Insurgent (2015)


Watch Insurgent (2015)

Insurgent Movie Info:
Directed by: Robert Schwentke
Written by: Brian Duffield, Akiva Goldsman
Starring by: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James
Genres: Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English

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Insurgent Plot Summary
Insurgent (2015)

Following the assault on Abnegation by Jeanine’s mind-controlled Dauntless soldiers, Eric and his platoon are searching through the wreckage of Abnegation for a box of unknown origin containing the symbols of all the factions. Upon recovery, the box is taken to Erudite and Jeanine claims that it contains data from the city’s founders and the means to end the Divergence problem. However, only a Divergent can open the box, so she orders that all Divergents be hunted down and captured.

Tris, Four, Peter, and Caleb are hiding out in Amity territory. Soon after, Eric and his fleet arrive to test all the occupants for Divergence. Peter gives up the group’s location as Tris, Four, and Caleb escape and board a train headed into Factionless territory.

During the ensuing fight with Factionless aboard the train, Four reveals his true name, Tobias Eaton, to the Factionless who reply that they have been searching for him.

Four, Tris and Caleb are given safe passage into the heart of Factionless. There, Tris and Caleb discover that the Factionless’ leader is Four’s mother, Evelyn Johnson-Eaton. Evelyn suggests that Dauntless and Factionless should join their forces against Erudite. The next morning, the three leave Factionless for Candor to meet up with the remaining Dauntless. During the trek, Caleb tells Tris that he cannot continue with them and goes in a different direction.

When Tris and Four arrive at Candor, they are arrested and brought before Jack Kang, the leader of Candor, who doesn’t believe that Jeanine would go so far as to fraudulently make Tris and Four wanted for attacking Abnegation. Four tries to reason with Jack, inquiring about the fairness of a trial in Erudite as opposed to one in Candor, and then requests the trial be conducted in Candor through truth serum.

During the trial, Tris tearfully admits her guilt in shooting Will, angering Christina. Candor is then attacked by Dauntless traitors led by Eric and many people are shot with new simulation serum. Tris and Uriah, who is revealed to also be Divergent, are captured by Eric. Eric tests Tris and discovers that Tris’ Divergence is 100%, making her the perfect subject to open the box. They are then rescued by Four and Candor and Eric is taken into custody where Four executes him.

In Erudite, Jeanine, frustrated that none of the Divergents she has used to open the box have survived, is approached by Peter who pledges his loyalty to Erudite. Peter suggests that the best way to get Tris to surrender is to play with her humanity.

Back in Factionless, Four reluctantly agrees with Evelyn that war is inevitable and they need to prepare. The long term sim serum is activated by Jeanine, causing Marlene, Christina and Hector to stand on a ledge repeatedly chanting that Tris Prior must turn herself in or more death will follow as they step closer and closer to the edge. Tris and Tori climb the sides as fast as they can, and rescue two of the three, but Marlene plunges to her death. Overcome by guilt, Tris decides to turn herself in.

The moment she steps through the Erudite screen, she is surrounded and arrested. Jeanine then subjects her to each of the sim trials of the Factions. Tris is almost killed in the process, and Jeanine reluctantly stops the sim, allowing Tris to rest in a cell with her brother Caleb, who is now working with Jeanine. Peter, who is now the guard assigned to Tris, jabs her in the back with an injection while escorting her back to the chamber after she discovers that Four is also captive in the facility.

Once again, Tris goes through the simulations, but before it can be completed, her vital signs drop and she appears to die. Tris’s body is disconnected from the sim cables and wheeled over to Four’s cell. Tris then awakens, and Peter assists Four in overpowering the guards, revealing that he is helping them. Peter then goes to the control room to change the security parameters in order to allow access to the sim room for Four and Tris, who now realizes what the box is and why she needs to open it.

Tris successfully opens the box, and, much to the chagrin of Jeanine, the message inside informs everyone in the control room and testing area that they, the entire walled city, are an experiment, that the Divergents are evidence of the success of that experiment and the world is waiting outside for them to return to humanity. Jeanine, realizing the box and its revelation will be the undoing of her power, orders the box buried and Four and Tris immediately executed. Before this occurs, the Factionless army hits the Erudite facility, killing Max before he can execute Tris and Four. Jeanine and Caleb are arrested, and Tris is hailed as a hero by the masses, eager to explore the world beyond the wall.

As Jeanine looks out from her cell, she states that after 200 years since the city was enclosed, there is no telling what awaits them beyond it. Evelyn appears behind her, and tells her that she will never find out before shooting Jeanine in the back of the head.


Insurgent Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Robert Schwentke

Writing Credits

Brian Duffield (screenplay) and
Akiva Goldsman (screenplay) and
Mark Bomback (screenplay)
Veronica Roth (novel)


Kate Winslet
Jai Courtney
Mekhi Phifer
Shailene Woodley
Theo James
Ansel Elgort
Miles Teller
Cynthia Barrett
Amity Divergent Woman
Justice Leak
Amity Divergent Husband
Lyndsi LaRose
Amity Teacher
Charlie Bodin
Amity Server
Octavia Spencer
Zoë Kravitz
Ben Lloyd-Hughes
Tony Goldwyn
Ashley Judd
Konrad Howard
Lucella Costa
Devon Lane Tresan
Amity Horse Girl
Ray Stevenson
Stephanie Schulman
Amity Hot Blonde
Derik Pritchard
Amity Dauntless Soldier
Leonardo Santaiti
Amity Seth
Ian Casselberry
Amity Dauntless Soldier
Jonny Weston
Naomi Watts
Keiynan Lonsdale
Suki Waterhouse
Emjay Anthony
Rosa Salazar
Maggie Q
Kendrick Cross
Candor Guard
Daniel Dae Kim
Jack Kang
David Landry
Candor Dauntless Soldier
Lawrence Kao
Erudite Tech #1
Justin Miles
Erudite Tech #2
Hunter Burke
Erudite Administrator
Kate Rachesky
Candor Teenage Girl
Callie Brook McClincy
Candor Small Girl
Pete Burris
Candor Divergent Man
Justine Wachsberger
Isadore Lieberman
Factionless Kid #1
Nicholas Martin
Factionless Kid #2
Nelson Bonilla
Erudite Cell Guard
Arian Ash
Erudite Control Room Tech #1
Jane Park Smith
Erudite Control Room Tech #2
Janet McTeer
Edith Prior
Skyler Shutts
Erudite Cell Security (uncredited)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Lyon Beckwith
Dauntless Rebel
Rich Graff
Britney Lucas
Erudite girl
Andrea Alcorn
Amity (uncredited)
Isabella Antinori
Factionless Kid (uncredited)
Denzell Armon
Amity Teen (uncredited)
Preston Baker
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Hayden Gael Barnes
Factionless Kid (uncredited)
Chace Beck
Factionless Leader (uncredited)
Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.
Erudite Dauntless Soldier (uncredited)
Austin Bollinger
Bully (uncredited)
Igor Bondaruk
Erudite Lab Tech (uncredited)
Bradley Bowen
Candorian (uncredited)
Aaron Brewstar
Factionless (uncredited)
Deaven Brooks
Factionlist Army (uncredited)
DuRa Brown
Erudite Dauntless Soldier (uncredited)
Summer Cain
Dauntless (uncredited)
Phil Cappadora
Cole (uncredited)
Jeremy Carr
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Trey Carter
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Jack Champion
Abnegation Child (uncredited)
Melissa Chandler
Candor Girl (uncredited)
Paul Cottman
Erudite Security Special Forces (uncredited)
Joseph Cox
Factionless (uncredited)
Morgan Cryer
Erudite Girl (uncredited)
Taurus Davis
Swat (uncredited)
John Deifer
Farmer (uncredited)
Hunter Denoyelles
Candor Girl (uncredited)
Gordon Dillard Jr.
Candor Guard (uncredited)
Chandler Dollahite
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Jane Doole
Factionless Adult (uncredited)
Garrett H. Dumas
Candor Security Forces (uncredited)
Patricia M. Dunn
Core Erudite Dauntless (uncredited)
Michael Entrekin
Erudite Dauntless Soldier (uncredited)
Jason Lee Erickson
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Gregory Fears
Candor Factor (uncredited)
Alessandro Folchitto
Dauntless Captain (uncredited)
Marco Fuller
Candor Member (uncredited)
Rob Fuller
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Fred Galle
Candor Lawyer (uncredited)
Krista Gibson
Candor Teen (uncredited)
James Gill
Core Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Brian Gonzalez
Erudite Faction (uncredited)
Robert Dane Goodwin
Factionless Army (uncredited)
Jermaine Salute Green
Dauntless Soldier (uncredited)
Skyla Greenlees
Factionless (uncredited)
Karlena Haase
Amity Girl (uncredited)
Keith Ham
Factionless (uncredited)
Lucky Harmon
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Roger A. Harrison
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Walter Hendrix III
Factionless EMT (uncredited)
Jae Hitch
Core Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Greg Holliday
Factionless Soldier (uncredited)
Graham Hunt
Abnegation (uncredited)
Alphonso A’Qen-Aten Jackson
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Isaiah John
Amity Citizen (uncredited)
Stephanie Jones
Amity Citizen (uncredited)
Lynne Jordan
Amity Woman (uncredited)
Alexis Kadey
Candor Girl (uncredited)
John Kap
Factionless (uncredited)
Dom Kegel
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Susan Kegel
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Kate Kilcoyne
Amity Kid (uncredited)
Jesse Kindred
Factionless (uncredited)
Aaron Kirschnick
Factionless Army (uncredited)
Kailey Knight
Amity Girl (uncredited)
Sanya Kongdara
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Ben Lamb
Edward (uncredited)
Dakota James Alden Lane
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Sailor Larocque
Candor Girl (uncredited)
Roy Larsen
Candorian (uncredited)
Marcus Lewis
Core Dauntless Rebel / Factionless Army Soldier(uncredited)
Mallorie Lindsey
Erudite Woman (uncredited)
Dale Liner
Dauntless Soldier Captain (uncredited)
Eric Maldonado
Evelyn’s Guard #1 (uncredited)
Brittany Mann
Erudite Woman (uncredited)
Dc Martin
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Keives McGaugh
Factionless Adult (uncredited)
Daniel McGraw
Amity Council Member (uncredited)
Brigham McNeely
Factionless Soldier (uncredited)
Gary Miller
Candor Man (uncredited)
La’Chyra Candace Mitchell
Erudite Faction (uncredited)
Sarah Murphy
Amity Woman (uncredited)
Roger Neal
Core Erudite Dauntless (uncredited)
Samuel Oden
Amity Member (uncredited)
Max Ortiz Jr.
Factionless Army (uncredited)
Ryan Paddock
Factionless Man (uncredited)
Jessica Paidge
Factionless Woman (uncredited)
Richard Pis
Core Group Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Zane Pittman
Core Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Aron Price
Candor Headquarters Security Force (uncredited)
Kathy Walton Pulley
Factionless (uncredited)
Sara Jane Ragnarök
Evelyn’s Posse (uncredited)
Rebecca Ray
Dark Tris (uncredited)
Niki Redmond
Factionless (uncredited)
Dale Ritchey
Factionless Army (uncredited)
Emma Elle Roberts
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Manuel Rodriguez
Factionless (uncredited)
Christabelle Rose
Factionless (uncredited)
Medo Sanad
Evelyn’s Guard (uncredited)
Nancy Sandlin
Abnegation (uncredited)
Bryleigh Saunders
Amity Kid (uncredited)
A.J. Sexton
Amity Girl (uncredited)
Christopher Shepard
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Angela Simmons-Morgan
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Cori Sims
Rebel Warrior (uncredited)
Marian Sing
Core Erudite Dauntless (uncredited)
Pokey Spears
Core Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Nonoma Stonecoat
Factionless Army (uncredited)
Kayleigh Stover
Factionless Kid (uncredited)
Jeff Strickland
Candor Guard (uncredited)
Juanita J.P. Taylor
Factionless Faction (uncredited)
Steven A.D. Taylor
Evelyn’s Guard (uncredited)
Sara Taylor-Torres
Erudite Tech (uncredited)
Dezirae Teal
Core Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Sue Thies
Factionless Seamstress (uncredited)
Shelby Townsend
Erudite Teen Girl (uncredited)
Jaclyn Vames
Factionless Seamstress (uncredited)
John Van Horn III
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Jordan Verroi
Factionless Army (uncredited)
Terrence V. Walker
Core Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Diego Ward
Erudite Cell Guard (uncredited)
Steve Warren
Amity Farmer (uncredited)
Garret Ethan Whittington
Erudite (uncredited)
William Willet
Candorian Lawmaker (uncredited)
Erick Wofford
Dauntless Rebel (uncredited)
Aja Wooldridge
Amity Girl (uncredited)
Jessica Yoshimura
Amity Citizen (uncredited)

Produced by

Tina Anderson co-producer
Neil Burger executive producer
Lucy Fisher producer
David Hoberman executive producer
Todd Lieberman executive producer
Pouya Shahbazian producer
Barry H. Waldman executive producer
Douglas Wick producer
John Wildermuth co-producer

Music by

Joseph Trapanese

Cinematography by

Florian Ballhaus director of photography

Film Editing by

Stuart Levy
Nancy Richardson

Casting By

Venus Kanani
Mary Vernieu

Production Design by

Alec Hammond

Art Direction by

Alan Hook supervising art director
Jay Pelissier
Michael H. Ward

Set Decoration by

Kathy Lucas

Costume Design by

Louise Mingenbach

Makeup Department

Lance Aldredge hair stylist
Maurice Beaman additional hair
Suzanna Boykin 2nd unit hair stylist
Mary Castor makeup artist
Angelique D’Agnese hair stylist
Noel Hernandez makeup artist
Kimberly Jones makeup artist for Ms. Winslet
Margie Kaklamanos special makeup effects artist
Michele Lewis additional makeup
Tracey L. Miller-Smith makeup artist
Jennifer Nieman makeup artist
Fawn Ortega makeup artist
Zsofia Otvos key makeup artist
Travis Pates special makeup effects artist
Denise Paulson assistant department head make-up
Mark James Ross special makeup effects artist: KNB EFX Group
Duane Saylor makeup artist
Rick Stratton special tattoos
Denise Tunnell makeup artist
Brad Wilder makeup department head

Production Management

Tina Anderson post-production supervisor
Jennifer Campbell production supervisor: 2nd Unit
Candice D. Campos production supervisor
Kristy Chrobak Associate Production Manager
Mark W. McCoy vice president feature post production
Mika Saito production supervisor: additional photography
Barry H. Waldman production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

G.A. Aguilar second unit director
Christopher Blackmore second second assistant director: second unit
Christina Fong second assistant director
Robert S. Hoffman additional second assistant director: additional photography
Keith Jackson second assistant director: second unit
James Madigan second unit director
James McGrady second second assistant director: additional photography
Patrick Priest second assistant director: aerial unit
Kate Pulley staff additional second assistant director
Kevin Thomas Roy additional second assistant director
Nick Satriano first assistant director: second unit
Michael Saunders second second assistant director
Jason J. Scott second second assistant director (second unit)
Andy Spellman first assistant director: Chicago unit
Mike Tsucalas second second assistant director (second unit)
John Wildermuth first assistant director
Heather Wusterbarth second assistant director: second unit

Art Department

David Baptiste greens utility
Pedro Barquin greens on set foreman
Sarena Bhargava head sculptor
Mark Bialuski propmaker gang boss
Rachel Block assistant art director
Wren Boney construction medic
Dann Brauckmann on set dresser
Maxwell Britton set dresser
Greg John Callas construction coordinator
Robert Consing storyboard artist
Tim Croshaw set designer
Carrie D. Curtis art department assistant
Hank Curtis set dresser
Jeffrey DeBell greens coordinator
Patrick Dunn-Baker lead set designer
Scot Erb senior model maker
Zachary Fannin graphic designer
Giovanni Ferrara painter (paint foreman)
J. Michael Glynn assistant property master
Joel Thomas Guros digital asset manager (as Joel Guros)
Nicholas Hatfield painter
Bryan Wilson Hembree utility (as Bryan Bubba Hembree)
John Hemphill greens gang boss
Aimee Holmberg set dresser
Kip Jamison set dresser and additional on-set dresser
Scott Johnson on-set dresser: additional photography
B. David King paint utility
Mayumi Konishi-Valentine set designer
Fabian Lacey concept illustrator
Charlotte Lee buyer
Meagen Lee art department assistant: preproduction
Amanda Leigh art department production assistant
Anthony Leonardi III storyboard artist
Chloe Lipp art department coordinator
Erik Malkovich set dresser
David Manhan leadman
Sean Mannion property master
Alex McCarroll reshoots
Bret McKee set dresser
Jason Negron set dresser
Tripp Norton on set dresser
Sam Page set designer
Raj Rihal concept artist
Kathleen Rosen set decoration buyer
T.J. Rottenberg greensman
Scott Schneider specialist set designer
Nathan Schroeder illustrator
Craig Shoji concept artist
Shea Soutar stand by painter
Marc Tantin welder gang boss
Amy Lynn Umezu storyboard artist
Timothy Vierra propmaker gangboss
Jason Vigdor set dresser
Chris Watson utility
Wendy Weaver set decorating buyer: LA
Willa Whalen art deptartment pa

Sound Department

Tom Burns re-recording mix technician
Scott Cannizzaro adr mixer
Kevin Cerchiai boom operator
Kevin A. Cheatham sound utility (second unit)
P.J. Corvus audio technician
Tanja Crouch post-production facility manager
Jeremy B. Davis re-recording mix technician
Peter J. Devlin sound mixer
Thomas J. Doolittle additional sound utility: day player / utility/boom operator (day-player)
Mike Filosa sound mixer (second unit)
Lauren Hadaway foley editor
Gary A. Hecker Supervising Foley Artist
Michael Hertlein dialogue editor: MPSE
Michael Jones sound utility: second unit
Jason C. Lewis 2nd boom operator
Dave McMoyler supervising sound editor
Michael Miller adr mixer
Christian P. Minkler sound re-recording mixer
Michael Minkler sound re-recording mixer
Dror Mohar sound editor
Chris Navarro adr mixer
Michelle Pazer dialogue editor
Mike Sansom additional sound utility
Richard Swor adr mixer
Jon Title sound designer
Renee Tondelli dialogue and adr supervisor
Tim Walston sound effects editor
Allen Lee Williams III boom operator (second unit)
James Wright dolby sound consultant
Pedro Jimenez trailer re-recording mixer (uncredited)

Special Effects by

John P. Cazin special effects foreman
Randy Fitzgerald special effects foreman
Eric Frazier special effects coordinator additional photography
Anthony Ray Herrera special effects foreman
Dewaldt Hicks special effects technician
Joel Hobbie special effects technician
Bruno Van Zeebroeck special effects coordinator
Ross Young special effects engineer

Visual Effects by

Ian Abbott technology: Double Negative
Pranay Agarwal compositor: double negative
Alicia Aguilera digital compositor
Africa Aguirre Martín studio data management: double negative
Marisa Ahn rotoscope artist: Gener8 (as Marissa Ahn)
Evrim Akyilmaz visual effects artist: Double Negative
Keren Albala previsualization artist
Ryan Albertson pipeline td
Troy Alexiadis stereo artist
Mona Ali rotoscope artist: stereoscopic conversion
Elana Andersen support engineer: animal logic
Lilian Angel stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Khan Arbaz matchmove artist
Kamran Arian lead stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Vaughn Arnup roto/paint supervisor
Mathieu Bacchous stereo artist
Rami Bahsous stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Josh Bailor digital compositor
Garry Baker purchasing & asset management officer: animal logic
Michael John Baker roto/prep artist: Double Negative
Michael Jeff Baldemoro roto/prep supervisor: Double Negative
Jon Baldwin previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
H.R. Barnett depth grade operator: Legend 3D
Mike Barnett stereo artist: Legend 3D
Judy Barr digital compositor
Pharoah Barrett visual effects artist: the third floor
Keith Barton technical support: Milk Visual Effects
D.J. Becerral stereo compositor: Legend3D
Richard Bendo stereoscopic compositor: Legend 3D
Sabina Bihlmaier digital compositor
James Bishop support engineer: animal logic
Jourdan Biziou previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Gabriel Blanco r&d engineer
James Bleakley visual effects: Matchmove artist: Animal Logic
David Bohorquez previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Caleb Bomysoad compositor: Gener8
Austin Bonang previs supervisor: The Third Floor Inc
Fabrizia Bonaventura lighting td
Jonathan Bot digital compositor: Animal Logic
Manuel Bover previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Jason Bowers compositing supervisor
Paul Boyd visual effects artist
James Braid technology: Double Negative
Ben Breckenridge stereoscopic supervisor
Greg Breitzman previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Millie Brennan stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Brandon Brocker visual effects production assistant
Adam Broderick visual effects artist
Colin P. Brown colourist
Tristan Brown digital compositor
Justin Brunett animator: Luma Pictures
Page Buckner visual effects consultant
Paul Butterworth visual effects supervisor: visual effects supervisor: Animal Logic VFX
Serena Cacciato animator
Andrew Cadey visual effects technical director
Francesco Cadoni compositor: Luma Pictures
Sean Callahan lead stereo artist: Legend 3D
Sarah Canale stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Alexandre Cancado 2d Supervisor: Luma Pictures
Eric Cardenas stereo compositor
Owen Cartagena stereo compositor: Gener8
Steve Casa visual effects photographer
Nicolás Casanova stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Joe Censoplano lighting/compositing: Luma pictures
Caroline Chai roto artist
Matthew Chan stereo artist: Legend 3D
Wayne Chan digital compositor: Double Negative
Kathy Chasen-Hay visual effects consultant
Cookie Chee Rotoscope Artist
Jonathan Cheetham compositing supervisor: Method Studios
John Abraham Chempil digital artist: double negative
Alexander Chen Visual Effects Data Asset Coordinator
Teddy Cheong compositor
Cheow Hong Chia paint/prep artist: double negative
Laurence Chong matchmove artist: animal logic
Caleb Choo visual effects artist
Tim Chou stereo supervisor: Gener8
Jimi Clark stereoscopic compositor
Nicolae-Gheorghe Cojocaru effects technical director: Double Negative
Tom Collier digital compositor: Animal Logic
Tristan Connors modelling supervisor
J. Todd Constantine previs artist: The Third Floor Inc. / previsualization lead: The Third Floor
Katharine Watford Cook director: 360º/VR EPK / producer: 360º/VR EPK
David Costello roto/paint artist
Maurice Cox stereoscopic compositor
Sarah Cripps visual effects line producer
Nicole D’Cotta roto artist: double negative
Michaela Danby digital compositor
Jayson Davis compositor: Gener8
Rikk Davis stereo artist: Legend 3D
Ruth Deane roto/prep artist: method studios
Josh Deason stereoscopic compositor
Zelko Dejanovic digital compositor
Matthew DeJohn stereoscopic supervisor: Legend 3D
Chris Del Conte VP of Production: LEGEND3D – Stereoscopic Conversion
Matías Derkacz Lead Compositor
Iacopo Di Luigi lead artist: lighting
Alex Diaz stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Timothy Diem stereo artist: Legend3D
Yoav Dolev digital compositor: Animal Logic
Tyson Donnelly digital compositor
Wes Dorough visual effects data wrangler: reshoots
Brandon Edgar compositing artist: legend 3d
Christopher Edwards previs creative supervisor: The Third Floor Inc
David Edwards compositor: Luma Pictures
Kelsey Elias stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Marlon Engel stereoscopic compositing supervisor: Gener8
Joe Engelke digital compositor
Jeremy Erb stereo artist: Legend 3D: visual effects
Struan Farquhar visual effects editor
Limas Uribe Fernando stereo artist: Legend 3D
Rogiero Fernández rotoscope artist: Gener8
Elisa Mar Ferre digital compositor
Mark Ferrer rotoscope artist: Gener8
Juan Carlos Ferrá stereo compositor
Megan Flanagan lead stereo artist
Matt Flicker fx technical director
Anthony Florio 3d compositor
Heather Flynn previs lead: The Third Floor Inc.
David Forsbrey environment artist: double negative
Jenny Foster visual effects producer: Double Negative
Amy Furey matchmove artist: animal logic
Akash Gade visual effects artist
Adam Gailey visual effects artist
Jason Gandhi r&d
Vikas Ganer assistant rotoscope lead: Stereoscopic Conversion: Gener8
Anthony Garcia lead stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Manuel Gomez Garcia rotoscope artist
Yazmin Garcia stereo compositor
Nathan Gardner roto prep supervisor
Rino George compositor
Tomi George stereo roto/paint artist
Sam Girdler stereo coordinator: Double Negative
Henning Glabbart digital compositor: Milk Visual Effects
Cyrus Jay Gladstone conversion stereographer (as Cyrus Gladstone)
Blake Goedde digital compositor (visual effects)
Walter Goh matchmove artist: double negative
Harrison Goldstein visual effects line producer: Double Negative
Philip Gordon stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Alvin Grado visual effects
Cody Graham stereo artist
Anthony Grant lead modeler/texture artist: Luma Pictures
Pasquale Anthony Greco visual effects data wrangler
Steve Griffith visual effects producer: luma pictures
Meghan Grube animator: Luma Pictures
Araceli Guerrero stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Gil Hacco previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Sharna Hackett visual effects line producer: double negative
Bryan Haines visual effects artist
Andrew J. Hall stereo artist: Legend 3D
Jeremy Hall stereo artist
Jamie Hallett visual effects supervisor: capital T
Lindsay Hallett director: business relations – luma pictures
Rob Hamilton paint/roto artist: Luma Pictures
Kelsey Hammerton stereo compositor: Legend 3D
H Haden Hammond freelance compositor: capital T
Shizue Harrison senior stereoscopic artist
Syuhada Hassan visual effects production assistant
Kyle Hause previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Samson Heffernan support engineer: animal logic
Ewoud Heidanus digital compositor: Double Negative
Nicolas Hernandez visual effects supervisor: Milk Visual Effects
Ashton Hertz data i/o: Method
Jose Manuel Hidalgo matchmove artist
James Hoang junior stereo artist
Mike Hopkinson technical director: Legend 3D
Sam Horgan assistant colourist: Double Negative
Craig Houston lead stereo compositor: stereoscopic conversion
Cosmin Hrincu model & texture artist: luma pictures
Levon Hudson motion tracker
Josh Hulands roto/prep artist: animal logic
Mark Hunter visual effects editor
Amanda Hyland stereo artist: Legend 3D
Neh Jaiswal vfx line producer
Ear Jean-Paul stereoscopic compositor: Legend 3D
Quan Jiang senior stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Michael Jimenez compositor: Gener8
Jacob Jared Jones stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Rory Jones visual effects coordinator
Megan Jordan previs coordinator: The Third Floor Inc
Marc Joubert-Nederveen modeling technical director
Luc Julien lead digital compositor: Double Negative
Olya Karnes-Lotterhos rotoscope artist
Ashley Keeler digital coordinator: Luma Pictures
Daniel Kepler technical coordinator: Luma Pictures
Dulshan Keragala model & texture artist: luma pictures
Alex Khan digital compositor: Luma Pictures
Kendrick Khoo model & texture artist: luma pictures
Zachary Kinney visual effects artist
Ranjith Kizakkey matchmover
Keith Kolod composting supervisor: Legend 3D
Robin Konieczny environments supervisor
Dean Koonjul compositor: Double Negative
Allie Koppel previs accountant: The Third Floor
Stephanie Ku stereo artist: Legend 3D
Puneeth Kunnatha compositor: Gener8
Duncan Kuah Boon Kwang technical director
Dave Ladner stereo compositor
Warren Larkam visual effects coordinator
Alex Lay digital compositor
Brian Le Hong stereo artist: Legend 3D
Nha Hoan Le tracker/matchmover
Tracey Leadbetter production manager: visual effects
Chris LeDoux visual effects supervisor (Crafty Apes)
Tim LeDoux visual effects supervisor: Crafty Apes
Ji Young Lee stereoscopic compositor: Legend 3D
Keiran Lee vfx editorial
Steven Lees-Smith support engineering supervisor: animal logic
Wayne Lim matchmove artist: Double Negative
Adam Lima compositor
Alexander Limpin stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Tong Jason Lin effects artist: Method Studios
Cedric Ling machmove artist: double negative: double negative
Roger Liu previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Marc Llorin senior stereo artist
Amy Lloyd matchmove artist (milk-vfx)
Jason Lodas stereo artist: Legend 3d
Gian Ignacio Lombardi compositing & lighting: Luma Pictures
Daniel Lopez support engineer: animal logic
Zoe Lord Texture Artist / Matte Painter
Will Lovett lighting and compositing artist: Luma Pictures
Patrick Madden support engineer: animal logic
Garry Maddison Grading SupervisorColourist
James Madigan visual effects supervisor
Brett Magnuson previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Felicia Mah stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Krisztian Majdik previs editor
Marco Manzini digital artist: Double Negative
Paul Maples motion control operator
Francisco Martinez lighting and compositing artist (Luma Pictures)
Kimberly Martinez lead stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Guy Masonwells digital artist
Tadao Masuyama modeler & texture artist: Luma Pictures
Dexter Matias stereo compositor: Legend3D
Keith Matz previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Stefan Mayr cg artist: Method Studios
Martinez Mayra stereo artist: Legend 3D
Sean McCarty lead stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Jonathan McClintic compositor
Matt McClurg previsualization artist: The Third Floor
Owen McGonigle visual effects artist
Erika A. McKee visual effects producer
Kyle McKernon stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Brandon McMenamin stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Wanamas Meevasana stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Crisanta Melendez digital coordinator (Luma Pictures)
Thomas Middleton digital compositor: Animal Logic
Lex Millena stereo compositor: Gener8
James A.J. Miller visual effects artist
Nafisah Mohamed matchmove artist: Double Negative
Vikram Mohan machmove artist: double negative
Brittany Montero visual effects coordinator
Bastien Mortelecque lighting technical director: milk-vfx
Andrew Mukama Stereo Artist: Legend 3D
Jay Murray roto artist: milk
Nathalia Ruiz Murray previs coordinator: The Third Floor Inc
Arslan Naqvi compositor
Amit Narwani matchmove artist: Double Negative
Anton Nazareth effects technical director
Gregory Nazarian compositor
Patrick Neighly visual effects production manager
Brian Neil stereo compositor: Legend 3D / stereoscopic compositer: Legend 3D
Charlotte Nelson previs production manager: The Third Floor Inc.
Thomas Newbury model & texture artist: luma pictures
Gregory Ng lighting & compositing artist: Luma Pictures
Kevin Ng senior systems engineer: Animal Logic / support engineer: animal logic
Aaron Noordally paint/prep artist
Kevin Norris senior paint/prep artist: Double Negative
Monique O’Halloran roto/paint artist
Daniel O’Shaughnessy rotoscope artist
Yvonne Oh prep artist: double negative
Sami Oms stereoscopic compositor
Jonathan Opgenhaffen vfx concept artist: Double Negative
Nicholas Papworth fx td
Om Parab matchmove lead: primefocus
Rajendra Parab matchmove artist
David Parada rotoscope artist: Gener8
Marc Paragua stereo compositor
Eduardo Pasaoa junior stereo artist: Legend 3D
Radhika Patel matchmove artist: Double Negative
Negin Paydarfar roto artist
Philip Pendlebury studio: double negative
Michael Perdew visual effects producer: luma pictures
Angelo Perrotta senior digital compositor: Animal Logic
Vardan Petrosyan previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Sandy Phetchamphone lead stereo artist: legend 3D
Kilou Picard visual effects producer: double negative
George Plakides visual effects artist
Travis Porter 2d sequence lead
Jenna Powell visual effects producer: Milk Visual Effects
Lucas Pozzey lighter/compositor: Luma Pictures
Brian Praamsma stereo artist: Legend 3D
Nestor Prado look development
Pavel Pranevsky CG supervisor: Luma Pictures
Andrew Prescott visual effects assistant coordinator
Jakub Pruszkowski digital compositor: Method Studios
Giorgia Pulvirenti compositor: Method Studios
Katherine Pursey visual effects artist
Eugene Purugganan senior systems engineer: Animal Logic
Simon Pynn matchmove supervisor: double negative
Adam Quattrociocchi stereo artist: Legend3D
Pedro Raffalli rotomation artist
Nazma Raichuri double negative: technology
Johanna Ramos Santiago prep artist
Jason Ramsey stereoscopic production manager
Ryan Ramsey lead stereoscopic compositor: Legend 3D
Jonathan Ravagnani digital artist
Robert Reategui compositor
Jason Reese it help desk manager: Legend 3D
Taryn Reetz stereo artist: Legend 3D
Paul W Richards information technology manager: Method Studios
Daniel Riddle modeler & texture artist: luma pictures
Alessandro Righi modeler
Matt Roe roto/prep artist: animal logic
Karl Rogovin dynamics effects animator: Luma
Erasmo Romero lead stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Aaron Holmlund Rosapepe previs editor: The Third Floor
Sean Rourke previs editor: The Third Floor Inc
Rebecca Ruether previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Nathan Rusch pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures
John Russell technical director: Legend 3D
Leigh Russell visual effects artist
Jonathan Sabella organic modeler texture artist: Luma Pictures
Matt Sadler effects technical director: Double Negative
Shawn Sahara roto & paint artist: Luma Pictures
Thomas Salama digital compositor: Double Negative
Lucy Salter look dev artist
Tejas Sanghavi cloth td
Benjamin Scabell digital compositor: double negative
Kristine Schmitt stereo artist
David Schott digital compositor: Double Negative
Camille Schubert stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Jan Schubert lighting technical director: milk-vfx
Marc Schönbeck compositing artist: Luma Pictures
Elaina Scott previs artist: The Third Floor Inc.
Vanessa Seow visual effects coordinator: Double Negative
Virat Sharma vfx production assistant: visual effects unit, Chicago
Kerry Shea vp of production: The Third Floor Inc
Rob Shears visual effects production manager: Double Negative
Cameron Shepler stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Rick Shine vfx data wrangler
Michelle Shoukralla stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Alonso Sierra stereoscopic matte artist: Gener8
Jia Yi Siew roto/prep artist: double negative
Jared Simeth associate vfx supervisor: Luma Pictures
Kris Sison senior stereo artist: Legend 3D
Abbie Smith matchmove supervisor
Billy Smith compositor: gener8 digital media corps
Stephen J. Smith roto/prep artist: Method Studios
Bernardo Andrea Spadafora lighting and compositing artist (Luma Pictures)
Mat Stace senior systems engineer: Method Studios
Richard Stay senior compositor: double negative
Jim Steel senior digital compositor (Double Negative)
Ken Stewart digital compositor
Grant Street senior systems engineer: Animal Logic
Dylan Streiff stereo compositor: Legend3D
Damien Stumpf cg supervisor: method studios
Mariangela Suma visual effects coordinator: milk-vfx
Jenna Sunde stereoscopic compositor: Gener8
Richard Sutherland cg supervisor: Luma Pictures
Matthew Swanton stereoscopic compositor: Legend 3D
Michael J. Sweetser stereo artist: Legend3D
Lionel Taillens environment td: double negative
Randy R. Tecson stereoscopic roto artist: Gener8
Dan Tellwright data i/o
Jason Thomas stereo compositor
Brian Thomason stereo compositor
Lee Tibbetts senior modeller: double negative
Justin Tirado animator
Shermaine Toh prep artist: Double Negative VFX
Craig Tonks visual effects artist
Viviana Torrellas visual effects artist
Roger Tortosa senior technical director generalist: Double Negative
Dida Tosheva stereo artist: Legend 3D
Dennis Toufexis visual effects artist
Ted Trabucco lead stereo artist: Legend 3D
Serina Trexler stereo artist: Legend 3D
Oleg Troy cg lead
Panida Umrapal stereo artist: Legend 3d
Chloe Valdecantos stereo compositor: Legend3D
Khrystyne Valena stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Kealani Vanderleest stereo artist: Legend 3D
Christopher A. Vazquez stereo compositor: Legend 3D (as Vazquez Christopher)
Lies Veldeman digital compositor: double negative
Neall Verheyde production technology: Gener8
Radu Vintila lead systems engineer: Animal Logic
Adam Walker visual effects artist
Jenny Wan compositor
Thea Warren compositing department supervisor: Legend 3D
James Waterson lead compositor: Luma Pictures
Mark Webb visual effects producer: Method Studios
Jeremy Webber senior systems engineer: Animal Logic
Brittany Wetzel stereo compositor: gener8
Matthew White stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Tom Whitehead visual effects artist
Kristofer Whitford roto artist: double negative
Christopher Whittle visual effects artist: Double Negative
Aaron Williams lead stereo artist: Legend 3D
Adrian Eugene Daniel Williams visual effects artist
Katie Williams stereoscopic matte artist: Gener8
Eddy Wolfson stereo compositor: Legend 3d
Anthony Wonsoff digital matte painter: Double Negative
Ben Wotton roto/prep artist: Animal Logic
Ged Wright visual effects supervisor: double negative
Peter M. Wu previsualization artist: The Third Floor
Cheng Yang machmove artist: double negative
Ryan Yeung stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Sarah K. Young stereoscopic supervisor: Gener8
Ahmed Yousry visual effects artist
Sonia Yu lighter & compositor: Luma Pictures
Aslan Zamaev matchmove artist
Lye Zechari matchmove artist: double negative
Eva Zemaitis stereo artist: Legend3D
Alvaro Zendejas stereoscopic artist
Nathan Zeppel paint/roto artist: Luma Pictures
Hao Zhang stereo compositor: Legend 3D
Lei Zhang visual effects coordinator
Daniel Baker technology: Double Negative (uncredited)
Manuel Gomez Garcia rotoscope artist: Gener8 (uncredited)
Isabelle Gilbert rotoscope artist: Gener8 (uncredited)
Glenn Osgood lead stereo artist: Legend 3D (uncredited)
Prakash Pathak production assistant: vfx (uncredited)
Vanessa Velasquez technology: Double Negative (uncredited)


Wade Allen stunt coordinator: second unit
Raven-Danielle Baker stunt performer
Kelly Bellini stunts
Joanna Bennett stunt double: Shailene Woodley utility stunts
Matt Berberi stunt performer
Cornell Brandon utility stunts
Tamiko Brownlee stunt double: Maggie Q
Rico Burgos stunt rigger
Elisabeth P. Carpenter stunt double: shailene woodley
Anis Cheurfa stunts
Marcelle Coletti stunt performer
Jeremy Conner stunt performer
Stephen Conroy stunts
Elizabeth Davidovich stunts
Nick DeKay stunt double: Jonny Weston / utility stunts
Greg Dela Riva utility stunts
Rockey Dickey Jr. stunt rigger
Arturo Dickey stunt rigging coordinator
Yan Dron utility stunts
Seth Duhame stunts
Adam C. Edwards utility stunts
Ian Eyre stunt rigger / utility stunts
Troy Faruk stunt performer
Alessandro Folchitto stunt performer
Shauna Galligan stunt double: shailene woodley
Justin Gant stunt performer
Jacob Garcia stunts
Daniel Graham stunts
Dante Ha stunts (as W. Dante Ha)
Daniel Hargrave stunt double: Miles Teller
Nicholas Hayner stunt performer
Randy Haynie stunts
Crystal Hooks stunts (Darrin Prescott)
John Hudson technical advisor
Scott Hunter stunts
Brendon Huor stunts
C.C. Ice utility stunts
Duke Jackson stunt performer
Bobby Jordan stunt performer
Antal Kalik stunt performer
John Kap stunts
David Kilde stunt performer
Keone Kim utility stunts
Ralf Koch stunts
Paul Lacovara stunt double: Theo James
Jasi Cotton Lanier stunt double: Emjay Anthony / utility stunts
Scott Loeser stunts
Maggie Macdonald stunt performer
Jeremy Marinas fight coordinator
Nicole Marines stunt performer
Nicholas Martin stunt double
Kyle Mclean stunt double: Theo James
Jessica Merideth stunt performer
Dino Muccio stunt performer
Spencer Mulligan stunts
Matthew Austin Murray stunts
Mark Norby stunts
Haley Nott stunt performer
Marque Ohmes stunt rigger
Jim Palmer stunt driver
Richard Pis stunt performer
Darrin Prescott stunt coordinator
Derick Pritchard stunts
Rebecca Ray stunt double: Shailene Woodley
Mark Rayner stunts
Cody Robinson stunt double: Jai Courtney
Corrina Roshea stunt performer
John Ross stunt rigger
Marvin Ross stunt double: Keiynan Lonsdale / stunt performer / utility stunts
Steve Rummenie stunt performer
Elena Sanchez stunt double: Suki Waterhouse
Maya Santandrea stunts
Todd Schneider stunts
John J. Shim stunt performer
Karin Silvestri stunt double: Kate Winslett
Remington Steele stunts
Christopher Tardieu stunt double: Miles Teller
Sean Taylor stunt double: ansel elgort
Aaron Toney utility stunts
Amy Lynn Tuttle utility stunts
Jaye Tyroff stunts
Van Vander Pluym stunts
Diego Ward utility stunts
Willie Weber stunt rigger
Kyle Weishaar stunt double: Caleb

Camera and Electrical Department

Brian Adams lighting technician
Sebastián Almeida libra head tech
Charles Arnold grip
Grant Babbitt camera operator: promo shoot / director of photography: promo shoot
Joseph Blankinship technocrane technician
Jermaine Brantley rigging electric
Marc Casey second assistant camera
Kevin Chase Cable camera system: Batcam
Jason Clairy additional electrician
Josh Cleland production assistant: camera
Christopher Cooley grip
Andrew Cooper still photographer
Chris Culliton gaffer
Joseph Czerw key grip: Chicago VFX Unit
Sagar Desai digital utility
Danny Durr lighting technician
Justin Elder electrician
Travis Elkins 2nd Unit Electric/Fixtures Technician
Joe Elrom digital imaging technician: vfx unit
Joey Gandolfi additional grip: second unit
Nicholas R. Gianneschi loader: re-shoots
Peter Graf aerial camera system tech shotover
Jared Greenstein additional lighting console programmer
Stephen Grum rigging electrician: addl. photography
Cristi Lyn Hahn utility: additional photography
John Hale camera operator: promo shoot
Kent Harvey camera operator: second unit: a camera
Matthew Haskins second assistant camera: “a” camera
Troy Hauschild grip: promo shoot
Sammy Ray Hill grip: second unt
Zach Hilton digital imaging technician: vfx unit
Jason Hindman fixtures technician
Kelley Hood electrician
Kevin Jackson key rigging grip: GA
Matthew Kelly Jackson second assistant camera: “a” camera additional photography
Violet Jackson loader
Lukasz Jogalla director of photography: second unit
Bess Johnson camera film loader: second unit
Alexander A. Joseph scorpio head technician: second unit
Callum Just digital imaging technician: additional photography
Matthew J. Klann dimmer technician
Kurt Kornemann key grip: second unit
John Lally electrician: second unit
Thomas Lappin camera operator: “a” camera
Ted Lichtenheld director of photography: ground unit, Chicago
Jon Locke grip
J’mme Love loader: Chicago VFX/Aerial
Charlie Marroquin key grip
Hanna McGugan dimmer technician
Saul McSween camera loader
Adam Meadows video engineer
Trevor Metscher second unit 2nd assistant camera
Lea E. Miller dolly grip
Evan Nelson technocrane technician
Tristan Noelle camera operator: promo shoot
Heather Norton first assistant camera: “a” camera
David B. Nowell aerial director of photography: Chicago
Meiklejohn Pate grip and dolly grip
Matthew Pebler libra head operator: second unit
Nathaniel Peirson fixtures technician
Allen Robinson grip: 2nd unit (as Allen Christopher Robinson)
Kevin M. Rowe day player: grip
Josh Saideman grip: additional
P. Scott Sakamoto camera operator: “b” camera
Allen Sanders camera operator: promo shoot
Michael Sannuti grip / second unit grip
David Satin digital imaging technician
Charles Schner camera operator: second unit
Chad Schroeder best boy electric: local
Cory Schulthies digital imaging technician: 2nd unit
David Scott Set Lighting Fixtures Foreman
Dennis Seawright first assistant camera: “b” camera
Thom Shepard grip
Pierson Silver libra head operator
John Slade technocrane technician
Basil Smith first assistant camera: 2nd unit
Trisha Solyn 2nd unit 2nd ac
James Stockton electrician
Tony Summerlin first assistant camera
Jason Sutton libra head tech
Jeff C. Sutton assistant chief lighting technician: second unit
James Swartz grip: promo shoot
Zach Tharp lighting technician
David J. Thompson “b” camera operator/steadicam
Mike Tyson rigging gaffer
Craig Vaccaro key rigging grip
Danny Vanzura second assistant camera: “b” camera: re-shoots
Joel C. Warren lighting technician
Victoria K. Warren second assistant camera: “b” camera
Jeremy Woods electrician
William D. Wynn b dolly grip

Animation Department

Stewart Alves animator
Patricio Ducaud animator
Tamas Molnar animator

Casting Department

Jamie Lynn Catrett extras casting
Rose Locke extras casting (as Jennifer Rose Locke)
Jack Montague extras casting assistant
Dana Salerno casting associate
Riva Cahn Thompson casting assistant (as Riva Winningham)
Justin Tucker extras casting assistant
Edward Zo casting intern

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Ani Babayan costume production assistant
Dana Joel Bogdanski set costumer
Phillip Boutte Jr. costume concept artist
Kinsey Boydstone production assistant
April J. Brown-Traquina assistant textile artist (as April Brown)
Aimee Campolucci costumer
Michael Cohen production assistant
Christian Cordella costume concept artist
Lynne Duggins costumer
Shayne Allen Duhon 2nd unit key set costumer
Rhonda Earick ager/dyer
Myra N. Foy table person
Melanie Ghisays costumer
Sean Haley costumer
Jamie Hiney costumer
Empress Holley set costumer
Greg Hopwood costume production assistant
Keith Hudson costume ager/dyer
Amanda Jenkins costumer to Tris
Briana Lamb costumer
Helen Monaghan key costumer
Bob Moore Jr. set costumer
Chandra Moore-Telfer head ager and dyer
Les Morgan set costumer
Christopher Opopo set costumer
Margaret Palmer costume fitter
Jonathan Parra costumer
Meghann Plummer shopper
Melissa Pope production assistant
Cheri Reed costumer
Marla Star costumer
Fatima Stripling set costumer
Tim Wegman costumer
Kim Wilkins production assistant
Korii Young set costumer

Editorial Department

Laura G. Chirinos digital intermediate assistant producer
Christine Choi editorial production assistant
Marisa Clayton digital intermediate producer
Alexis Corrigan post-production assistant
Rebecca Goodeve colourist: dailies london
Fred Hudson dailies operator
Madelaine Jereczek assistant editor
Jeff Mack On Location Dailies Colorist
Wayan Blue Palmieri stereoscopic editor
Justin Powell senior post production coordinator
Kimi Rosenthal post-production coordinator
Steven J. Scott supervising digital colorist
Mike Sowa digital intermediate colorist
Brian Spirnak co-first assistant editor
John St. Laurent dailies engineer
Chris Van Duyn post-production: dailies operations-technicolor
Kenny Vicent dailies engineer
Amanda Weir post-production coordinator
Denise Woodgerd dailies producer
Trudy Yee assistant editor

Music Department

David Butterworth orchestrator
David Channing scoring editor
Isobel Griffiths orchestral contractor
Jennifer Hammond orchestrator
Bryan Lawson supervising music editor
Jason Lazarus additional music arranger / score technical coordinator
Colleen M. Lutz score mixing assistant
Frank Macchia music preparation
Dorina Markoff-McNulty musician
Satoshi Mark Noguchi score recorded and mixed by
Randall Poster music supervisor
Karen Sidlow Manager, Music Business Affairs
Ryan Svendsen music coordinator
Booker White head of music preparation
Sam Zeines music editor

Transportation Department

Ryan Allen driver
Mauricio J. Alvarez driver
Tim Barker transportation
Robert Brubaker transportation captain
Denny Caira transportation coordinator
Jayson Chang dispatcher
Pamela Hovies driver
Melissa LaFon driver
Fitzathor L. Miller driver
Craig Vogel dot compliance administrator

Other crew

Mackenzie ‘Micki’ Wheeler production assistant
Garrett Able double: Miles Teller
Alicia Accardo script supervisor
Luan Agostinho stand-in
Kimberly Aikman additional set production assistant: aerial unit
Zack Annesty production assistant
Lauren Aparicio craft service
Cynthia Appleby production assistant
Chaun Archer stand-in: Octavia Spencer
Ryan Atkins production assistant: chicago unit
Toni Atterbury unit publicist
Eddie Avinashi production assistant
Lori A. Balton location scout
Vincent F. Baran production assistant
Nayisha Bargblor production assistant
Alexandra Bartee double: Marlene
Dave Bennett completion bond rep
Christian Bersani production assistant
Hayden Bilson armorer
John Biondo executive vice president of business and legal affairs: Lionsgate
Ben Bloom production assistant
Wren Boney medic
Adam Boor key assistant location manager
Danielle Bowes additional production assistant
Justin James Boykin stand in: Jonny Weston / stand-in
Tracy Browne first assistant accountant
David Buehrle production coordinator: visual effects shoot chicago
Bobby Burks medic / set medic 2nd unit
Candice D. Campos production supervisor
Alex Capaldi assistant production coordinator: second unit
Josh Carlascio production assistant
Evan Chester production assistant
Alexander Cirillo production assistant
Ami Cohen production department director
Rachel Coscia additional production assistant: 2nd unit
Catherine Cospelich production assistant
John Coughlin location assistant
Jennifer Kristin Cox assistant to robert melnik: Lionsgate
Chelsea Craig production production assistant
Eric Croas production assistant
Jeff Dash vice president: production accounting, Lionsgate
Josh Dillard location assistant / location assistant: reshoots
Rebecca Drummond housing secretary
Robert John Dubiel Assistant: Mr. Lieberman
Geoffrey Dukes production assistant
Kyle Dunleavy production assistant
Matthew Eldridge stand-in: Theo James
Hannah English assistant to mr. wick
Brian L. Fairley assistant location manager
Cara Ferguson production assistant
Alessandro Folchitto military coordinator
Brandon Folsom production assistant
Pablo Gambetta production assistant
Robert George Production Consultant
Sarah Blue Winslow Gerber office production assistant
Michael Giannoni production assistant
Larry Gilbert police security
Jeffrey Gladu payroll accountant
Matthew Gowan production assistant
Adrienne L. Graves second assistant accountant
Matthew K. Grigsby production accountant
Danielle Halagarda production assistant
Brandon Michael Hale extras
Clare Halstead stand- in
Adam Hamilton assistant craft service
Julie Hannum location manager
Austin Harpole additional set production assistant: aerial unit
Trent Harris additional production assistant
Jodi Hayes cast assistant
David Heffler Assistant Production Coordinator
Susan Hegarty dialect coach: Kate Winslet
Tavia Henderson production assistant
Matt Hibbard key set production assistant
Elizabeth Himelstein dialect coach: naomi watts
Jerry P. Jacobs Production Executive: Summit Entertainment
Nicholas Jamison key assistant location manager
Stephanie Jeter assistant production coordinator: visual effects unit chicago
Adam R Jones production assistant
Leah Kaina production secretary
Mitch Kessler production assistant
Lizzy Jane Klein researcher
Richard Klotz location scout
Robert Kreiling aerial unit key production assistant
Ellexa Lemarie assistant to mr. wick: additional photography
Ashley Brooke Lewis production assistant
Dominique Libungan production assistant: Legend3D
Alisha Lillion production assistant
Jon Locke craft service
Hayley Luhrs set production assistant
Caitlin MacBride office production assistant
Brian Magwood production assistant
Jeffrey J. Marks Main Titles Producer
Gustavo Martin production assistant: chicago unit
Anthony N. Martinez production assistant
Anthony N. Martinez production assistant
Nicole Mason production assistant
William Maursky location assistant
Eddie May additional production assistant
Dan McDonough production assistant
Brian Mcgovern production assistant
Taylor McPherson production assistant
Robert M. Melnik executive vice president of business and legal affairs
Cole Messutta production assistant
Danial Miller underwater key grip
Kurt J. Miner production safety
Max Molinaro production assistant
Lucas Moore studio teacher
Gil Morales location assistant
Ralph Moran assistant location manager
Valerie I. Morasso office production assistant: visual effects unit Chicago
Mae Moreno aerial unit
Brian Morgan production assistant
Mary Angela Munez location third assistant
Ryan Neal location assistant
Nate O’Neil production assistant
Shannon O’Neill assistant: Mr. Waldman
Julie Pechanek production secretary: reshoots/additional photography
Carl Pedregal head of feature post production
David Albert Pierce additional legal services
Matt Pniewski production assistant
Janice Polley supervising location manager
Callie Powers production assistant
Alan D. Purwin aerial coordinator
Joseph Raines location assistant
Timothy Scott Ralston screening operations executive
Angelo Renardo production assistant
Julia Renner location assistant
Lance Resch-Anger additional production assistant
Jay Ridge production assistant
Bruce Roberts production asst
John Robling production assistant
Rufus Rosendo second assistant accountant
Maria C. Roxas location manager: Chicago
Christina Rudd accountant: Animal Logic
Dana Scott production coordinator: visual effects unit chicago
Alyssia Sharpe production accountant: Animal Logic
Jason Simmonds assistant production coordinator: chicago unit
Donna Sloan Executive in Charge of Production
Coalin Smith production staff
K.T. Smith set production assistant: second unit
Kimberly S. Smith assistant accountant
Michael C. Smith Police Coordinator / police coordinator
Andrew Sorgie assistant: Todd Lieberman – LA
Kevin Speights production assistant
Jacob Staffaroni production assistant
Terence V. Steele production assistant
Michelle Stegall production assistant
Gabrielle Stein additional production assistant
Derek Steiner Assistant to Mr. Hoberman
Paula Stier production coordinator
Kelly Strawinski production assistant
Mark Swenson travel coordinator
Steve Swisher set production assistant: teaser unit (as Stephen Swisher)
Lauren Taylor assistant payroll accountant
Gabriella Teixeira set production assistant
Martin Torchia production assistant
Greg Tresan animal coordinator
Taylor Vaughn production assistant
Miguel Victorio production assistant
Keomanee Vilaythong key assistant location manager
Amber Waters payroll clerk: Visual Effects Unit Chicago
Cameron T. White production assistant
Heather Witherill stand in: Shailene Woodley
Elizabeth A. Wright key assistant location manager
Ariana Young manager: Post Production
Mallory DeGolian on-set food stylist (uncredited)
Emerick Martin stand-in/photo double for Ansel Elgort (uncredited)

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