It Follows (2014)


Watch It Follows (2014)

Directed and written by: David Robert Mitchell
Starring by: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi
Genres: Horror | Mystery
Country: USA
Language: English.

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It Follows Plot Summary
It Follows (2014)


It Follows is a 2014 American supernatural horror film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, and starringMaika Monroe.[3] The plot follows a girl pursued by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter.[4] Filmed in Detroit, Michigan, It Followsdebuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 to critical acclaim. It was purchased by The Weinstein Company’s subsidiary, RADiUS-TWC, for North American distribution. It received a limited releasebeginning March 13, 2015, but after a very successful limited release, the film received a wide release on March 27, 2015.

A girl flees her house in fear and drives to the beach where she calls her father. By morning, she has been brutally murdered.

Jay, a college student, goes to see a film with her boyfriend Hugh. While they are waiting in line, Hugh starts talking about how envious he is of young children and how they have innocent, carefree lives. When they are inside the theater, Hugh spots a young woman at the entrance. He points her out to Jay, but she, however, cannot see her. Suddenly, Hugh starts getting afraid and demands to Jay that they leave the theater. On another date, Hugh and Jay have sex in his car, before he incapacitates her with chloroform. She wakes up tied to a wheelchair and Hugh explains that he has passed her a curse through sex. He informs her that an entity which can only be seen by those with the curse will pursue Jay at walking pace. If it catches her, it will kill her and then go after the person who passed it to her. A naked woman emerges from the nearby woods and approaches them, and Hugh drops Jay off at home.

The next day at school, Jay encounters an old woman in a night gown slowly approaching her and rushes to where her sister, Kelly, works. Jay’s sister and her friends Yara and Paul, who has an obvious crush on Jay, decide to help and spend the night in the same house. Paul investigates a smashed kitchen window but sees no one; Jay sees a half-naked and bloodied woman walking toward her. Jay runs upstairs to the others, who cannot see the entity. When a tall man with gouged-out eyes enters the bedroom, Jay flees the house and rides a bike to a nearby playground, where her friends regroup.

Greg, the neighbor, drives them to Hugh’s house, now abandoned, where they find a high school picture of him. With the help of the high school, they discover that Hugh’s real name is Jeff Redmond and trace him to his mother’s address where he is living. Jeff informs them he got the curse from a one-night stand and reiterates that Jay has to have sex with someone to get rid of it. They drive to Greg’s lakehouse, where Jay learns to fire a gun. The entity, taking multiple guises, eventually catches up and attacks Jay on the lakeshore. She shoots it, only momentarily incapacitating it. Jay flees the house alone in Greg’s car but narrowly avoids hitting a truck and instead crashes into a cornfield. She wakes up in the hospital with a broken arm, surrounded by Paul, Yara, Kelly, and Greg.

In the hospital, Greg sleeps with Jay to pass on the curse, and insists he does not believe in it. Later, Jay sees Greg smash the window to his own house and enter. She tries to warn the real Greg on the telephone but he does not answer. She runs into the house and finds the entity in the form of Greg’s half-naked mother knocking on his door; it jumps on Greg and has sex with him as he dies.

Jay flees by car and spends the night by the beach. On a beach in the morning, Jay sees three young men on a boat. She undresses and walks into the water. Back home, Paul expresses his feelings about Jay sleeping with Greg and not him; offering to have sex with her.

The group plans to kill the entity by luring it into an abandoned swimming pool and dropping electrical devices into the water to electrocute it. On the way to the pool, Jay sees a nude man (“It”) standing on the roof of her house. Jay, waiting in the pool, spots the entity and realizes it has taken the appearance of her father as it throws the devices at her. Firing at an invisible target, Paul accidentally wounds Yara, but shoots the entity in the head, causing it to fall into the pool. As it drags Jay underwater, he shoots it again and Jay escapes. The entity leaves a large cloud of blood but no body is present.

Jay and Paul have sex; afterwards, Paul drives past prostitutes in a seedy part of town. Sometime later, Jay and Paul hold hands and walk down the street while someone follows close behind.


  • Maika Monroe as Jay Height
  • Keir Gilchrist as Paul
  • Olivia Luccardi as Yara
  • Lili Sepe as Kelly Height
  • Daniel Zovatto as Greg Hannigan
  • Jake Weary as Jeff Redmond / Hugh
  • Bailey Spry as Annie
  • Debbie Williams as Mrs. Height
  • Ruby Harris as Mrs. Redmond
  • Leisa Pulido as Mrs. Hannigan
  • Ele Bardha as Mr. Height
  • Ingrid Mortimer as Old Woman in Pajamas
  • Alexyss Spradlin as Girl in Kitchen
  • Mike Lanier as Giant Man
  • Don Hails as Old Naked Man

Development and production

Writer and director David Robert Mitchell conceived the film based upon recurring dreams he had in his youth about being followed: “I had it when I was very young, the nightmare. I had it several times and I still remember images from it. I didn’t use those images for the film, but the basic idea and the feeling I used. From what I understand, it’s an anxiety dream. Whatever I was going through at that time, my parents divorced when I was around that age, so I imagine it was something to do with that.”[5] The role that sexual transmission plays came later, from Mitchell wanting something that could transfer between people.[6] Mitchell started writing the film in 2011 while working on a separate film he intended to be his second feature film, however Mitchell struggled with this would be second feature and decided to make It Follows as his next film instead.[7] While working on the film, Mitchell realized that the concept he was working on was tough to describe and thus refused to discuss the plot when asked what he was working on, reasoning later that “When you say it out loud, it sounds like the worst thing ever.” [6]

The film was shot in 2013 in Detroit, Michigan.[8] Director David Robert Mitchell used wide-angle lenses when filming to give the film an expansive look,[8] and cited the works of George Romero and John Carpenter as influences on the film’s compositions and visual aesthetic.[5]


It Follows premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2014. It was released theatrically in France on February 4, 2015 and in the UK on February 27. It was given a limited release in the US on March 13[9] and a wide release on March 27[10] in 1,200 theatres.[11] The film was released along the USA release in a limited screening on 27 March 2015 in Canada over Toronto based International Sales Agent company Mongrel Media.[12]


It Follows has sparked numerous interpretations from film critics in regard to the source of “it” and the film’s symbolism.[5] Director Mitchell stated: “I’m not personally that interested in where ‘it’ comes from. To me, it’s dream logic in the sense that they’re in a nightmare, and when you’re in a nightmare there’s no solving the nightmare. Even if you try to solve it.”[5] Some critics have interpreted the film as a parable on AIDS and/or other sexually-transmitted diseases,[13] the sexual revolution,[14] and tapping into “primal anxieties” about intimacy.[15]

Beneath the anxieties about sex (and STDs), the film is also about death, about existential dread in the face of death’s inevitability, and about how we try (and fail) to postpone death through meaningless sex. There are three important quotations in the film that stress the theme of mortality. When Jay is in English class, her teacher is reading from T. S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” and Yara reads two passages on the imminence of death from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Idiot.[16]

The film’s backdrop against the derelict rows of Detroit’s foreclosed homes, suggests the film’s supernatural antagonist refers to Marx’s theory of Primitive Accumulation or Harvey’s Accumulation by Dispossession. The wholly white, middle class cast are forced to engage as neo-liberal subjects, choosing to either carry the burden of capital expansion – labouring endlessly to keep one’s head above water – or passing it on – to extract value from the labour of others. To accumulate or disposes, in Marx’s terms.


The score was composed by Rich Vreeland, better known as Disasterpeace.[17] It was released on February 2, 2015 over Editions Milan Music in permission of The Weinstein Company with a digital booklet.[18] The digital version of the album went on sale March 10, 2015.


Box office

It Follows opened in limited theaters on March 13, 2015 in the U.S. and Canada. It earned $163,453 in its opening weekend from four theaters at an average of $40,863 per theater, making it the best limited opening for a film released in 2015.[19]

The movie made its international debut in the United Kingdom on February 27, 2015 where it earned $573,290 (£371,142) on 190 screens for the #8 position. The following week, the film dropped two spots to #10 with a weekend gross of $346,005 (£229,927) from 240 screens.

As of April 5, the movie has a domestic gross of $8.9 million and an international gross of $1.6 million for a worldwide total of $10.3 million.[20][21][22]

Critical response

It Follows received critical acclaim,[23] with critics praising the acting, plot, score, and old-fashioned scares. Critics also praised Mitchell’s shift in tone and style, calling it “progressive” and “refreshing” and distant from his earlier works.[24][25][26] It currently holds a 96% “Certified Fresh” rating on review aggregator websiteRotten Tomatoes based on 157 reviews. The critical consensus states: “Smart, original, and above all terrifying, It Follows is the rare modern horror film that works on multiple levels — and leaves a lingering sting.”[27] On Metacritic, the film has an 83/100 rating based on 37 critics, indicating “universal acclaim”.[28]

Peter Debruge of Variety gave a positive review, saying, “Starting off strong before losing its way in the end, this stylish, suspenseful chiller should significantly broaden Mitchell’s audience without disappointing his early supporters in the slightest.”[24] David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter said, “Creepy, suspenseful and sustained, this skillfully made lo-fi horror movie plays knowingly with genre tropes and yet never winks at the audience, giving it a refreshing face-value earnestness that makes it all the more gripping.”[25] Tim Robey of The Telegraph gave the film five out of five stars and said, “With its marvellously suggestive title and thought-provoking exploration of sex, this indie chiller is a contemporary horror fan’s dream come true.”[26] Ignatiy Vishnevetaky of The A.V. Club said, “Despite all the fun-to-unpack ideas swirling around Mitchell’s premise, this is first and foremost a showcase for his considerable talents as a widescreen visual stylist, which are most apparent in the movie’s deftly choreographed, virtuoso 360 degree pans.”[29] Mike Pereira of Bloody Disgusting described the film as a “creepy, mesmerizing exercise in minimalist horror”.[30]

It Follows Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

David Robert Mitchell

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

David Robert Mitchell

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Keir Gilchrist
Carollette Phillips
Woman with Groceries
Loren Bass
Annie’s Father
Olivia Luccardi
Lili Sepe
Kelly Height
Maika Monroe
Jay Height
Jake Weary
Hugh / Jeff
Daniel Zovatto
Greg Hannigan
Charles Gertner
Neighbor Boy
Bailey Spry
Debbie Williams
Mrs. Height
Ruby Harris
Mrs. Redmond
Linda Boston
Leisa Pulido
Mrs. Hannigan
D.J. Oliver
Police Officer
Ingrid Mortimer
Old Woman in Pajamas
Kourtney Bell
Chatting Girl
Alexyss Spradlin
Girl in Kitchen
Mike Lanier
Giant Man
Claire Sloma
Greg’s Date (Pretty Girl in Car)
Scott Norman
Homeless Man Behind Tree
Erin Stone
High School Girl in Courtyard
Joanna Bronson
Don Hails
Old Naked Man
Ele Bardha
Mr. Height
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Caitlin Burt
Hot Girl (uncredited)
Heather Fairbanks
Scrub Nurse (uncredited)
Christopher Hohman
Hot Guy (uncredited)
Rich Vreeland
High School Announcer (uncredited)

Produced by

Joshua Astrachan executive producer
Robyn K. Bennett co-producer
Mia Chang executive producer
P. Jennifer Dana executive producer
Frederick W. Green executive producer
Rebecca Green producer
David Kaplan producer
Corey Large executive producer
Alan Pao executive producer
Erik Rommesmo producer
Jeff Schlossman executive producer
Laura D. Smith producer

Music by

Rich Vreeland (as Disasterpeace)

Cinematography by

Mike Gioulakis

Film Editing by

Julio Perez IV

Casting By

Mark Bennett
Carrie Ray

Production Design by

Michael Perry

Art Direction by

Joey Ostrander

Costume Design by

Kimberly Leitz (as Kimberly Leitz-McCauley)

Makeup Department

Dawn Germanski hair stylist & makeup artist
Lora Gianino key hair stylist / makeup department head
Jess Gillette assistant hair stylist / assistant makeup artist
Robert Kurtzman special makeup effects producer
Tom Luhtala special makeup effects artist
Dawn Mattocks makeup department head
Daniel Ross personal hair stylist: Maika Monroe
Nickolas Szostkowski assistant makeup artist

Production Management

Brandon T. Williams production supervisor

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Jordan Champine first assistant director
Lana Waddell second assistant director

Art Department

Geneva Brunetti set dresser
Frank Casaceli property master
Elven Ferreria swing
Patrick Kipper production assistant
Jesse Landenwitch painter / swing
Bryan LeBeuf swing
Michael W. Moran carpenter
Mike Rhadigan swing
Aaron Segel swing
Ryan Spindell graphics designer
Angela Worrel set dresser

Sound Department

Christian Dwiggins sound re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Steven Kowalski boom operator
Clayton Perry sound mixer
Lauren Robinson sound editor
Kathie Talbot sound designer: trailer

Special Effects by

Krisz Drouillard special effects makeup

Visual Effects by

Raffaele Apuzzo visual effects producer
May Satsuki Asai visual effects
Gianluca De Pasquale digital compositor
Andrea Marotti visual effects producer
Ed Mendez on-set visual effects supervisor: DIVE
Diego Panadisi visual effects producer
Alessandro Pepe visual effects technical director
Greg Strasz visual effects supervisor


Ele Bardha stunt coordinator
Dan Lemieux utility stunts
Travis Russell stunt double: Keir Gilchrist
Amber Whelan stunt double: Maika Monroe

Camera and Electrical Department

Carl Ballou digital imaging technician
Michael J. Conner rigging key
Nick Enright electrician
Ryan Faulkner grip
Josh Ficken grip
Geoff George director of photography: second unit
Kevin D. Hewitt Steadicam operator
Nicholas Huynh first assistant camera
Chris McLeod electrician
Anton Miasnikov second assistant camera
Ryan Joseph Moran grip
Anthony Schrader key grip
Marc-Antoine Serou gaffer
Amy Snell electrician
Greg Wolfe key grip: second unit

Casting Department

Amy Allen extras casting assistant
Chris Redondo casting assistant
Danielle Sawa extras casting assistant
Gary Sibley extras casting
Michelle White casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Annie Nalbandian assistant costume designer
Daniel Ross key costumer

Editorial Department

Taylor Mahony additional colorist
J.D. Moore digital intermediate editor
Mark T. Osborne digital intermediate colorist
Sebastian Perez-Burchard digital intermediate editor

Other crew

Sara Andrews assistant production coordinator
Nicole Compas production counsel
Ted Demski location scout
Stefani Flack production assistant
Christopher Hohman key pa / key production assistant
Adam Kersh publicist
Kenneth Lesser production assistant
Shayna MacLeod location manager / location scout
Connie Mangilin payroll accountant
Jax Martin script supervisor
Janna Miksis production counsel
Michael W. Moran production assistant
Stephanie Newman-Smith clearance coordinator
Zach Oberdoerster location assistant
Nellie Smydra production assistant


Katharine Brandes special thanks
George Constas special thanks
Gabriel Geer special thanks
Eddie Rubin special thanks
Nickola Shreli special thanks

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