon Swygert precision driver
Jeremy Timmins stunts
Taylor Towery stunts
Ashley Rae Trisler stunt performer
Jason Tubbs stunt driver
Tierre Turner stunts
Jaye Tyroff stunt performer / utility stunts
Steve Upton utility stunts
Dave Van Zeyl stunt rigger
Todd Warren stunts
Scott Wilder stunts
Darlene Ava Williams utility stunts
Travis Wong stunts

Camera and Electrical Department

Ryan Abrams loader
Matt Alexander grip
Nick D. Allin additional rigging grip
Graham Almeida b camera: Abu Dhabi second unit
Michael Ambrose gaffer / gaffer: second unit
Joshua Anderson lighting technician
Michael D Anderson fixtures technician: second unit
Andrej Arnautov Jr. gaffer: UAE splinter unit
Robert E. Arnold additional camera operator / camera operator
Danny Ault rigging electric
Denise Bailie “b” camera operator: second unit
Greg Baldi edge director of photography
Nico Bally technocrane tech: additional photography
Kevin Barrera lighting technician
Nick Behrmann rigging electrician
Laetitia Belen second assistant camera: miniatures unit
John Betancourt edge arm operator
Kenneth Bolton grip
John Bonnin libra head operator
Robert-James Bova camera operator: Abu Dhabi
Travis Brady rigging grip (los angeles)
Robert Branam key hd video assist operator
Jermaine Brantley rigging electric
Hugh Braselton second assistant camera
Riki Butland B camera operator splinter: Abu Dhabi
Kevin Cadwallader rigging electrician
Dwight O. Campbell second assistant: second unit
J. Christopher Campbell additional camera operator
Eric C. Castro rigging electrician
Chris Cavanaugh digital imaging technician
Ron Chapple aerial camera technician
Peter Chrimes key grip: second unit
Jason Clairy rigging electrician
Cristen Clark electrician
Chelsea Clark-James grip
Andrew Clarke lighting technician: second unit
Anthony Cobb rigging electrician
Tim Collins dolly grip: second unit
Jeremy Connell dolly grip
Marcus Cooley grip
Dan Cornwall gaffer
Jamie Couper best boy: Visual Effects Unit (NZ)
Justin Cowart electrician
Andrew Crankshaw second unit: “c” camera
James ‘Spud’ Danicic edge system technician
Mike Davidson lighting technician
Greg Dellerson first assistant camera: “c” camera / first assistant camera: extended edition
Julie Donovan first assistant camera “a” camera
Joe Duarte grip
Curtis Dubose electrician
Tulio Duenas second assistant camera
Zach Dunlap rigging electrician
Jason Dunn rigging: second unit
Andrew Dutton second assistant camera
Eric Dvorsky aerial camera technician
Brian Dzyak behind the scenes cameraman
Danny Eckler b dolly grip
Rusty Edmonson electrician
Rami Elias lighting technician (second unit)
Chad Eshbaugh technocrane operator
Tom Fendley rigging gaffer
Melissa Fisher film loader
Claude Fortin Bestboy grip splinter unit – Abu Dhabi”
Matt Fortlage second assistant camera: second unit
Chris Fountain additional grip
Clayton Fowler grip: second unit
Dale Fowler best boy electric
Jordan Francais electrician
Steve Freebairn digital imaging technician: second unit aerials
Daniel Friedberg second assistant camera: day player
Tony Gandolfi grip
Vincent Gandolfi grip
Scott Garfield still photographer
Mike L. Germaine key rigging grip: 2nd unit Georgia
Christopher Glasgow “a” camera dolly grip: los angeles
Nelson Goforth grip: second unit
Jerardo Gomez electrician
Daniel Alexis Gonzalez additional gaffer: second unit
Bob Gorelick additional camera operator
Dylan Goss aerial director of photography: 2nd unit – Atlanta / aerial director of photography: Los Angeles
Andy Gribble key grip: Abu Dhabi
Jacques Haitkin camera operator (second unit) / director of photography: second unit
Geoffrey Haley Steadicam operator / camera operator: “a” camera
Charlie Harrold best boy rigging grip: second unit
Dion Hartley key grip: vfx unit
Matthew Hawkins lighting technician
Jimmy Hendrix grip
Kevin Hightower electrician
Chris Hill Lead climbing rigger: Aspen Valley Ranch unit
Matt Hillyer vfx video assist
Andrew Hoehn Jr. first assistant camera: “c” camera
Pedro Huerta lighting technician
Darryl Humber dolly grip
Jonathan Irizarry lighting technician: second unit
Steve Irvine lighting technician: second unit
Gregory Irwin first assistant camera
Kevin Jackson key rigging grip / key rigging grip: Georgia
Milan Janicin key 2nd assistant camera: 2nd unit
Mikey Jechort electrician
Jeb Johenning digital video assist
Joshua Jones electrician
Nate Kalushner digital imagining technician (second unit)
Kazim Karaismailoglu digital imaging technician VFX: Aerial Unit Abu Dhabi
William Kent rigging best boy grip/L.A. unit
Adam Kogelman grip
Steve Koster aerial director of photography
Mike Laird electrician
Richard Latham camera operator
Jonathan Lee dolly grip
Skip Leger electrician
Bob Leitelt rigging key grip: LA unit
Daniel John Lerch electrician
Jason Lerczak rigging electrician
Sarah Levy camera operator / camera operator: Los Angeles
Rick Linkowski dolly grip (second unit)
Robert Lofstrom electrician (second unit)
Andy Lohrenz rigging grip: second unit Atlanta
Greg Luntzel Key 1st AC
Raul J. Marin grip dept
Laura Mattingly digital utility
Hugh McCallum best boy grip: second unit
Bill McConnell Jr. second assistant camera: colorado unit
Hanna McGugan lighting programmer
Maurice K. McGuire camera operator / edge arm camera operator
Igor Meglic director of photography: second unit
Trevor Metscher additional second assistant camera
Jamie Metzger digital imaging technician (second unit)
Greg Mitchell additional video assist
Mark Emery Moore camera operator
Reuben Morrison lighting console operator: NZ miniatures unit – Weta Digital
Greg Morse 2nd unit video assist
Charlie Murphy digital utility
Jason Naran video operator: VFX Motion Control Miniatures Shoot
Shahrouz Nooshinfar HD Video/Computer Engineer
Dara Norman lighting technician
Marlow Nunez Rigging Grip Los Angeles
Jeremy Antonio Oliver rigging electrician
Boris Olomi key grip: splinter unit – Abu Dhabi
Jamie Pair second assistant camera
Onofrio Nino Pansini camera operator
Jerry Patton second assistant camera
Morten Petersen Best boy electric: LA / best boy electric: second unit
Christopher E. Pettus electrician
Doyle Petty grip: day player
Michael Piekutowski lighting technician
Brian A. Pitts grip: second unit
Michelle Pizanis 2nd AC B Camera
David Presley video assist
Brennan Price lighting technician
Michael C. Price key grip
Andrea Quaglio b camera: focus puller: second unit Abu Dhabi
Rafael Ramirez rigging best boy electric (Los Angeles)
C. Alan Rawlins key grip
Patrick Redmond Edge head technician
Brittany Regan electrician
David Richert camera operator: second unit
Eric L. Roberts computer playback operator
Jacob Ross grip
Nick Rowland 2nd unit additional lighting technician
Dylan Rumney electrician: second unit
Robert M. Sagaser first assistant camera: Edge Arm Focus Puller
Riko Schatke best boy grip
Jeremy Schonwald rigging electrician
Chad Schroeder rigging gaffer: stage
Art Schultz best boy rigging electric
Robert Settlemire assistant camera
Thom Shepard grip
Jay Sheveck scorpio head technician
Charles Smith rigging grip: Los Angeles
Derek Smith first assistant camera: “b” camera
Alejandro Snodgrass second unit: rigging grip
Jeffrey P. Soderberg chief rigging electrician (second unit)
Sepp Sonntag photographer: MPC
Jeff Sterner grip: second unt
Greg Still lighting technician
Stephen Stumberg video assist
Anthony M. Suarez gang boss
Jeff C. Sutton lighting technician
Christopher Tamuty lighting technician
Peter Thoren 24 frame playback
Henry Tirl camera operator (2nd Unit)
Arthur To digital imaging technician: splinter unit
Igor Tochilnikov rigging electrician
Cris Toebben lighting technician: second unit
Jason Tubbs edge arm operator
Tomas Uher camera production assistant: second unit
Greg Waddle grip
Tom Wade second assistant camera: Abu Dhabi unit
Michael J. Walker camera operator: Second Unit
Benton Ward rf technician
Tom L. Weir second assistant camera
Brook Willard second unit: digital imaging technician
Paul E. Woods second assistant camera / second assistant camera: c camera
Marc Wostak rigging electric
Lev Yevstratov Edge System Technician
Langston York rigging electrician
John Young first assistant camera
Vince Young lighting technician
Giovanni Zelko lighting technician
Eric Blackburn steadicam (uncredited)
Tim Dean Libra head technician (uncredited)
Zachary Helmer lighting technician (uncredited)

Animation Department

Sven Assmuss animator
Francesco Canonico animator
Vincent Caudeville facial animator
Evan Clover animator
Aaron Deerfield senior animator
Rex Fang animator
Ben Folkman animator: Weta Digital
Carlos Fraiha animator
Nick Fredin animator
Anneka Fris animator: Weta Digital
Jim Hatibarua animator
Kolby Krook animator
Jerry Kung animator: Weta Digital
Adrian Lim animator (Weta Digital)
Christopher Marshall animator: Weta Digital
Tony Mecca animation lead: Digital Domain
Catherine Mullan animation supervisor: MPC
Christopher Page animator: Weta Digital
Scott Paquin animator
Andrew Park animator
Roy Sato animator
Isaac Hai Swee Tan animator: Weta Digital
Andrew Tran animator
Sebastian Trujillo animator
Roland Vallet senior animator (uncredited)

Casting Department

Samuel Allison extras casting
Shashank Arora casting assistant: India
Alan Baltes extras casting assistant
Jamie Lynn Catrett extras casting
John Crockett local casting assistant: Colorado
Miranda Davidson extras casting
Miranda Davidson extras casting
Rich King extras casting / extras casting: Los Angeles
Jeremy Lambert extras casting assistant
Terry L. Lamfers casting executive
Seher Latif casting associate: India
Rose Locke extras casting (as Jennifer Rose Locke)
Brian McCulley location casting: Colorado
Caitlin McKenna-Wilkinson adr voice casting
Morgan Robbins casting associate
Trishaan Sarkar casting assistant: India
Mitch Toles extras casting assistant
Kimberly Wistedt casting associate
Robb Pendleton extras casting assistant (uncredited)

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Tea Aaron wardrobe production assistant
Gina G. Aller 2nd unit costume supervisor
Mairi Chisholm costumer
Synithia Cochran additional seamstress
Jim Alan Cook set costumer
Christian Cordella costume illustrator
Shayne Allen Duhon set costumer
Erinique Ellison costume shopper
Sharon Fauvel head ager/dyer
Natasha Gale costume production assistant
Shavon Christina Gihan costumer
Empress Holley set costumer
Andrew Hunt costume supervisor: Abu Dhabi Location
Jessy Jamison costume shopper
Jess L. Johnson costumer
Kari King costume coordinator
Francine Lecoultre costume textile artist
Marina Marit set costumer
Sonny Merritt key costumer
Les Morgan set costumer
Vicente Parada costumer: los angeles
Margaret Robbs key costumer
Nava R. Sadan costume supervisor
Iliana Sanchez costumer
Lisa Sass costume assistant
Sunita Singh costume assistant
Irena Stepic assistant costume designer
Korii Young costumer

Editorial Department

Dennis Alaniz assistant editor
Jesse Chapman assistant editor
Richard Conkling first assistant editor
Dave Cory first assistant editor
Michael Goldberg apprentice editor
Stuart Huggins assistant editor
Thomas Kuo dailies scanner
Ken Lebre dailies producer
Anjelica Lewis assistant dailies producer
Corey Robert Martinez dailies data management
Christopher McDonald dailies operator
Adam Michna editorial production assistant
Gino Panaro colorist: dailies
Stephen Regnier digital workflow technician: EC3 – EFILM
Tom Reiser digital intermediate colorist
Andre Rivas assistant digital colorist
Brett Soll dailies operator
Laura Steiger first assistant editor
Matt Wallach additional colorist: dailies / lead dailies operator
Nicholas Winkelmann dailies operator

Music Department

Robb Boyd music editor
Kyle Clausen assistant music editor
Evan Duffy music arrangements
Robert Elhai orchestrator
Juan Carlos Enriquez musical score arrangements
Seth Glennie-Smith score programming
Tom Hardisty music scoring recordist
Greg Hayes score mixer / score recorded by
Michael Kramer additional music and arrangements
Matthew Llewellyn music editor
Dana Niu orchestrator
Nick Pittsinger music arrangements
Paul Rabjohns supervising music editor
Gregory Reveret additional arrangements
Johannes Ringen music arrangements
Arturo Rodriguez conductor
Peter Rotter music contractor
Brian Tyler conductor / orchestrator
Jeremy Underwood assistant music scoring mixer

Transportation Department

Fabian Arroyo extreme high speed picture car driver
Ronald Augustus driver generator operator
William Ballard transportation captain: additional photography
David R. Blakely driver: additional photography
Michael W. Broomer driver / production driver
Holly Camp picture car dispatcher
Carrie Carnevale picture car production assistant
Richard Colarossi picture car mechanic/wrangler
Rick Collins picture car captain
L. Chip Crosby Jr. driver
Sanchez Daniel picture vehicle mechanic
Gabe Davila car carrier driver
William M. DeLuca transportation
Mark Dometrovich transportation coordinator
Gary Duncan picture car captain: Georgia
David J. Duran edge transport driver
Thomas Fountain driver
David Frith picture car driver: GA
Melina Frías transportation coordinator: Abu Dhabi Unit
Roland Fullajtar driver: cast (P.Walker’s driver)
Scotty Goudreau transportation
Stefan Gutman mechanic
Michelle W. Head pic car dispatcher
Ryan Herem picture vehicle supervisor
Jimmy Kaminsky driver
Daniel La Fave driver: cast
Brian J. Louis picture car mechanic/fabricator
Stephanie Lundy dot compliance
Erik Malkovich picture cars
Dennis Marchant picture car foreman mechanic
Stan Mataele production driver / transportation
Dennis McCarthy picture car coordinator
Garry Moore driver: 2nd unit
Norman J. Morton driver
Robert J. Morton driver
Tony Peralta driver
Pam Plummer unit driver
Cindi Randall transportation captain
Claudia Rojas picture car dispatcher
Richard C. Ryan driver
Christopher Safos Paul Walker’s Always Evolving race team driver
Roxie Scott driver
Logan Sigston picture vehicle co-captain
Jon Smith driver
Judy Strazzera dot coordinator
Hank Van Apeldoorn driver: grip truck
Susan Van Apeldoorn driver
Tyson Weatherford transportation captain
Mark Webb driver
Kenny Youngblood transportation captain

Other crew

Coleen Aiello production accountant
Sarah al Ali second assistant accountant: Abu Dhabi
Ammar Al-Aradi production staff: Abu Dhabi
Eeman AlAnsari production intern
Jes Anderson additional production assistant: los angeles
Caroline Andrade second assistant accountant
George A. Andrews production assistant
Anthony Annone additional set production assistant
Saundra Marie Ardito picture car accountant
Duffy Astriab assistant: Vin Diesel
Sheila Atkinson production assistant
Mara Baker production assistant
Nayisha Bargblor production assistant
Anthony Batarse voice over talent
Joseph Bayard stand in: ludacris
Aaron Becker Main Title Design
Sean Becker second assistant accountant
Vincent Befi production assistant
Matias Beltramo production assistant
Lark Bernini production coordinator
Christopher Blackmore key set production assistant
Jody Blose script supervisor
Melissa Bosco set production assistant: Los Angeles
Eugene Brannon second unit: production assistant
T.J. Bryson production assistant
Edward Bullard transport technical advisor
Bobby Burks key set medic
Karen K Burns assistant production coordinator: Abu Dhabi
Jim Cadenhead construction medic
Christian Cage production assistant
Andrew Campbell set production assistant
Hélène Cardona voice actor
Brad Carey location assistant
Eric Carlson chef
Karla Carnewal set production assistant: los angeles
Michelle Caron production assistant
Michelle Caron production assistant
Nicholas Carranza first assistant accountant
Selena Carrillo production coordinator: Los Angeles Prep
Matthew Carter stand-in
Natalia Castellanos voice actress
Randall Castillo additional set production assistant
Sourabh Chakraborty set production assistant: Los Angeles
Virginia Child craft service assistant: second unit
Tara K. Clark production assistant
Kit Conners additional production assistant
Brie Cook production assistant: second unit
Marcus Cooley production assistant (los angeles) / studio utility
Netania Cortell local producer assistant to neal moritz and amanda lewis
Rachel Coscia set production assistant
Catherine Cospelich additional set production assistant
George Courville production assistant
David Cowgill adr loop group
Richard Lee Dalton production assistant: los angeles
Ryan Dambro production assistant
Jarrod Daniel production assistant
Jennifer Davis assistant: Jason Statham
Mauli Delaney production assistant
Thomas Della Bella set production assistant
Jim DeMarco production accountant
Kenya Dillard travel coordinator: second segment
Ryan Dirkes assistant location manager
Michael Dorner payroll: accountant
Brian Douglas production assistant
Elizabeth Driscoll assistant to producer: Michael Fottrell
Fred Duffer video: second unit
Jesse Dunn production assistant
Samantha Durkan location production assistant
Dan Duthie set production assistant
Alexis Dvorak production assistant
Christine Dye second assistant accountant
Courtney Dyson production assistant
Amy Ergle additional production assistant
Daniel Erikson production assistant: second unit
Samantha Falk additional production assistant
Elton Farla Medical Coordinator Abu Dhabi
Gregory Fears main stand in for dwayne johnson / photo double for dwayne johnson
David Fencl key armorer
Stephanie M. Flores assistant to producer: pre-production
Katie Foley second assistant accountant
Ran Francke security: Mr. Dwayne Johnson
Benjamin Frank production assistant (as Ben Frank)
Roland Fullajtar Paul Walker’s assistant
Clint Fumanti 2nd unit locations coordinator
Alex Galbate production assistant
Scott Garcia weapons expert
Lyall Gardiner location manager: Abu Dhabi
Sam Giambroni set production assistant
Eric Gibson helicopter pilot
West Gibson production assistant
Larry Gilbert police security
Kelly Gill production assistant
Jeff Matthew Glover stand-in for dwayne johnson
Wendy Goldfisher first assistant accountant: second unit
Dennise Gonzalez travel coordinator
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez adr loop group
Rosalva Gonzalez production assistant
Adrienne L. Graves second assistant accountant
Christopher Griffie set production assistant: 2nd unit
Carolyn Gross additional set production assistant: second unit
Albert Gunzenhauser production assistant
Joel Thomas Guros production assistant
Clare Halstead stand-in: children
Tina Hamilton asset coordinator
Trent Harris additional production assistant: second unit
Samantha Hatch additional set production assistant (los angeles)
Anne Hill production assistant
Jim Hill additional set medic: second unit Colorado
Caleb Hinshaw key assistant location manager
Michael Hird medic
Neil Hitchen head of finance: Abu Dhabi
Nicole Hobday production assistant
Eric Hooge supervising location manager
Kelly A. Horvath set production assistant
Craig Hosking aerial coordinator/pilot
Ryan Robert Howard production assistant: Atlanta
Cindy Huggins rigging medic
Ammar Hussain production assistant
Rif Hutton adr loop group
Maryam Ibrahim production assistant (Abu Dhabi Unit)
Jason Inman set medic: second unit: Colorado
Kevin Jacobs production assistant / second unit: Addl Set PA
Marabina Jaimes adr loop group
Jason Jamal additional production assistant: los angeles
Sam Johnston location assistant: Dubai
Sam Kazanski production assistant
Vincent Elias Kelly production assistant: second unit
Steven Kennebrew-Turner production assistant
Nichola Kerr asst accountant: Abu Dhabi VFX Unit
Junie Kim assistant payroll accountant
Andrew C. Kirk assistant location manager: atlanta
Richard Klein political consultant
Serg Korchinskiy set production assistant
Duncan Lamberson first assistant craft service
Ivette Ledon first assistant accountant
Erin Levine assistant production coordinator
Demetrius Z. Lewis medic / construction & set
Joshua Loiko construction accountant
Peter Lowe chef
Jeff Lowery set production assistant: 2nd Unit
Ian MacGregor second unit
Brian Mahoney stage production assistant
Gabrielle Malmazada second unit production assistant
Todd Manes set production assistant: second unit
Meg Marchand set production assistant
Valeria Marinova assistant production coordinator – Abu Dhabi
Andrew Masterson helicopter pilot: Abu Dhabi
Emmanuel Matasaru production assistant
Norman F. May production staff
Carol McConnaughey unit publicist
Christopher McDougal medic
Marcia McIntyre travel assistant
Timothy Mckeever accounting clerk: construction / construction accounting clerk
Jessica McMillin assistant to director: James Wan
Trevor McNure additional set production assistant: second unit
Taylor McPherson production assistant
Jared Scott Mercier additional set production assistant / additional set production assistant: Los Angeles
Debbie Merritt assistant production coordinator: los angeles / travel coordinator: Colorado
Eric Mills key assistant location manager
Richard Miro adr loop group
Jack Montague additional production assistant
Tracy L. Moody script supervisor: 2nd Unit Los Angeles
Nathan Morche production assistant
Zoe Morgan Chiswick assistant to dwayne johnson
Matthew Morrissey computer imaging supervisor
Aaron Moskal set production assistant
Michael Nassau production assistant
Andy Nettleton helicopter pilot: Abu Dhabi
Frédéric North aerial coordinator/pilot
Kevin O’Leary assistant: second unit
Colin O’Rourke set production assistant: 2nd Unit, Los Angeles
Nate Oldham production assistant (2nd Unit)
Sommer Oliver assistant production coordinator
Rebecca Orsak production assistant
David A. Oster additional set production assistant (second unit)
Carrie A. Oyer assistant production coordinator
Juan Pacheco adr loop group
Michael Panevics armorer
Paul Pape adr loop group
Kelli Parsons Travel Coordinator: Second unit
Owen Patry production assistant
Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Patterson IV on set production assistant
Kendal Petty production assistant
Ryan J. Pezdirc set production assistant
Shwetha Pillay travel coordinator: Abu Dhabi
Jacqueline Pinol adr loop group
Rob Pittard location assistant
Thomas R. Polleri location assistant
Melissa Pope production assistant
Sophie-Ann Price set production assistant
Alan D. Purwin helicopter pilot
Shayna Rasin assistant production coordinator
Bianca Ray production assistant: 2nd Unit
Rachel Redding assistant production coordinator
Dani Reimer director assistant to spiro razatos
Lance Resch-Anger additional production assistant / lock up captain
Mike Revell production accountant: 2nd unit
Brandon Riley production assistant
Brittany Riley stand in: Michelle Rodriguez
DaJuan Rippy set production assistant
Bruce Roberts production assistant
Elida Rodriguez payroll accountant clerk
John Rottger technical advisor
Michelle Ruff adr loop group
Greg Ryan additional production assistant
Kelly Safrit executive assistant to mr. johnson
Shauna Sanders production coordinator: LA Unit
Jay Scully acting coach
Sarah A. Semenas production assistant
Christopher Sempe additional set production assistant
Emily Anila Shah Director Assistant To Spiro Razatos
Hakim Shakoor caterer: assistant chef
Dennis Singletary adr loop group
Adrianne Skrzypek office production assisstant
Jordan M. Sloane production assistant
Michael C. Smith police coordinator
Stefano Smith medic (2015)
Charlie Somers location manager (Abu Dhabi) / location manager: Abu Dhabi
Robin Spears set production assistant
Mike Staheli Set medic
Andrew Stamm production assistant
Terence V. Steele production assistant
Michelle Stegall production assistant
Mo Stemen assistant production coordinator: LA Unit – Prep
Barry Stephens production assistant
Cryselle Stewart assistant location manager / location assistant
Cheryl A. Stone production finance controller
Kelly Strawinski production assistant
Danny Sullivan office production assistant
Alex Sundquist production assistant
Cindy Swartz set medic: los angeles
Steve Swisher additional set production assistant
Stan Swofford medic coordinator
Kelsey Symons production assistant
Charles A. Tamburro aerial coordinator/helicopter pilot
Michael J Tamburro helicopter crew
Dewey Tann standin: Tony Jaa
Carlos Tapia key assistant location manager
Derek Taylor production assistant
Ryan Christopher Taylor assistant location manager
Temarrio Thomas office production assistant: 2nd unit / production assistant
Thomas Thomas production assistant
Anna Tokarsky 2nd assistant accountant: Abu Dhabi
Joel Tokarsky location accountant: Abu Dhabi
Allie Toman set production assistant
Martin Torchia production assistant
Carol Tresan animal trainer
Greg Tresan animal wrangler
Tom Tresemer set production assistant: second unit
Asal Tukhsanova set production assistant
Warren Upson additional production assistant: Los Angeles
David Valencia production assistant: second unit
Bernadette Valer second assistant accountant: second unit
Karen Valero double: Michelle Rodriguez
Drew Vawter set production assistant: second unit
Miguel Victorio production assistant
Brenda K. Wachel script supervisor
Caleb Walker stand-in: Paul Walker
Cody Walker stand-in: Paul Walker
Essence Wallace production assistant
Lindsey Washington Assistant Payroll Accountant
Jennifer Webb production coordinator
Lindsay M. Webb office production assistant: los angeles
Shannon Williams construction medic
Justin Wood additional set production assistant
Diane Woodhouse assistant production coordinator: second unit Colorado
Kyle Woodiel production assistant
Daniel Woods production secretary
Elizabeth A. Wright assistant location manager
Jason Yorker stand-in: Vin Diesel
Ben Youcef adr voice
Ryan Young production assistant
Tyler John Young production assistant
Khaled Zaazouh aerial coordinator: Abu Dhabi
Mallory DeGolian on-set food stylist (uncredited)
Clare Halstead stand-in (uncredited)
Angie Ward additional set production assistant (uncredited)
Daniel Yi 4D Editor (uncredited)


Fuad C’Amanero special thanks
Curtis McParland special thanks
James Schramm thanks (as James P. Schramm)
Paul Walker dedicatee

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