Get Hard (2015)


Watch Get Hard (2015)

Get Hard Movie Info:
Directed by: Etan Cohen
Written by: Jay Martel, Ian Roberts
Starring by: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie
Genres: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English

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Get Hard Plot Summary
Get Hard (2015)

James King (Will Ferrell) is an extremely wealthy hedge fund manager, engaged to his gorgeous gold-digging fiancee Alissa (Alison Brie). His car washer, Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), and his wife, Rita, are trying to put their daughter Makayla in a better school away from the bad neighborhood they live in. James meets Darnell when the latter accidentally frightens James in the parking lot. James makes a speech about how he got to his success, and to inspire Darnell to go for his. He pulls out a big wad of cash, only to give two singles as a “tip” for Darnell.

Alissa hosts an engagement party for herself and James. She gives him an electric guitar as a gift, and invites John Mayer onstage to perform. James performs alongside Mayer momentarily until the FBI storm in and arrest James for fraud and embezzlement. James’s lawyer Peter Penny urges James to go for a guilty plea, but he refuses and insists that he will be exonerated. Instead, everybody that lost money in the embezzlement scheme is out for James’s head. The judge finds him guilty and sentences James to ten years at San Quentin, with only 30 days to get his affairs in order. His assets are frozen and he is placed under house arrest. He cuts off the ankle bracelet and tries to flee the country. He drives to a country club to get Alissa to go with him, but she says she has left him and decided to move on. The police then show up and arrest James, who asks his boss, Alissa’s father, Martin (Craig T. Nelson) for help.

James encounters Darnell once more in the parking lot, expressing his fears over going to prison. He asks Darnell how he managed in prison, simply assuming he was incarcerated because he is black. James then begs Darnell to teach him how to toughen up if he wants to survive in prison. Darnell demands payment in the form of $30,000, which James agrees to.

Darnell, who has little idea of how to act tough himself, tries to put on a facade of his own. To start his “training”, Darnell pepper-sprays James upon arriving to his home. He tries to get James ready for prison by intimidating with his “mad dog” face (James can only “sad dog” it), creating scenarios in which he must defend himself, and picking fights at the park (only for James to be beaten multiple times). James gets in touch with Martin and says he’s getting help. Martin, who is the actual crook, thinks James is onto him and orders Peter and a hired gun named Gayle to take care of business.

With little time left and even less improvement, Darnell figures that James has to learn how to perform oral sex in prison. They go to a gay hook-up spot for James to find a man to give fellatio to, but he can’t go through with it and tells Darnell (in front of the other curious and interested gay men) that he will keep going and do whatever it takes to “get hard.” James starts to work out harder and faster, makes shivs, and learns “keistering” – smuggling contraband in the anus. Darnell simulates a prison raid with help from James’ personal workers acting as inmates. In the chaos, James gets a shiv stuck in his head. Darnell drives James to his home for Rita to get the shiv out. He has dinner and listens to Darnell make up a story of how he went to prison (which is just a retelling ofBoyz N The Hood). Rita asks Darnell why he can’t just find the real criminal to help James.

Mere days before his incarceration, James and Darnell resolve for James to join a local gang, the Crenshaw Kings, to protect him in prison. James dresses in a ridiculous outfit that gets unwanted attention. Darnell’s cousin Russell (T.I.) runs the gang and isn’t convinced that James can pay him and knows that Darnell is lying about prison. James does help the gang gain interest in finance and stocks. Darnell drives James to a bar where the Allegiance of Whites gang is based. James is unable to be a convincing racist, leading the white supremacists to think he’s a cop. They nearly burn his face with a motorcycle tire until Darnell rescues him by bursting in with a flamethrower. Darnell realizes James is innocent and they conclude that Martin is the crook. They sneak into his home and find the embezzlement records on Martin’s old computer. Unfortunately, Gayle finds them and takes the computer back after telling James that Darnell has a clean record and never actually went to prison. Despite his earlier misjudgment of Darnell previously being in prison, James feels betrayed and leaves the parking lot.

James returns to the Crenshaw Kings with the intention of joining. For his initiation, they want him to kill someone. Darnell arrives in time to stop him and convince him to catch Martin and expose him. The two find Martin’s yacht and sneak on board. They grab the computer, only to come across Gayle and more hitmen. James unleashes a series of capoeira moves on the goons while Darnell protects the computer. Martin comes out and confesses to the crime, while Alissa steps out and admits that she got in on the scheme. Martin and Alissa try to convince James to run away with them, but he turns them down and heads to the life raft with Darnell. The duo tries to get out on the life raft until Gayle shoots it out. James pulls out a gun he kept up his butt and aims it at Gayle until the cops show up just in time, in response to James being outside of the county lines. Martin, Alissa, Gayle, and Peter are all arrested. James is also arrested for stupidly pulling out the concealed weapon, but he only serves six months. He helps the police return the stolen money and decides to give Darnell money to expand his car wash business and move to a better neighborhood. After the six months are up, Darnell goes to pick James up from prison and the two ride off.


Get Hard Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Etan Cohen

Writing Credits

Jay Martel (screenplay) &
Ian Roberts (screenplay) and
Etan Cohen (screenplay)
Adam McKay (story) and
Jay Martel (story) &
Ian Roberts (story)


Will Ferrell
Kevin Hart
Craig T. Nelson
Alison Brie
Edwina Findley Dickerson
Ariana Neal
Erick Chavarria
Paul Ben-Victor
John Mayer
Jon Eyez
Big MIke
Nito Larioza
Dan Bakkedahl
Greg Germann
Peter Penny
Ron Funches
Joshua Joseph Gillum
Chris Marroy
Katia Gomez
James Moses Black
FBI Agent
Elliott Grey
Dana Toups
Vengeful Driver
Christopher Berry
Dustan Costine
Brian Oerly
Raeden Greer
Melanie Hebert
Female TV Reporter
Leonard R. Butler
Shad Gaspard
Big Ass Julian
Jordan Salloum
T-Shirt Guy
Matt Walsh
Bathroom Stall Man
T.J. Jagodowski
Michael P. Sullivan
Guy In Crowd
Richard Holden
Powerful Friend
Bill Martin Williams
Powerful Friend
Bill Jenkins
Powerful Friend
Candi Brooks
Alissa’s Friend
Jackie Tuttle
Alissa’s Friend
Mariana Paola Vicente
Alissa’s Friend
Jason Richard Allan Foster
Rick LaCour
Car Washer
Reginal Varice
Car Washer
Ian Casselberry
Glenn R. Wilder
Super Old Guy
Dominique Perry
Michael Martin
Homeless Guy
Dave Davis
Cross Dresser
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Andre Allemand
Attorney (uncredited)
Vanessa Amaya
Bartender (uncredited)
Robert ‘Ross’ Anderson
Petey Sottenfeld (uncredited)
Michael D. Anglin
Prison Guard (uncredited)
John L. Armijo
Police Officer #3 (uncredited)
Jon Arthur
Police Officer #2 (uncredited)
Ali Barnes
Secretary (uncredited)
Jason Bayle
Associate Lawyer (uncredited)
Kevin Beard
Angry Protester #1 (uncredited)
Samantha Beaulieu
Harsh Woman (uncredited)
Tim Bell
GW Sottenfeld (uncredited)
Jennifer Bender
Reporter (uncredited)
Brett Beoubay
Fund Office Executive (uncredited)
Eric Berris
Stock Trader (uncredited)
Beau Bogard
Courthouse – Channel 3 News Camerman (uncredited)
Betsy Borrego
Harassed Girl #2 (uncredited)
Renaldo Brady
School Teacher (uncredited)
Patton Brantley
Investment Executive (uncredited)
Tracy Brotherton
Court Clerk (uncredited)
Kenneth Kynt Bryan
Gay Male at the Bar (uncredited)
Tom Bui
Fund Office Traders (uncredited)
Jeff Caperton
Fund Executive (uncredited)
Julia Caron
Secretary (uncredited)
David Michael Cefalu
Fund Office Traders (uncredited)
Tim Childress
Fund Office Trader (uncredited)
Rebecca Chulew
Country Club Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Cintron
Big Guy #2 (uncredited)
John C. Coffman
Court Attendee (uncredited)
Shakeya Connor
Gang Member Groupie (uncredited)
Peaches Davis
Juror #2 (uncredited)
Stephen Diamond
Aryan Gang Member (uncredited)
Blake Dozzer
Jail Intake (uncredited)
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
Coffee House Patron (uncredited)
Erika Erica
Client (uncredited)
Rockmeyer Estes
NBA Player (uncredited)
Rebecca Lee Fox
Picketer (uncredited)
Rudy Franklin
Stock Trader (uncredited)
John Garcia
Basket Ball Spectator (uncredited)
Jamie Gliddon
Golfer (uncredited)
Cristian Gregorio Gonzalez
Car Wash Employee (uncredited)
Lyle R. Guidroz
Flirty Brunch Patron (uncredited)
Brandon Guttuso
Aryan (uncredited)
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Police Officer #1 (uncredited)
Sadarias Harrell
School Security Officer (uncredited)
Ryan Hebert
Prison Guard (uncredited)
John Henry
NBA Player (uncredited)
Christopher Heskey
Skinhead #3 (uncredited)
Perry Hinson
Aryan Brotherhood (uncredited)
Lizeth Hutchings
Court Attendee (uncredited)
Eli Jane
Yoga Mom (uncredited)
Miami Johnson
U.S. Marshall (uncredited)
Tamika Shanell Johnson
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.
Boat Guard (uncredited)
Patrick Kearns
Gay Bar Patron (uncredited)
Steve Kish
Dock Worker (uncredited)
Veronika Kurshinskaya
Business Executive (uncredited)
Douglas Lacey
Prisoner (uncredited)
Rhonda Laizer
Mansion Guest (uncredited)
Kevin Lapham
Golfer (uncredited)
Jamara Laster
Head Coach / Prisoner (uncredited)
Elton LeBlanc
Country Club Golfer (uncredited)
Adrian Lockett
Gang Member – Russell’s Gang (uncredited)
Hans Marrero
Big Guy #3 (uncredited)
Ginger McNamara
Mansion Guest (uncredited)
Anna Medley
Protestor / Courtroom Attendee (uncredited)
Chelsea Melton
Special Groupie (uncredited)
Naomi Melton
Special Groupie (uncredited)
David Merriam
Aryan Brotherhood (uncredited)
Starlette Miariaunii
CK Gang Groupie (uncredited)
Mike R. Moreau
Courtroom Attendee / Photographer (uncredited)
Duane Moseley
Fund Trader (uncredited)
Joseph Oliveira
Prisoner (uncredited)
Fernandez Osvaldo
Latino Boss Inmate (uncredited)
Gary Owen
Kristy Pace
Additional Voices (uncredited)
Heather Palacio
Country Club Patron (uncredited)
Josh Perrault
U.S. Marshall (uncredited)
Israel Perry
Coffee Cop (uncredited)
Philippe Radelet
U.S. Marshal (uncredited)
Diezel Ramos
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Carlos Retana Jr.
Gardener #1 (uncredited)
Edwin Richardson
Neighborhood Guy (uncredited)
Jeffrey Riseden
Prisoner (uncredited)
Michael Patrick Rogers
Alliance of Whites (uncredited)
Terence Rosemore
Shady Man (uncredited)
Keith Schillari
Prison Inmate (uncredited)
Robert Segari
Fund Trader (uncredited)
Paula Shreve
Country Club Patron (uncredited)
Carl Singleton
Courtside Reporter (uncredited)
Emily Skyle
Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)
Lucia Solares
Woman at Bus Stop (uncredited)
Sean Stevens
Aryan Brotherhood (uncredited)
Kathryn Talbot
Mansion Guest (uncredited)
Matthew Thompson
Barista (uncredited)
Julee Vadnais
Court Reporter (uncredited)
Christopher Michael Watts
Trader (uncredited)
Brian Les Weinberger
Friend of James King at Party (uncredited)
Douglas Wilcox II
Prisoner (uncredited)
Bailey Winston
Harassed Girl (uncredited)
Michael Wozniak
Museum Guard (uncredited)
Jesse Yarborough
Juror #1 (uncredited)
Keil Oakley Zepernick
Big Guy (uncredited)

Produced by

Bob Dohrmann co-producer
Will Ferrell producer
Chris Henchy executive producer
Adam McKay producer
Ravi D. Mehta executive producer
Kevin J. Messick executive producer

Music by

Christophe Beck

Cinematography by

Tim Suhrstedt

Film Editing by

Michael L. Sale

Production Design by

Maher Ahmad

Art Direction by

Kelly Curley
Brett McKenzie

Set Decoration by

Gene Serdena

Costume Design by

Shay Cunliffe

Makeup Department

Gary Archer dental prosthetics
Steve Artmont makeup department head
Sherri Hamilton hair stylist
Jennifer Hodges hair stylist
Vivian Maxwell 2nd unit dept. head make up: second unit
Matthew W. Mungle prosthetic supply
Koji Ohmura prosthetic painter
LeDiedra Richard-Baldwin makeup artist
Jami Ross makeup artist
Emily Tatum daily makeup
Clinton Wayne prosthetic supply

Production Management

Abby Callahan post-production supervisor
Bob Dohrmann unit production manager
Bill Draper executive in charge of production

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Scott August second assistant director
Gregory S. Carr second second assistant director
Richard Cowan first assistant director
Steven Ritzi second unit director

Art Department

Spencer J. Abadie painter
Alice Alward art department coordinator
Edward J. Borasch Jr. property master
Jill Broadfoot Set decoration buyer
David Keith Broome lead greensman
Robert Castillo storyboard artist: interstitial segments
Kenneth Chauvin gang boss
John B. Clarey III general foreman
Todd Clevenger Paint Foreman
Randall S. Coe construction coordinator
Ryan Martin Dwyer on-set dresser
Nicholas Ellerbee propmaker
Jeff Errico storyboard artist
Brigitte Faucheaux video graphics designer
Sonia L. Garcia scenic gang boss (as L. Sonia Garcia)
Matthew Gatlin assistant art director
Drew Guajardo assistant property master
Kelly Hemenway graphics designer
John Herbert paint supervisor
Shane James propmaker
Michael A. Johnson leadman
Thomas Knight set dresser
Lindanne Lewis painter
Landon Lott illustrator
Charlie Mann construction buyer
Nealy Orillion art department assistant
Cory Parker key on-set dresser
Jack Piatt art staff assistant
Paul Pitalo set dresser
Brad Quintana propmaker
Dave Rhodes greens gang boss
John Sanchez props
Joel Venti storyboard artist
Tom R. Wilson carpenter/prop maker

Sound Department

Gregg Barbanell foley artist
Phil Barrie sound effects editor
Tammy Fearing supervising sound editor
Lee Gilmore sound effects editor
Catherine Harper foley artist
Larry Kemp dialogue editor/adr editor
Betsy Lindell boom operator
Darrin Mann foley mixer
Steve Morantz production sound mixer: los angeles
Ryan Putz sound utility
Joe Schiff dialogue editor
Roy Seeger assistant sound editor
Brad Sherman sound re-recording mixer
Unsun Song re-recording mix technician
Cherie Tamai first assistant sound editor
Elmo Weber sound re-recording mixer
David Wyman sound mixer
Ryan Young adr recordist
Billy Theriot adr mixer (uncredited)

Special Effects by

John S. Baker special effects supervisor
James Lorimer special effects supervisor
Bob Riggs special effects coordinator
Katie Riggs special effects technician

Visual Effects by

Sean Amlaner senior compositor: Scarecrow VFX
Melissa Brockman visual effects producer: Scarecrow VFX
Josh Bryer visual effects supervisor: Scarecrow VFX
Annie Caps digital compositor
Hunter Chase digital compositor
Dan Cregan digital compositor
Robyn Ducharme digital compositor
Jacob Eaton visual effects coordinator
Leif Einarsson visual effects supervisor: NewcreaturesVFX
Rich Fallat visual effects artist: Scarecrow VFX
Jordan Freda visual effects producer: giant propeller
John Grower digital compositor
Rich Hardy Jr. digital compositor
Austin Hiser compositor: Scarecrow VFX
Allan Torp Jensen Senior Compositor
Marek Jezo digital artist: giant propeller
James Kawano digital compositor
Steve Kosack digital artist: giant propeller
Siddhartha Maganti visual effects production assistant: Scarecrow VFX
Ryan McDermid visual effects
Donal Nolan digital compositor
Eric Reinhard digital compositor
Ari Reisner digital compositor
Michael Richardson visual effects production manager: Scarecrow VFX
Hamish Schumacher compositing supervisor (Method Studios Vancouver)
Keith D. Simpson digital artist: giant propeller
Gabriel Sitjas digital compositor: Scarecrow Vfx
Thomas Sydnor digital artist: giant propeller
Ronen Tanchum senior fx technical director: Scarecrow VFX
Mark Trowbridge visual effects production assistant: Method Studios
Chris B. Schnitzer vice president of visual effects (uncredited)


Kevin Beard stunts
Tim Bell stunt rigger
John Bernecker stunt double: Will Ferrell
Richard Luis Bosworth stunt performer
Sean Paul Braud stunts
Chris Bryant stunts
Todd Bryant stunt double: Will Ferrell
Jacob Chambers stunt performer
Trace Cheramie stunts
Danny Cosmo stunt player
Alan D’Antoni stunt rigger
Andy Dylan assistant stunt coordinator
Michael Endoso stunts
Justin Charles Evans stunt double: Kevin Hart
Chris J. Fanguy stunt water safety / stunts
Travis Fienhage stunt performer
Christian J. Fletcher stunt rigger
Jeff Galpin stunts
Lex D. Geddings assistant stunt coordinator
Casey Hendershot stunt performer
Michael B. Huff stunt double: Kevin Hart (as Michael Huff)
Floyd Anthony Johns Jr. stunt performer
Patrick Kearns stunts
Jean Claude Leuyer stunt performer
Kurt D. Lott utility stunts
Hans Marrero stunts
Aaron Matthews stunts
Eddie Matthews stunt performer
Carl Anthony Nespoli stunt performer
Scott Everett Nichols stunt performer
Paul Andrew O’Connor stunts
Michael Ortiz stunt performer
Steven Ritzi stunt coordinator
Eric R Salas stunt double: Paul Ben-Victor
Felipe Savahge utility stunts
Monty L. Simons stunts
Taryn Terrell stunts
Eric VanArsdale stunt water safety
Glenn R. Wilder stunts
Keil Oakley Zepernick stunt player
John Zimmerman stunt rigger

Camera and Electrical Department

Michael Applebaum ‘B’-Camera Operator
Russell Beard rigging electric best boy
Sarah Bowman second assistant camera
Bridget Brown rigging grip
Victor Brunette video playback
Scott Calcagno additional rigging grip
Luke Cauthern “b” camera dolly grip
Dorian A. Celestain lighting technician
Jason Cox set videographer
Mike DeGrazzio digital imaging technician
Eric DePoorter rigging grip
Eric Dyson first assistant camera: “b” camera: additional photography
Nathan Fung additional grip
Dan Furst hd video assist
Mike Grace lighting technician
Ted Gregg grip
Jordan Hager day player: grip
Christian Hardy grip
Brian Hollars additional set electrician
Richard T. Hoover “a” camera dolly grip
Nathan Hughes grip
Lawrence Karman camera operator: A Camera/Steadicam
Michael D. Kennedy scorpio head technician
Steven Krul technocrane technician
Joshua Lilly additional lighting technician
Kevin Lippincott rigging electrician
Justin M. Lubin still photographer: additional photography
Dan McKee digital loader
Jamie Metzger digital imaging technician (second unit)
Gaylen Nebeker qtake operator
Nick Nicolay best boy grip
Ryne Niner weisscam technician
Jaim O’Neil best boy
Frank Parrish a camera second assistant camera
Nino Paternostro electric
Max Patrucco key rigging grip
Patti Perret still photographer
Ahmad Powell grip (as Ahmad Big Thirsty Powell)
Jason Prowell lighting technician
Chris Quackenbush grip
Andy Ryan gaffer
Declan Ryan balloon light technician
Jimi Ryan key grip
Mike Satterfield grip
Nate Selee rigging grip
Chris Shadley hd video assist: additional photography
Matt Sumney 2nd assistant camera: 2nd unit
Joe Sökmen grip
Daniel Tkaczyk lighting technician
Tony Varuola gaffer: additional photography
Jim Wayer rigging grip
Jordan Whaley lighting technician
Dan Wyssmann rigging grip
Andy Young grip

Casting Department

Alicia Connelly extras casting coordinator
Jay DeFelice casting assistant
Ryan Glorioso local casting
Peter Kousakis casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Kasey C. Bazil key set costumer
Joshua Coleman set costumer (re-shoots)
Kent Cummins set costumer: los angeles
Andree Fortier costume supervisor
Patricia Gorman key costumer
Katie Saunders Costume Buyer: Los Angeles / Costume buyer: Los Angeles
Paulette Sladinski costume assistant: re-shoots

Editorial Department

Matt Absher first assistant editor: extended edition
Bart Brevé first assistant editor
Liz Calandrello assistant editor
Stacey England nextLAB® Dailies Operator
Emily Freund post-production assistant
Brian Gee nextlab operator
David B. Hall dailies project manager
Anna Holley post-production assistant
Illya Laney nextLAB® Dailies Colorist
Mikki Levi first assistant editor
Kenneth Marsten additional editor
Brian Scott Olds additional editor
Lindsay Tessier assistant editor
Tim Weyers post-production coordinator
Gus Comegys digital intermediate editor (uncredited)

Music Department

Fernand Bos music editor
Monica Ciafardini Music Clearance
Mark Graham head of music preparation
Greg Hayes score recorded by
Gabe Hilfer music supervisor
Gregory Jamrok music preparation
Jake Monaco composer: additional music
Jacob Nathan music coordinator
Victor Pesavento music preparation
Charles Rangel composer: additional music
Peter Rotter music contractor
Casey Stone score mixed by
Andrew Synowiec musician: guitar
Jake Valentine score assistant engineer
Ronald J. Webb music editor
Jay Weigel music consultant
Joe Zimmerman music preparation

Transportation Department

Kirk Baptiste driver
Doug Dovichi transportation coordinator
Kelsey Kimes picture car/fueler
Deborah Muscarello picture car coordinator
Michael Schlumbrecht set mechanic
Dexter P. Smith transportation
Charlie Wright transportation captain

Other crew

Rhea Aldridge production assistant
Natalie Alexander adr voices
David Allsberry dog trainer
Mac Alsfeld producer’s assistant: ravi mehta and chris henchy
Aaron Becker Visual Effects (Flashback Sequence)
Samantha Bonilla travel coordinator
Hillary Bosarge stand-in
Joel Burnham production assistant
Trisha Burton script supervisor: LA Unit
Kris Butler head set medic
Cecilia Carcamo production assistant
Clay Chamberlin stand in: Will Ferrell
Batou Chandler location manager
Elizabeth Classen animal wrangler
Tony Cypres first assistant accountant
Reed Daigle second assistant accountant
Lisa Davidson WB: Production Coordinator
Brittney Diez production assistant
Andrew Downs hand double
Matthew Ford key marine safety
Rebecca Lee Fox production assistant (office production assistant)
Gregory Allen Gabroy stand-in
Rachael Lin Gallaghan production coordinator: los angeles
Jeff Galpin head animal trainer
Jonah Goldfinger Production associate
Todd Greenlee office production assistant
Aaron Groben photo model
Dan Gutierrez additional set production assistant
Joe M. Hagg location assistant
Brandon Michael Hale extras
Mark Harden dog trainer
Cate Hardman script supervisor
Zachary Holmes video playback supervisor
Heather Holton second assistant accountant
Sam Horton assistant production coordinator
Michael B. Huff stand in: Kevin Hart (as Michael Huff)
Sean Jennings production assistant: 2nd Unit LA
Kirk W. Johnson production coordinator
Nito Larioza capoeira choreographer
Donnie McCormick production coordinator: titles
Ralph B. Meyer location manager: LA
David Midgen titles producer
Albert J. Moten Jr. location assistant
Erik Nicolaisen ADR
Kyle O’Brien production accountant
JT Panzarella key asst location manager
Emmanuel Pappas production coordinator: Warner Bros.
Nick Reasons production secretary
Win Riley locations scout
Tristan Ringenoldus production assistant (additional photography)
Alex Salazar production assistant
Gursimran Sandhu assistant: Etan Cohen
Tammy Sandler unit publicist
Nick Spetsiotis marine coordinator
Jared Swidzinski set production assistant
Sonia Torres key set pa
Spencer Tracy stand-in
Elizabeth Tyson assistant production coordinator: los angeles
Grayson Ward accounting clerk
Eric K. Yun production assistant: los angeles
Alex Ferrari script clearance analyst (uncredited)
Jim Lairmore photo double: Will Ferrell (uncredited)
Debbie Carroll production assistant
Carla Mooney production co-ordinator

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