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Johnny English (2003) Hindi Dubbed Movie

   Story: The film opens with a fantasy sequence in which Johnny English (Atkinson), an inept British Intelligence agent, is “Agent One”. He sneaks into a building, distracts two guard dogs with toys, knocks out two guards and seduces a woman who threatens him. He is awoken from his fantasy, just as he is about to kiss the woman, by his sidekick, Angus Bough (Ben Miller). After being assured that English has checked the submarine hatch codes personally, the real Agent One (Greg Wise) leaves on a mission. The audience then learn that Agent One died in action when his submarine hatch “failed to open”. A bomb then wipes out Britain’s remaining agents, all of whom were attending the funeral of Agent One, leaving only English. Nobody notices the hearse, which sped from the scene minutes earlier. Before his death, Agent One was investigating a plot to steal the Crown Jewels. Together with Bough, English takes over the case. While investigating, English becomes attracted to a mysterious woman,…

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  • Tim Bevan
  • Eric Fellner
  • Mark Huffam
Peter Howitt


Comedy, Drama


Edward Shearmur



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