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Jag Jeondeyan De Mele (2009) Punjabi Movie

Story: Abijot (Harbhajan Mann) and Mitro (Tulip Joshi) become friends as children. Abijot’s hails from a rich, high class family while Mitro belongs to a poor, low class. The 2 families do not like them playing and spending time with each other so Abijot’s family sends him and his cousin Roop (Gulzar Inder Chahal) to Chandigarh where they both can do their studies away from Mitro and her family. Fifteen years later, Abijot and Roop come back. Abijot meets Mitro and they really want to marry each other, but their families’ differences come in the way and will never allow their union. Mitro’s family decide to marry her off to someone else, but on the day of her wedding she runs to Abijot, soon she falls there because she had eaten poison. She tells Abijot that she is leaving and will meet him again in this birth. Mitro dies. Abijot gets depressed so he decides to leave India and come to Canada, where his mind will be kept off of Mitro. Abijot goes into his mama’s (uncle’s) house but his…

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  • Harbhajan Mann
  • Tulip Joshi
  • Gurpreet…
  • Sunita Dhir
  • Puneet Issar
  • Gulzar…
  • Shivender…
  • Neeta Mohindra
  • Roshni Singh
  • Jag Mangat
  • B.B Verma
  • Harpreet…
  • Baljit…
  • Gurpreet…
Baljit Singh Deo


Drama, Romance


Sandesh Shandilya, Aman Hayer, Atul Sharma



Music Waves and H&H Productions

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