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Jurassic World {English} Movie Info: Directed by: Colin Trevorrow Written by: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver Starring by: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller Country: USA | China Language: English

Jurassic World (2015) HD Hindi Dubbed Plot Summary
Jurassic World (2015) HD Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online Free

22 years after the failed opening of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, siblings Zach and Gray Mitchell take a Christmas vacation to Jurassic World, its fully functional dinosaur theme park successor, to visit their aunt Claire Dearing, the park operations manager. Upon arriving on the island, they find that Claire, having just finished an investor tour and scheduled for more meetings, is too busy to spend time with them and leaves them in the care of her assistant Zara. Simon Masrani, the park’s owner, arrives and takes Claire to see their new genetically modified dinosaur, the Indominus rex. Upon inspection, he tells her he wants Owen Grady, aVelociraptor expert and trainer, to make sure the enclosure is adequately secure.

On another side of the island, Owen is demonstrating a training regimen with his four raptors (Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo) to certain park personnel, to display the animals’ readiness as park attractions. After succeeding, he is approached by Vic Hoskins, the head of InGen security (also owned by Masrani), who proposes to use the raptors as military weapons. Owen and his co-trainer Barry are hesitant about Hoskins, but handle him respectfully and show him the raptors up close. However, a young and newly-hired staff member falls into the raptor enclosure and Owen rescues him before barely escaping, proving that the raptors are not tame. Meanwhile, Gray and Zach enjoy the various attractions, but soon tire of Zara, leaving her behind and heading to the Gyrosphere ride. Claire arrives at Owen’s bungalow, having previously shared a relationship with him, and asks him to accompany her back to the Indominus enclosure as per Masrani’s request; he reluctantly agrees. After arriving at the enclosure, they find its security systems failing to detect the animal’s thermal heat, and they fear it has seemingly scaled the wall and escaped. After Owen and two staff members enter the enclosure for further inspection, the Indominus, having faked its escape and now re-igniting its thermal heat, ambushes them and kills both staff while escaping the enclosure. Owen goes undetected, hiding under a vehicle and cutting its fuel hose to douse himself in gasoline and hide his scent; the Indominus soon heads off into the park’s interior.

Afterwards, he angrily arrives at the control center, where he finds Masrani and Claire working with control room staff to manage the Indominus’ escape. Masrani sends an Asset Containment Unit (ACU) team led by Hamada to capture the Indominus, but they find that she has clawed out the tracking device they implanted in her. Owen also realises that the ACU team is using non-lethal weapons to capture the “Indominus”, and immediately tries to call off the mission. Despite his efforts, the team carries on the mission. As a result, the entire team is then killed by the camouflagedIndominus. Back in the control room, Owen intently advises them to evacuate the island, and hints to Masrani to consult the park’s geneticists due to the Indominus’ unusual abilities to turn off its thermal heat and to camouflage, which are not reflective of natural dinosaurs.

Heeding Owen’s advice, Claire orders a ‘Phase One’ emergency park evacuation, closing off its northern region and concentrating park visitors within the main boardwalk area. She calls Zara to inform her nephews to evacuate, but Zara frantically tells her they have left her sight. Claire then calls Zach, who is now enjoying the Gyrosphere attraction with Gray in the Gallimimus Valley, but he can’t hear her due to bad reception on his phone. Zach convinces Gray to ignore the Gyrosphere’s updated evacuation message and continue riding for fun, eventually venturing into a restricted area through a broken gate. They find a small herd of Ankylosaurs just before the Indominus suddenly finds them, sending the herd into panic and pin-balling the boys’ Gyrosphere with their tails. After killing anAnkylosaur, the Indominus attempts to break open the Gyrosphere after hearing the ringing phone from a call by Claire, but the boys escape through its partially-shattered glass; they run through an open field with the Indominus chasing them, before jumping off a waterfall-cliff into a lake and out of the Indominus’ range.

Masrani, as per Owen’s hint, heads to the Genetics Lab to speak to the head geneticist, Dr. Henry Wu (who had also worked in the original park with John Hammond). Masrani confronts Wu about theIndominus anomalies, which he did not request. Wu vehemently disagrees, saying that Masrani’s corporate mandate to quickly create a bigger and better dinosaur necessitated using various animal’s DNA for the animal’s safety, and that its’ unusual abilities were side-effects. He chastises Masrani for not realizing the inherently unnatural nature of the park’s animals and argues that theIndominus is only relatively ‘monstrous.’

In the meanwhile, with the ACU too busy to help her, Claire heeds the advice of Lowery (her control-room subordinate) and goes off to find her nephews on her own. She frantically finds Owen and urges him to help her; he agrees and they drive off to the Gallimimus Valley. Arriving there, they find a dying Apatosaur, freshly attacked by theIndominus. Claire observes Owen’s gentler side as he soothes the animal in its final breaths, before the two then see an entire herd of dead (albeit uneaten) Apatosaurs. From this Owen concludes that the Indominus is now killing ‘for sport’ and not simply due to hunger.

Zach and Grey, now having escaped the Indominus, wander along and come across the now-derelict Jurassic Park visitor’s center, where they repair one of its old Jeeps and drive back to the park. Owen and Claire arrive at the visitor’s center soon afterwards but are attacked by the Indominus. Having lost most of his ACU, Masrani himself flies after the Indominus in his helicopter with two armed personnel, causing the animal to breach the Jurassic World Aviary. Pteranodons and Dimorphodonsattack the helicopter and crash it into the aviary, killing Masrani and his personnel, and freeing the other pterosaurs inside.

Zach and Gray arrive back at the park as the pterosaurs head towards the park’s main boardwalk area and begin attacking the now-congregated tourists. Zara finds them but is quickly picked up by aPteranodon and dropped into the Mosasaur lagoon, where she is eaten. In the control room, Hoskins smiles sadistically at the pterosaurs’ attack as he contemplates an opportunity for his InGen team. Owen and Claire arrive at the boardwalk area to help find the boys and gun down the pterosaurs, and briefly kiss after Claire saves Owen from a Dimorphodon attack. Witnessing this are Gray and Zach, who subsequently garner a newfound respect for them (especially for Owen). Meanwhile, Barry witnesses Hoskins’ InGen Security team arriving on a beach to prepare for an assault, and calls Owen, warning about Hoskins’ intention to use the raptors. That night, Hoskins takes command of Jurassic World following Masrani’s demise and decides that they will use the raptors to find and kill the Indominus, with Owen reluctantly agreeing. At the raptor compound, Owen helps Hoskin’s InGen assault team to strategize and place sight-cameras on the raptors. The team, along with Owen and Barry, drive in various off-road vehicles into the dense forest behind the released raptors, as Claire and the boys remain near the compound in a sturdy ACU vehicle.

Picking up a scent, the raptors come to a clearing and halt; the men sneak into the thick brush behind them and wait for the Indominus to show. She does, and starts communicating with the raptors (to Barry’s surprise), which lets Owen understand that the Indominus also has raptor DNA in her. The raptors adopt the Indominus as its new ‘alpha’ leader and turn on Owen and the team; they begin killing the soldiers while the Indominus flees. Owen briefly makes eye contact with a raptor and seems to make a momentary connection, but a missile soon hits and explodes the animal, disheartening him before he manages to escape. A stray InGen member returns to Claire and the boys’ vehicle to warn them, but is quickly killed by a raptor as Claire drives the vehicle off. Two raptors chase it, but Zach and Gray help to ward them off with a stun gun, as Owen catches up to them on his motorcycle. They decide to head to the Innovation Center for safety.

Meanwhile, Hoskins instructs Dr. Wu and the remaining InGen team to evacuate via helicopter with the parks’ genetics equipment and dinosaur embryos. After entering the Innovation Center, Owen, Claire, Zach, and Gray find Hoskins packing up the laboratory and he discloses that they plan to miniaturize Indominus animals to be utilized as weapons for military purposes. Suddenly, a raptor emerges into the lab (having picked up the foursome’s scent) and corners Hoskins. He unsuccessfully tries to placate it and is killed. Owen, Claire, and the boys escape briefly but are then cornered by the remaining three raptors outside. Owen steadily reaches out to Blue and removes her sight-camera as a display of respect, which Blue seems to accept. Suddenly the Indominus arrives behind the entire group, and converses with Blue. Blue decides that the pack’s loyalty belongs to Owen, and snarls her displeasure at the Indominus before being suddenly attacked and tossed unconscious by her. Claire leads the boys to cover in a nearby gift shop as Owen and the raptors attack the Indominus. The animals fight as Owen attempts to shoot it, but two raptors are soon violently tossed and killed, leaving Blue the sole raptor alive. Gray realizes they need more ‘teeth’ to defeat the Indominus, and Claire is inspired to release the park’s resident Tyrannosaurus rex. Running to its enclosure, she calls Lowery (who has bravely decided to remain the lone employee in the control room) to help her, and he unlocks the paddock doors while Claire lures her out with a road flare and runs quickly toward the Indominus.

Upon seeing each other, the two animals face off in a tense confronation, roaring loudly before suddenly attacking. They fight ruthlessly all along the main boardwalk, destroying much of their surroundings. The Tyrannosaurus is eventually overpowered and is almost killed when the raptor Blue unexpectedly reappears and attacks the Indominus. Within moments the Tyrannosaurusregains its compsure as Owen, Claire and the boys watch the fight in awe from a safe distance. In a momentous tag-team fight, Blue and theTyrannosaurus fight the Indominus further along the boardwalk, weakening it and finally backing it against an open railing of the Mosasaur Lagoon. Suddenly the Mosasaur leaps out of its Lagoon and snaps up the Indominus in its jaws, pulling it back under water and drowning it. The Tyrannosaurus, now seeing a positive perspective to theVelociraptor(her once-mortal enemy 22 years earlier), makes her peace and shares a moment of respect with Blue before departing; Blue then shares one with Owen before running off herself into the park. The following morning, the humans are evacuated to a shelter in Costa Rica. Zach and Gray are reunited with their parents, while Owen and Claire leave together. On Isla Nublar, the now free-roaming Tyrannosaurus reaches the high outside terrace of the control room building; she surveys below the expanse of the deserted park and roars vigorously, reclaiming her dominion.

Jurassic World (2015) HD Hindi Dubbed Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Colin Trevorrow

Writing Credits

Rick Jaffa (screenplay) &
Amanda Silver (screenplay) and
Colin Trevorrow (screenplay) &
Derek Connolly (screenplay)
Rick Jaffa (story) &
Amanda Silver (story)
Michael Crichton (characters)


Chris Pratt
Bryce Dallas Howard
Vincent D’Onofrio
Ty Simpkins
Irrfan Khan
Simon Masrani
Nick Robinson
Jake Johnson
Omar Sy
BD Wong
Dr. Henry Wu
Judy Greer
Lauren Lapkus
Brian Tee
Katie McGrath
Andy Buckley
Eric Edelstein
Paddock Supervisor
Courtney James Clark
Mosasaurus Announcer
Colby Boothman-Shepard
Young Raptor Handler
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon
James DuMont
Hal Osterly
Matthew Burke
Jim Drucker
Anna Talakkottur
Erica Brand
Matty Cardarople
Gyrosphere Operator
Michael Papajohn
InGen Contractor
William Gary Smith
Park Ranger
Kelly Washington
Zach’s Girlfriend
Isaac Keys
Control Room Security Guard
Patrick Crowley
Flight Instructor
Chad Randall
InGen Soldier
Gary Weeks
Father of Three
Bill Ogilvie
Spanish Parkgoer
Allan Tam
Chinese Parkgoer
Yvonne Angulo
Gabriella (as Yvonne Welch)
Chloe Perrin
Italian Girl
Timothy Eulich
ACU Trooper
Kevin Foster
ACU Gunner
Bonnie Wild
Park Announcer
Brad Bird
Monorail Announcer
Colin Trevorrow
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Derek Jones
InGen Military
Susan Mathewson
Theme Park Visitor
Rachel Acuna
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Jerome Andries
InGen Military (uncredited)
Michael D. Anglin
Park Visitor (uncredited)
John L. Armijo
Ingen Soldier (uncredited)
Park Visitor / Injured Park Employee (uncredited)
Fileena Bahris
Visitor (uncredited)
Nazeema Bartek
Monorail Tourist / Park Visitor (uncredited)
John R. Bennett II
Security Officer (uncredited)
Lukas Bennett
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Hayley Blackall
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Matthew Blackmon
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Chase McCleery Bouchie
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Meredith Brumwell
Disaster Relief Worker (uncredited)
Tom Bui
Austin (uncredited)
Kina Dach’e Bullock
Park Staff (uncredited)
Kyla Burke
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Svitlana Campbell
Arriving Upscale Guest / Fleeing Hotel Visitor / Park Guest waiting to board / Trapped Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Hélène Cardona
Innovation Center French Announcer (uncredited)
Ron Centanni
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Heather Ashley Chase
Emily – Petting Zoo Staff (uncredited)
Rebecca Chulew
Park Staff (uncredited)
Artrial Clark
Flight Boarder (uncredited)
John C. Coffman
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Cody Daniel
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Edward J. Delmore III
Scott’s Attorney (uncredited)
Robert ‘Bigg Sarge’ Deon
InGen Splinter Soldier (uncredited)
Michelle DeVito
Upscale Visitor (uncredited)
M. Elizabeth Dickerson
Monorail Passenger (uncredited)
Steven I. Dillard
Park Goer / Wounded Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
Park Visitor African Dignitary (uncredited)
Erika Erica
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Hailey Farah
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Anthony Feliciano
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Eddie J. Fernandez
Paddock Worker (uncredited)
Joseph Fischer
Park Staff (uncredited)
Rob Fuller
Ingen Military (uncredited)
Doug Gagnon
Upscale Park Visitor / Monorail Rider (uncredited)
Kyle Gahagan
Park Security (uncredited)
John Garcia
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Robb Gardner
Tourist at Visitor Center (uncredited)
Michael Gertsen
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Tahseen Ghauri
Monorail Tourist / Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Jacobi Glaude
Park Security (uncredited)
Geraldine Glenn
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Donna Guidry
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Josh Gunderson
Ride Operator (uncredited)
Beverly Hanley
Park Visitor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Jimi Harper
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Elton Hartzler
Kiosk Operator (uncredited)
Aden Hartzog
Upscale Park Vistor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Brooke Hartzog
Park Vistor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Kasey Hartzog
Upscale Park Vistor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Shannon Hemmings
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Christopher Heskey
Ingen Military (uncredited)
Brandon Marc Higa
Petting Zoo Staff (uncredited)
Jamon Holmes
Relief Worker (uncredited)
Abraham Hao Hsu
Control Room Worker (uncredited)
Bomber Hurley-Smith
O’Hara (uncredited)
John Huser
Park Patron (uncredited)
Lizeth Hutchings
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Tamika Shanell Johnson
Wealthy Traveler (uncredited)
Wendy Clarice Jordan
Theme Park Visitor (uncredited)
Brent Kappel
Dr. Ryan Crest (uncredited)
Patrick Kearns
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Slim Khezri
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Floyd Knight
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Ken Knight
Park Visitor / Relief Worker (uncredited)
Inder Kumar
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Christian LaBella
Joey (uncredited)
Douglas Lacey
Upscale Visitor (uncredited)
Rhonda Laizer
Upscale Park Guest (uncredited)
Joy Kate Lawson
T-Rex Child (uncredited)
Cynthia LeBlanc
Park Vistor (uncredited)
Elton LeBlanc
Park Security (uncredited)
Justin Lebrun
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Paul S.W. Lee
Background Park Visitor (uncredited)
Michael A. Lilly
Hotel Guest / Park Goer (uncredited)
Emily Lyman
Park Guide (uncredited)
Rebecca Maltby
Charlotte (uncredited)
John R Mangus
Jurassic World Ranger (uncredited)
Ryan McCraw
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Mike McCutchen
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
LJ McDonald
Raptor Dancer (uncredited)
Claire McReynolds
Blonde Girl in Airport (uncredited)
Silvia Moore
Park Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Mike R. Moreau
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Duane Moseley
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Moses Munoz
Charlie (uncredited)
Steven M. Murdzia
Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
Serenity Neil
Park Vistor (uncredited)
Arlene Newman-Van Asperen
Mom with Baby (uncredited)
Keith Nussbaum
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Jay Oliver
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Fernandez Osvaldo
Ingen Military (uncredited)
Johnny Otto
Biologist (uncredited)
Jerald M.S. Pang
Upscale Hotel Guest (Injured) / Park Goer (uncredited)
Darla Perez
Park Visitor & Park Evacuee (uncredited)
Austin Perry
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Craig Prengler
Innovation Center Visitor (uncredited)
Tami Prengler
Innovation Center Visitor (uncredited)
Zach Prengler
Innovation Center Samsung Employee (uncredited)
Joshua Probus
Park Kid (uncredited)
Madison Probus
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Zachary Probus
Teen Park Visitor (uncredited)
Alan D. Purwin
Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Philippe Radelet
Park Goer (uncredited)
Anthony Ramsey
InGen Soldier (uncredited)
Megan Rebelo
Spectator (uncredited)
Niki Redmond
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Emilio Reynoso
Doctor Sanchez (uncredited)
Brandon Richardson
Christopher (uncredited)
Sandy Ritz
Disaster Relief Worker (uncredited)
Jake Uriah Rupp
Monorail Tourist (uncredited)
Dalton Russell
Injured Park Visitor (uncredited)
LaQuita S-Kay
Upscale Park Visitor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Anthony J Sacco
Park Goer (uncredited)
Plynlymmon Sanguis
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Diane Selken
Park Visitor (uncredited)
David James Sikkink
Upscale Park Vistor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Kerry Sims
Ingen Soldier (uncredited)
Mona Sishodia
Innovation Center Announcer (uncredited)
James Michael Smith
InGen Contractor (uncredited)
Lisa Ann Smith
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Michael Bennett Smith
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Scot Smith
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Chris Sprister
Passenger (uncredited)
Erik Thirsk
Ferry Boat Staff (uncredited)
Nathan Tremaine
Park Ranger (uncredited)
Bob Walker
Park Guest (uncredited)
Jency Allison Weeks
Upscale Park Visitor (uncredited)
Douglas Wilcox II
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Boriana Williams
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Sam Wirch
Tourist at Visitor Center (uncredited)
Stephen Wise
Park Visitor / Injured Park Employee (uncredited)
Jennifer Rikert Wolski
Upscale Park Visitor / Evacuee (uncredited)
Benjamin Wood
Park Ranger (uncredited)
Brady Yarborough
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Jesse Yarborough
Park Visitor (uncredited)

Produced by

Patrick Crowley producer
Jon Jashni executive producer
Frank Marshall producer
Christopher Raimo associate producer
Steven Spielberg executive producer
Thomas Tull executive producer

Music by

Michael Giacchino

Cinematography by

John Schwartzman director of photography

Film Editing by

Kevin Stitt

Casting By

John Papsidera

Production Design by

Ed Verreaux

Art Direction by

Page Buckner
Nick Crocco
Caty Maxey
Doug J. Meerdink
Christa Munro
David Scott

Set Decoration by

Ronald R. Reiss

Costume Design by

April Ferry
Daniel Orlandi

Makeup Department

Melizah Anguiano hair stylist (as Melizah Schmidt)
Vivian Baker makeup department head
Lawrnell Bell-Rattler hair stylist
Chantal Boom’la makeup artist
Natalie Cordray makeup pa
Melanie Deforrest key makeup artist
Mahealani Diego hairstylist: Hawaii
Karri Farris makeup artist
Sherri Hamilton hair stylist
Jennifer Hodges hair stylist
Stephanie Jennings additional hair stylist
Jack Lazzaro makeup artist
Courtney Lether makeup artist
Annabelle MacNeal makeup artist
Mary L. Mastro hair department head
Paige Reeves makeup artist
LeDiedra Richard-Baldwin makeup artist
Jami Ross makeup artist
Laine Rykes makeup artist
Emily Tatum makeup artist
Peter Tothpal key hair stylist
Linda Traxler hair stylist
Vicki Vacca makeup artist
Michelle Vittone key makeup artist
Crystal Wells hair stylist

Production Management

Russell Allen production supervisor
Scott Trimble production supervisor: Northern California VFX Unit
Elona Tsou 2nd Unit Production Supervisor: Hawaii
Ty Warren executive in charge of production: Legendary
Sean T. Stratton post-production supervisor (uncredited)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

George Bott second assistant director: second unit
Chris Castaldi first assistant director
Alina Gatti additional second assistant director
Shane E. Gros bestboy grip
Dan Gutierrez second second assistant director: second unit day player
Matt Haggerty second second assistant director
Scott Koche additional second assistant director: new orleans
Eric Richard Lasko first assistant director: second unit
David Leitch second unit director
Cristen Martemucci production assistant
Joyce McCarthy additional 2nd assistant director
Chris O’Hara second unit director: Hawaii
Nathan Parker second assistant director: second unit
Stockton David Porter additional second assistant director
Jason Roberts second assistant director
Zack Smith additional second assistant director
Spencer Taylor additional second assistant director: new orleans
Wainani Young-Tomich second assistant director: second unit (Hawaii)

Art Department

Rhea Aldridge props assistant
François Audouy concept illustrator
Ernie Avila set designer
Samantha Avila assistant art director
Jonathan Bach concept illustrator
Guy Belegaud propmaker gangboss
Mark Bialuski gang boss propmaker
Robert A. Blackburn construction coordinator
Charles Bodenheimer painter gangboss
Timothy Burgard storyboard artist
Alvin S. Cabrinha Jr. greens foreman
Lorrie Campbell set designer
Michael ‘MikeC’ Cantrell Greens
Todd Cherniawsky set designer
Alessandro Chimento props assistant
David Chow set designer
Thomas Conrad construction medic
Robert Consing storyboard artist
Michael A. Contreraz supervising labor foreman
John Coven storyboard artist
Richard Crain gangboss
Tom Curtis prop maker gang boss
Neil D’Monte concept artist
Guillaume DeLouche property master
Yann Denoual lead sculptor
Derek Devers propmaker
Seth Engstrom concept artist
Blake Fabian digital assets manager
Forest P. Fischer set designer
Walter Fowler props
Jeff Frost concept model maker
Paul Giglione paint gang boss
Veloz Gomez set construction labor
Collin Grant storyboard artist
Drew Guajardo additional prop assistant
Gabriel Guilbeau props (Theme Park Sets)
Robert Hale painter gangboss
Claire Hassig painter
Mike Herriage greensman
Guy Hietala painter
Alana Hong art department production assistant
Chris Hopkins sculptor
David James sculptor
Ryan Shields Johnston assistant art director
Ty Jones Jr. set dresser
Billy ‘Jilly Bones’ Jones scenic gangboss
Philip Keller storyboard artist
Joey Kent on-set dresser
Jenni Knight set dresser
Fabian Lacey conceptual illustrator
Tim R. Lafferty propmaker foreman
Tyler Lafferty Foreman
Ellen Lampl lead graphic designer
Kevin C. Lang set dresser
Thomas Lauifi construction foreman
George Lee set designer
Tammy S. Lee set designer
Paul Lindsey propmaker
Jeffrey Lombardi props
Kevin Loo set designer
Matt Lopac set decoration coordinator
David Lowery storyboard artist
Bruce L. Luizzi leadman
Linda Luizzi set buyer
Vincent Luizzi leadman: hawaii / set dressing gangboss: New Orleans
Kristen Maloney art department researcher
Leonard Marchand second unit property master
Jim Martin illustrator
Masako Masuda set designer
William S. Maxwell III second set decoration buyer
Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery concept art director
Kyla McFalls art dept. assistant
Ron Mendell prop designer / set designer / vehicle designer
William Nutt greensman
William’Billy’ Nutt greensman
Timothy Oakley prop fabricator: Hawaii
Dan Ondrejko head greens coordinator
Gerald Palone props assistant
Alaina Peck props
Paul Penley set dresser
Giang N. Pham props coordinator
William H. Phen Jr. construction general foreman
Mike Piccirillo art department coordinator
Nellie Ann Prestine-Lowery art department assistant
Brad Quintana painter
Christopher Ramirez Greensman
Ricky Riggs signwriter
John Michael Riva Jr. art department assistant
Janna Roach props
Isaia Robins Labor foreman Hawaii
Brian Roedel assistant set props
Steve Rosolio researcher/coordinator
Josh Roth assistant property master
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George Sanchez plasterer
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Scott Guitteau sound effects editor
Nia Hansen foley supervisor
Travis Hoover second boom / second unit: sound mixer
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Juan Peralta sound re-recording mixer
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Pedro Jimenez trailer re-recording mixer (uncredited)
Jon Krupp trailer re-recording mixer (uncredited)
Mark Sheffield international versions (uncredited)

Special Effects by

Robert Alidon fabricator
John Bilicki helicopter mockup tech: Scroggins Aviation
Chris Brenczewski special effects set coordinator
Roy K. Cancino 2nd unit on set foreman
Michael Clarke special effects technician
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Lawrence Decker special effects technician
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Sebastian Foxx special effects crew
Dean Hathaway snow effects technician
Geoff Heron special effects coordinator: Northern California VFX Unit
Allan B. Holt mold maker: Legacy Effects
Steven D. Kline special effects assistant
Bruce Y. Kuroyama special effects technician
Michael Lantieri special dinosaur effects
Clayton Martinez practical creature effects
Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery designer / effects supervisor
John McLeod special effects technician: Northern California VFX Unit
Michael Meinardus special effects supervisor
Ryan Meinardus special effects technician
Donald Myers special effects shop foreman
Doug Passarelli pyro gangboss
José Páramo special effects assistant
Jacob Roanhaus special effects technician
John Rosengrant creature effects supervisor / special effects supervisor
Mike Sasgen special effects general foreman
Doug Scroggins III aviation technical advisor
Anthony Simonaitis pyrotechnics foreman
Cole Taylor Legacy Effects Coordinator
Simon Webber concept artist
Douglas D. Ziegler special effects foreman

Visual Effects by

Anjel Alcaraz lead stereoscopic artist: Stereo D
Laura Aldridge visual effects coordinator
Tim Alexander visual effects supervisor / visual effects supervisor: ILM
Alexandre Alin tracking artist: Hybride
Luis Almazan compositor
Michael Amato stereoscopic artist
Siau Yene Ang digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Dwight Angelito stereoscopic compositor / vfx element qc
Yoichiro Aoki stereographer: Stereo D
Alex Aponte visual effects coordinator: ILM
Alfredo Octavio Arango tracking & matchmove artist: Image Engine Design
Arsen Arzumanyan previs artist
Marc Aubry animator: Hybride
Adam Avery visual effects editor
Jessica Bagby stereo compositor
Tom Banker creature technical director: ILM
Ron Barr digital opticals: Outback Post
Michel Barrière compositing supervisor: Hybride
Eric Bates animator: Image Engine
Grettel Batoon production coordinator: ILM
Christopher Batty previsualization supervisor
Andy Bean visual effects artist
Olivier Beaulieu digital compositor: Hybride
Jeffrey Benedict visual effects artist
Nestor Benito digital compositor
Nathan Benner stereo compositor
Michaël Bentitou textures & lighting: Hybride
Brian N. Bentley stereo compositor
Sylvain Berger research and development: Hybride
Michel Bergeron digital compositor: Hybride
Louise Bertrand visual effect producer: Hybride
Aaron D. Beyer visual effects artist
Sameer Bhoyar stereo compositing supervisor: Stereo D
Arwinder Singh Bhurji matchmove supervisor
Jason Billington lead digital artist: ILM
Adam Blank layout artist: ILM
Jeff Bloch data coordinator
Peter Bogatsky digital artist: ILM
Jason Bohbot technical support: Hybride
Cédric Bonnaffoux technical support: Hybride
Gregory Bossert layout artist: ILM
Maryse Bouchard textures & lighting: Hybride
Steve Braggs sequence lead: ILM
Caroline Brien digital compositor: Hybride
Stéphan Brisson textures & lighting: Hybride
Nick Brown stereoscopic artist
Bridgett Buss stereo production coordinator
Edouard Buttiero motion graphic designer: Hybride
Caroline Bélisle administration: Hybride
Steve Cady animator: Hybride
Jay Caguioa stereo compositor
Hui Cao stereoscopic compositor
Jeff Capogreco associate vfx supervisor: ILM
Tasha Carlson finaling compositor
Samuel Carter Element QC Production Coordinator
Monica L. Castro element qc compositor
Gabe Cervantes stereoscopic artist: Stereo D
Julien Chabot textures & lighting: Hybride
François Chancrin character rigging: Hybride
Hui Ling Chang production manager: ILM
Joel Cheyne production assistant: visual effects: ILM
Anthony Chiarantano production supervisor
Hitesh Chikate creature technical director: Industrial Light & Magic
Tagui Chilyan assistant department manager, roto: Stereo D
Christopher Chinea stereoscopic artist: Stereo D
Myong Choi compositor: Level 256
Bradley Chowning stereoscopic compositor
Graham D. Clark head of stereography: Stereo D
Ryan B. Clarke senior compositor: ILM
Darrell Claunch stereoscopic compositor
Anita Clipston Lead Paint Artist
Félix Clément production assistant: Hybride
Kaelen Cohen digital compositor
Emanuele Comotti senior compositor (Industrial Light & Magic)
Micah Conrad element qc
Sean Coonce digital compositor: Image Engine
Jacqueline Cooper visual effects artist
Matt Corcoran creature modeler: ILM
Matt Cordero stereoscopic compositor
Krishnamurti Costa digital artist: ILM
Mélanie Cotton technical support: Hybride
David Crane stereoscopic compositor
Peter Cromwell stereoscopic artist
Martyn ‘Moose’ Culpitt visual effects supervisor: Image Engine
Anthony D’Agostino digital compositor: Image Engine
Todd D’Amario model maker
Beth D’Amato digital paint and roto supervisor
Christophe Damiano lighting artist: Hybride
Lorelei David visual effects editor: ILM
Edward Dawson-Taylor senior creature technical director
Robert De La Cruz modeler: Hybride
Michael DeBeer layout artist: ILM
Bradford deCaussin senior digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Thierry Delattre visual effect executive producer: Hybride
Kent Demaine future technology designer: OOOii
Peter Demarest digital compositor
Luc Desmarais technical support: Hybride
Rustin Devendorf stereoscopic technical assistant: Stereo D
Bryan Dewe model shop foreman: Northern California VFX Unit
Jesus Diez Perez digital compositor
Kenny DiGiordano pre-vis artist
Tinko Dimov digital compositor: Ghost VFX
Gus Djuro lead stereoscopic compositor
Andrew Dohan stereoscopic compositor
Julien Dubusset effects animator: Hybride
Lafleche Dumais computer graphics supervisor: Hybride
Mathieu Dupuis digital compositor: Hybride
Sara Eberhardt interactive producer: OOOii
Dan Enstrom digital compositor: ILM
Lawrence Fagan spydercam flight control
Brian Fanska stereoscopic lead
Eduardo Figueiroa Salas digital compositor: Hybride
Mike Fischer simulation td
Adam Fisk stereo production coordinator: Stereo D
Jean-Pierre Flayeux compositing supervisor: Hybride
Jeremiah Forkkio previs artist
Alexis Forni visual effects coorindator: ILM
Lucien Fostier senior compositing technical director / senior compositor
Daniel Frade digital compositor
Carl N. Frederick lighting technical director: ILM
Victor Frenkel research & development: ILM
Bradley Gaines stereo compositor
Juan Edgardo Garcia stereo compositor: Stereo D
Robb Gardner lighting technical director: ILM
Emmanuel Gatera animator: Hybride
Yanick Gaudreau textures & lighting: Hybride
Stephan Gervais technical support: Hybride
Ahmad Ghourab senior fx technical director
Angela Giannoni senior digital compositor
Matthew E. Gill stereoscopic production coordinator: Stereo D
Sheila Giroux visual effects coordinator
Justin Gladden visual effects producer
Melissa Goddard digital compositor
Daniel Gonzalez Solozabal digital compositor (Industrial Light & Magic)
Azzard Gordon senior matchmove technical director
Olivier Gravel digital compositor: Hybride
Jeff Grebe fx technical director: ILM
Michael Leigh Gresham roto paint artist
Neil Grey pipeline developer: Image Engine
Jack Grundy senior prep artist: Image Engine
Jonathan Grégoire animator: Hybride
Neal Halter model maker: Northern California VFX Unit
Jihyae Ham digital paint/roto artist: ILM
Justin Hammond lighting technical director: ILM
Josh Handley element qc compositor: Stereo D: uncredited
Reginald Harber Jr. stereoscopic supervisor: stereoscopic conversion, Stereo D
Jessica Hee layout artist: ILM
Alex Heffner stereoscopic depth artist
Chris Hempel visual effects artist
Bryan M. Higgins tracking supervisor
Shawn Hillier compositing supervisor: ILM
Sherry Hitch sequence supervisor: ILM
Justin Holt lead texture painter: Image Engine
Nadine Homier digital compositor: Hybride
Ryan Hopkins visual effects artist (ILM)
Sean House model fabrication supervisor: Northern California VFX Unit
Peggy Hrastar model maker: Northern California VFX Unit
Natapon Huangsakuncharoen creature technical director: ILM
Chad Hudson visual effects coordinator: pre-production
Stu Hunter paint/roto artist: ILM
Flannery Huntley ILM visual effects coordinator
Paul Huston digital artist
Megan Hutchison digital roto/paint artist: ILM
Andrew Hutton visual effects artist
John Iskandar senior lighting technical director: ILM
Laura Jackloski production coordinator
Srinivas Janapati finaling coordinator
Daehwan Jang layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Chan Janice matchmove & layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Jess Jansen stereoscopic artist
Jagadeesh Jayakumar production engineer: ILM
Stephane Jean-Mary character rigging: Hybride
Woojo Jeon vfx production manager
Celia Jepson lighting supervisor: ILM
Erik Johnson stereoscopic artist
Tim Johnson Department manager: StereoD
Marc Jones lead matchmove artist: Image Engine
Marchand Jooste senior animator
Pavel Kacerle lighting technical director
Steven Kaelin stereoscopic compositor
Joseph Kasparian visual effect supervisor: Hybride
Ian Kelly Stereoscopic roto lead
Shawn Kelly animator
Jane Kernan depth artist: Stereo D
Kavita Khosla creature technical director
Greg Killmaster creature technical director: ILM
Laura Killmaster creature technical director: ILM
Jieun Kim stereoscopic compositor
Linda Y. Kim stereoscopic compositor
Adam King look development artist: Image Engine
Stephen King animator: ILM
Kristofer Kody stereo compositor
Heath Kraynak senior compositor: ILM
Alain Lacroix layout artist: Hybride
Charles Lai digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Mathieu Lalonde modeler: Hybride
Vassilios Lanaris textures & lighting: Hybride
Alberto Landeros digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic
Jeremy Landers stereo production coordinator
Mary Lapena prep artist: ILM
David Larochelle lead compositors: ILM
Xavier Larocque production assistant: Hybride
Pei’an Lau associate production manager
Cedric Launay shader writer: research & development: Image Engine
Jean-Marc Laurin digital compositor: Hybride
Geoffroy Lauzon motion graphic designer: Hybride
Sherrie Law 3d generalist: ILM
Simon Lecavalier lighting artist: Hybride
Mathieu Leclaire research and development: Hybride
Francois Leduc digital compositor: Hybride
James Jooyoung Lee trailer animation: Greenhaus GFX
Marco Lee digital compositor
Nikki Jieun Lee stereoscopic compositor
Young Lee creature technical director: ILM
Benoit Lefebvre senior tracking artist
Samuel Lepage-Bedard digital compositor: Hybride
Jean-Sebastien Letourneau production assistant: Hybride
John M. Levin layout supervisor: ILM
Michael Levine creature technical director: Image Engine
Tze Ken Lim cg generalist: ILM
Eric Lo lighting technical director / lighting technical director: ILM
Ting Lo modeling and texturing
Samuel Loriault-Goulet tracking and layout artist: Hybride
Martine Losier visual effects coordinator: Hybride
Zachary V. Lowe texture artist: visual effects
Son Lu stereoscopic lead
Joaquin Ludewig visual effects artist
Melanie Mack matchmove artist: Image Engine
Siddhartha Maganti finaling coordinator
Gokul Mahajan stereo compositing supervisor
Jocelyn Maher digital compositor: Hybride
Pravin Mahtani digital artist: ILM
Greg Maloney producer: Northern California VFX Unit
Mark Mancewicz creature td
Dean Mangion matchmove artist: Image Engine
Mary E. Manning previsualization lead
Andrew Manuel stereo compositor
Pavan Maradia Pipeline Developer, Stereod
Mike Marcuzzi visual effects: ILM
Karina Mariano visual effects coordinator: Hybride
Simon Marinof digital compositor
Mincho Marinov senior layout artist: ILM
Kindra Marra assistant visual effects editor
Terry Marriott fx td
Mark Masson senior creature technical director: ImageEngine
Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery concept artist / effects art director
Ben McEwan digital compositor: Image Engine
Tracey McLean senior matte painter
Frederic Medioni matchmove/layout: ILM
Christian Menard textures & lighting: Hybride
Carl Miller director of photography: Northern California VFX Unit / visual effects director of photography: 32ten/ilm
Eric J. Mills depth artist
Scott Mitchell Lead compositor/paint
Andrew Moffett previs supervisor
Chris F. Moore visual effects
Benoit Morin tracking artist: Hybride
David Manos Morris visual effects artist
Michel Murdock visual effects financial controller: Hybride
Dennis Murillo visual effects production manager: Level 256
Martin Murphy texture artist supervisor: ILM
Travis Murray stereo compositing supervisor
Naren Naidoo paint artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Gerardo Navarro finaling artist
Nick Ng lighting technical director: ILM
Catalin Niculescu rigging supervisor: Image Engine
Nicolas-Alexandre Noel computer graphics supervisor: Hybride
David O’Brien element qc compositor: Stereo D: uncredited
Grant Olin previs artist
Conrad Olson compositor
Michael Ore stereoscopic compositor
Raphael Oseguera lead roto artist
Rob Ozaeta digital compositor: Hybride
Olivier Painchaud technical support: Hybride
Francisco Palomares Pozas digital compositor: industrial light & magic
Aaron Parry stereo executive producer
Tim Partridge executive producer: Northern California VFX Unit
Dana Passarella stereoscopic compositor
Demetrios Patsiaris senior stereoscopic roto artist
Steve Pelchat tracking and layout artist: Hybride
Lyndsey Pendley stereoscopic paint artist
Caleb Pennypacker layout artist: ILM
Daniel Perez Ferreira senior effects technical director: Industrial Light & Magic
Cristin Pescosolido digital artist
Kalle Peterson digital compositor
Olle Petersson digital compositor
Leela Petrie cfx artist
Phets Phonasa sr stereoscopic artist
Brittany Piacente stereoscopic artist: Stereo D
Patrick Piche research and development: Hybride
Ariele Podreider Lenzi sr creature td
Erica Milena Pollack stereo compositor
Eric Ponton digital compositor: Image Engine
Barry Poon vfx asset supervisor: Image Engine
Daniel Post digital artist
Bruce Powell digital artist
Derek N. Prusak stereoscopic editorial supervisor
Janhavi Ramaswamy roto and paint artist
Austin Ramsey digital compositor
Pierre Raymond president and head of production: Hybride
Agustin Rios visual effects artist
Sébastien Rioux digital compositor: Hybride
Jaime Riveros finaling artist
David Roberge modeler: Hybride
Loren Robinson visual effects artist
Nathaniel Rodriguez stereo compositor
Katherine Rodtsbrooks visual effects supervisor: stereoscopic
Richard Roles digital effects artist
Ryan D. Romero stereoscopic compositor
Calvin Romeyn digital compositor: Image Engine
Melissa Rosenzweig paint artist: Stereo D
Maya Roza lead compositor
Ryan Rubi creature technical director: ILM
Harrison Rutherford compositor
Christian Saenz creature technical director: ILM
Ai Saimoto Senior Lighting TD: Image Engine
Azhar Salim digital artist
Michelle Sampior production assistant: ILM
Yandri Sanchez visual effects artist
Mike Sanders director of virtual production
Andrew Savchenko compositor: Industrial Light & Magic
Katy Savoie digital compositor: Hybride
Stephan Schaefholz digital compositor: ILM
Roman Schmidt visual effects technical director: Industrial Light & Magic
Conor Schock bg prep artist: Image Engine
Daniel Schrepf stereoscopic roto supervisor
Todd Semmes spydercam coordinator/rigging
Den Serras senior technical artist: Stereo D
Paul Sharpe visual effects artist
Eyal Shirazi digital compositor (ILM)
Marcus Silvera stereoscopic compositor
Stacey Simmons production technology manager Stereo D
Joao Sita compositing supervisor: Image Engine
Todd Smoyer digital asset manager
Guillaume St-Aubin-Seers digital compositor: Hybride
Jubinville Steve Lead Creature Modeler: ILM
Joe Woodward Stevenson layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic
Sam Stewart digital artist: ILM
Paul Venn Stirling digital compositor: Image Engine
Ben Stommes stereoscopic compositor
Bill Sturgeon digital artist
Kris Sundberg vfx digital asset manager
Kaushik Swain stereoscopic compositor
Josh Swanson senior paint artist: Image Engine
Josef Sy animator: Hybride
Richard Sällqvist digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic
Sylvie Talbot communication: Hybride
Dolorès Tardif administration: Hybride
Dipak Tarpara stereo compositor
Brandon Taylor compositor
Jenn Taylor senior animator: Image Engine
Stephen Taylor research and development: Hybride
Jeff Tetzlaff lead cg modeler: Image Engine
Philippe Theroux visual effect supervisor: Hybride
Eric G. Thivierge research and development: Hybride
Dave Thomlison research and development: Hybride
Jonathan W. Thompson paint artist
Lachlan Tolley digital artist
Kazuma Tonegawa matchmove artist: Image Engine
Andre Tong animator: Industrial Light & Magic
Rene Toye visual effects editor: Image Engine
Anne Tremblay communication: Hybride
Marco Tremblay modeler: Hybride
Véronique Tremblay digital compositor: Hybride
Mark Trowbridge visual effects production assistant: Industrial Light and Magic
Kristina Truong visual effects production assistant
Felix Turesson digital compositor
Noor Valibhoy generalist: ILM
Raphael Valle digital compositor: Hybride
Josiah Van Arsdel stereo compositor
Jennifer Van Horn previs artist: Pixel Liberation Front
Andy van Straten senior creature technical director
Jeremy Vanneman senior stereoscopic compositor
Carl Vazquez Stereoscopic CG Artist Stereo D
Diana Velasquez previsualization artist
Rudy Vessup lead interactive designer: OOOii
Marion Voignier compositor
Shawn Walsh visual effects executive producer (Image Engine)
Pablo Wang stereo compositor
Robert Ward senior generalist
Kyle Westphal depth artist
Punn Wiantrakoon previs artist
Cameron Widen animator
Virginia Wilson digital coordinator
Anna F. Winters vfx asset coordinator: Image Engine
Sam Wirch digital artist
Nora Wixom creature technical director
Eric Hp Wong lighting td
Chih-yi Wu compositor
Casey Yahnke digital compositor
Marvin Yanez stereoscopic roto lead
Tim Yang visual effects artist
Kareem Yassih technical assistant supervisor
Teh-wei Yeh lighting technical director: Image Engine
Pearlyn Yeo visual effects coordinator: Industrial Light & Magic
David Zbriger technical manager of global production: ILM
Jun Zhang digital compositor: ILM
Paolo Joel Ziemba previs artist: Halon
Daniel Duwe prep artist: Image Engine (uncredited)
Mike Jutan research & development: ILM (uncredited)
Michael Pugh stereoscopic artist (uncredited)
Brian Jason Tran technology: ILM (uncredited)


Ashlen Aquila stunt rigger
Dean Bailey stunt driver
Hunter Baxley stunt performer
Brandon Beckman stunt driver / stunt rigger
Randy Beckman rigging coordinator
Tim Bell stunts
Hannah Betts stunt double: Katie McGrath
Chad Bowman stunt rigger
Jacqueline Cadiente stunt performer (as Jacqueline Cryan)
Rocky Capella ILM VFX stunt coordinator
David Castillo stunt double: Chris Pratt
Jacob Chambers stunts
Whitney Coleman stunt double: Bryce Dallas Howard
Tim Connolly stunt performer
Cody Daniel stunts
Craig H. Davidson stunt performer
Lisa Dempsey stunt performer
Rockey Dickey Jr. stunts
Tony Donno utility stunts
Danny Downey stunts
Timothy Eulich stunt actor
Darin Fujimori stunt double: BD Wong
Jeff Galpin stunt performer
Daniel Graham stunt performer
Regis Harrington stunts
Jenn A. Harris stunt performer
Karen A. Harris stunt assistant
Charles Haugk utility stunts
Randy Haynie stunts
Daniel Hernandez stunt performer
Michael Jamorski stunt performer
Keith Jardine stunt performer
Allen Jo stunt performer
Zero Kazama stunts
Martin Klebba stunt performer / stunts
Matthew LeFevour stunt performer
Mike Majesky utility stunts
Raymond Mamrak stunt performer
Tony McFarr stunt double: Chris Pratt
Danton Mew stunt performer
Sarah Molasky stunt double: Katie McGrath (additional photography)
Vanessa Motta utility stunts
Chris O’Hara stunt coordinator
Holly O’Quin stunts
Chris Palermo motorcycle instructor
Guy Pere stunts
Katie Wright Pere stunt performer
Kara Petersen stunt double / stunt double: Ty Simpkins
Gary Price stunt performer
Greg Rementer stunts
Meredith Richardson stunt performer
Carolina Roberts stunts
Brittany Romatowski stunts
Rich Rutherford stunt driver
Eric R Salas stunt performer
Kasim Saul stunt performer
Felipe Savahge utility stunts
Mark Semos stunt performer
Patrick Stenberg stunt double: Colby Boothman-Shepard
Eric Stratemeier stunts
Taryn Terrell stunts
Matt Thompson stunt performer
Nico Woulard stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department

Joseph J. Allen best boy electrician: Northern California VFX Unit
Joshua Anderson fixtures technician
Troy Anderson fixtures technician
Adam Austin libra head operator
Stephen Bacquet rigging electric
Dana Baker best boy grip
Robert Barcelona crane operator: Northern California VFX Unit
Patrick Barnes technocrane technician
Dacoda Bartles grip
Mark William Bassett grip: Northern California VFX Unit
Greg Beaumonte camera engineer: Northern California VFX Unit
Michael Best key grip: Northern California VFX Unit
Brian Bishop rigging best boy hawaii
Bryan Booth dimmer board operator
Phil Bowen 1st assistant camera Northern calif VFX
Kevin Bridge electrician
Richard J. Brock first assistant camera (c camera)
Brian Bruhn rigging electric
Robert ‘Boceno’ Campbell “b” camera: 2nd assistant
Baron Coenen electrician: Northern California VFX Unit
Jeff Comfort pursuit crane operator
Michelle Cummins rigging grip
Joshua Davis gaffer: 2nd Unit
Samuel de Castro-Abeger trainee clapper loader
Ian Degner first assistant camera: Bay Area / first assistant cameraman: Northern California VFX Unit
Gregory Doi electrician
Tim Drnec Spydercam supervisor
Duke Duvauchelle rigging electrics
Eric Dvorsky XR/array technician: Splinter unit
Dennis Dwyer camera pa
John Gregory Edwards electrician
Dusty Emerson video utility
Chris Flowers electrician
Steve Freebairn digital imaging technician: splinter unit
Bryan Freed rigging electric
Tyler Garrett rigging grip
Sean P. Gilbert First Assistant Camera: Underwater
Peter Graf aerial camera system tech shotover
Scott Graves rigging gaffer
Ted Gregg grip
Steven A. Guerrero dolly grip (second unit)
Eddie g Gutierrez grip
Henry Guzman rigging electrician
Chris Haarhoff steadicam operator
Noah Hamilton 24 frame video operator
Rick Harris key rigging grip
Joe Heid electrician: Northern California VFX Unit
Ronald Hersey edge director of photography
Sam Hicks Effects Grip
Clark Higgins video technician: Northern California VFX Unit
Brian Hollars additional set electrician
Steele Hunter rig grip foreman
Topher Jones underwater director of photography
Alan Keffer first assistant camera: splinter unit
Michael D. Kennedy crane operator: video segments
Tucker Korte first assistant camera: “a” camera
Justin Kursinsky electrician
King Lanaux rigging grip
Richard Landry rigging electric
Joshua Livingston second assistant cameraman: Northern California VFX Unit
Greg Lopez Rigging Electric Best Boy
Patrick Loungway director of photography: second unit
George Lozano Jr. fixtures foreman
Andy Luce grip: splinter unit
Michael Lyon lighting technician
Michael Maley gaffer: Northern California VFX Unit
Raul J. Marin grip dept
Jason Marvel BTS/EPK
Greg Mayer rigging electric best boy: rigging electric foreman
Griffin McCann second assistant camera: Splinter Unit
Charlie McIntyre supervising rigging electrician: stage
Christopher Meydrich rigging electric
Oskar Ness grip: Northern California VFX Unit
Josh Nobles electrician
David B. Nowell aerial director of photography
Ryan Pacheco rigging grip
Ahmad Powell rigging electric (as Ahmad Big Thirsty Powell)
Paul Rahfield BTS/EPK
Patrick Redmond edge head technician
Sean Roberts fixture technician
Michael Romano digital imagining technician: Hawaii Aerial Unit
Jared Rosen video/computer operative supervisor
Jan Ruona first assistant: “b” camera
Mike Rushing grip / rigging grip
Todd Semmes Spydercam coordinator
Robert Settlemire first assistant camera: underwater scenes
Bryce Shields digital video assist
Scott Sprague best boy electric
Todd Stoneman grip: Northern California VFX Unit
Monte Swann supervising video engineer
Rafael E. Sánchez gaffer
Jason Talbert key grip: 2nd unit
Robby Terry lighting technician
Don Tomich rigging gaffer: Hawaii
Les T. Tomita key grip
Michael Anthony Travers Canvas room grip
Katelyn Tyree fixtures technician
Fred Valentine rigging electrician
Grant Valentine rigging electrician
Raimar van den Bylaardt II dimmer board operator / electrician
Troy Wagner first assistant camera: “c” camera, New Orleans
Benton Ward rf technician
Ryan Watson riggng grip
Chris Weigand lighting technician
Brook Willard digital imaging technician
Brian Woronec rigging dimmer technician
Satoshi Yamazaki best boy grip: second unit
R. Michael Yope lighting technician
Vince Young lighting technician
Chuck Zlotnick still photographer
Peter Zuccarini underwater director of photography
Deena Frooman electrician (uncredited)

Animation Department

Nicholas Cabana animator
Mike Dharney senior animator
Kyle Dunlevy animator
Cristina Falcon animator
Cameron Folds senior animator: ilm
Michael Galbraith animator
Emilio Ghorayeb senior animator
Peer Lemmers senior animator
Andrew Malesky animator
Yuhon Ng animator
Jeremy Stewart animator
Travis Tohill animator
Keith Patrick Turner animator
Luis Carlos Uribe animator
Bob Wilson animator

Casting Department

Brent Anbe casting associate
Deanna Brigidi casting associate
Daniela Capistrano extras casting
Holly Dorff adr voice casting
Katie Doyle hawaii casting
Rashada Fortier extras casting assistant
Nadine Gillespie casting associate-hawaii
Terry L. Lamfers casting executive
Lee Pierce additional extras casting assistant / extras casting: Additional
Kate Ransome Wilcox key extras casting assistant
Trey Shows extras casting assistant
Kimberly Wistedt casting associate / local casting associate
Stracener Seannon casting assistant (uncredited)

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Frank Avanzo set costumer
Doré Cermak additional costumer: New Orleans / additional seamstress: New Orleans
Christian Cordella costume illustrator
Hannah Gates set costumer
Ren Heeralal set costumer
Kelly Herdus costumer
Brittany Lathan costumer
Lisa Magee set costumer
Chandra Moore-Telfer ager & dyer
Nora Phillips Pedersen costumer co-ordinator
Elaine Ramires costume supervisor
Giselle Spence cutter/fitter new orleans
Maria Tortu assistant costume designer
Cathie Valdovino second unit set costumer: Hawaii
John Voght costumer
Eric Yake key set costumer
Tyra Youland key textile artist
Valerie Zielonka key costumer

Editorial Department

Milton Adamou stereoscopic post executive
Kris Cole assistant editor
David Cowles Stereo Editor: Stereo D
Greg Emerson senior stereoscopic on-line editor
Jason Esquivel dailies producer
Andy Kaplan digital intermediate head of production: Company 3
Thomas Kuo digital intermediate dailies scanner
Ken Lebre dailies producer
Anjelica Lewis assistant dailies producer
Corey Robert Martinez dailies data management
Emily Mason stereoscopic assistant editor: StereoD
Christopher McDonald dailies operator
Heather Mullen assistant editor
Michael Paukert post-production assistant
Joe Pestana dailies assistant
Ashish Ranglani assistant editor
Stephen M. Rickert Jr. additional editor
Erik Rogers Senior Digital Intermediate Producer
Brett Schlaman 3D Editor
Stefan Sonnenfeld digital intermediate colorist
Ian Sullivan digital intermediate accountant
Arthur Tremeau dailies producer
Brendan Walsh assistant editor

Music Department

Paul Apelgren music editor
Peter Boyer orchestrator
Connie Boylan assistant orchestra contractor
Elin Carlson chorus
Brad Dechter orchestrator
George Doering musician
Nancy Gassner-Clayton score vocalist
Katie Hampton score vocalist
Tom Hardisty music mix recordist
Joel Iwataki music scoring mixer
Jeff Kryka orchestrator
Norman Ludwin musician: bass / orchestrator
Frank Macchia music preparation
Baraka May musician
Aaron Meyer music preparation
Cameron Patrick orchestrator/musician: viola
Susie Seiter orchestrator
Tim Simonec conductor / orchestrator
A.J. Teshin off-camera singer
Jeremy Tisser music preparation
Booker White head of music preparation / music preparation
John Williams composer: theme music
Reggie Wilson orchestra contractor

Transportation Department

Michael Allegro generator operator
Kirk Baptiste driver
Ken Farnell transportation co-captain
Keith D. Fisher transportation captain
David Fowlkes driver
Curt Michael Grooms transportation captain: second unit
Brad Lips driver
Bill Lopez-Arjona transportation
Justin Louie dot coordinator: additional photography
Willie D. Partin transportation local captain
Frank Porras driver
Tom Rebber picture car coordinator
Michael Sean Ryan transportation co-captain
Tim Sisson picture car captain
Aaron Skalka transportation coordinator
Dexter P. Smith transportation
Steve Smitherman greens driver
Alex Sundquist transportation assistant
John F. Teeple driver
Lauren Walter dot coordinator
Matthew Michael Weathers dot administrator: Hawaii

Other crew

Fernando Albano set production assistant
Matthew Alexander computer and video consultant
Nadeem Ashayer key set production assistant: la unit
Brad Beedle set medic: Northern California VFX Unit
Brian N. Bentley technical director
Thomas Bianco Financial controller
Cory L. Bol travel coordinator
Edward Brown production assistant
Kacie Calhoun assistant to producer
Dijana Camaj assistant accountant
Erce Deli Cantu assistant location manager
Cecilia Carcamo production assistant
Hélène Cardona voice actor / voice: French Announcer
Lindsay M. Carr production assistant
Clay Chamberlin stand in: Chris Pratt
Sue Chipperton Animal Coordinator/Trainer – Hawaii & New Orleans
Kimberly Choi 2nd assistant accountant
Samara Choit 2nd Assistant Accountant
Yamato Cibulka production assistant
Matt Cipro motion referance: velociraptor
Siobhan Claridy first assistant accountant
Elizabeth Classen animal wrangler
Ashe Coburn accounting clerk
Jessica Cole production coordinator
Bridget Colella travel assistant
Jason John Contos dinosaur wrangler
Alexandra Daniels stand-in
Ally Daniels stand-in
Sam Day second assistant accountant
Julie DeRose assistant to mr. pratt
Judy Dickerson dialect coach: Irrfan Khan
Taylor DiMarco production assistant: Big Easy Studios
Sean J. Donnelly key assistant location manager
Jessica Drake dialect coach
Randy Dutra dinosaur motion supervisor
Justin Essad construction assistant
Myles B. Faigin production assistant: Northern California VFX Unit
Heidi Falconer unit publicist
David Fencl key armorer
Chris Silver Finigan location accountant
Hazen S. Finnerty Jr. set medic
Jeff Fishman set production assistant
Elizabeth Ford production assistant: Northern California VFX Unit
Matthew Ford additional medic
Kathryn Galberth 2nd Assistant: Travel Accountant (as Kathryn C. Galberth)
Leah Gallegos production assistant
Jessica Taylor Galmor additional set production assistant
Jeff Galpin animal wrangler
Pablo Gambetta production assistant
Adam Gambrel production secretary
Alina Gatti key set production assistant
Jeff Gernert assistant: Mr. Trevorrow
Nick Gervais production assistant
Jamie Gliddon stand-in: Vincent D’onofrio
Alexis Gomez additional set production assistant
Zoila Gomez Key Production Coordinator
David Guilbeau craft service: second unit Key
Gabriel Guilbeau key crafts service
Dan Gutierrez key set production assistant: second unit
Brandon Michael Hale extras
Chris Hamilton production coordinator
Christopher Scott Hassell production assistant: Northern California VFX Unit
James L. Heyward additional set production assistant
Alexander B. Hill script supervisor: second unit
Greg Holland animal wrangler: Northern California VFX Unit
Jack Horner consultant: paleontology
Grace Illingworth production assistant: second unit
Christina Ingrassia production assistant
Kris A. Jeffrey marine coordinator: la unit / marine coordinator: tank unit
Patrick Kearns stand-in
Lizzy Jane Klein researcher
Michelle Nicolette Kowalski location assistant
Shauna L. Kroen additional first assistant accountant
Rachel Kylian adr loop group
Brandi Lamarque accounting clerk
Dave Landaker computer/video operative supervisor
Tyler Laperouse production assistant
Adam Lathan production assistant
Angela S. Lee second assistant accountant
Lindsay Little key second assistant accountant
Travis Logan assistant location manager
Oliver Lowry production assistant
Ajax Maharlika production assistant
Suzanne Mayger production assistant: post production
Bryan McClurg set production assistant: second unit
Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery puppeteer
Stephen Meagher craft service
Randy Miller predator consultant
Patrick Mizell assistant location manager
Dan Murbarger 24 frame video/computer engineer
Dennis Muren full-motion dinosaurs
Irina Naydichev Key Payroll Accountant
Cory Nebe production assistant: Big Easy Studios
ThuyVi Nguyen 2nd Construction Assistant Accountant
Maureen O’Reilly payroll accountant
Norris Ortolano location assistant
Sandy Parker script supervisor: second unit
Monica Perez Gelbman post-production accountant
Jayme Powell additional set production assistant
Zach Prengler set production assistant
Chris Quackenbush assistant location manager
Vanessa Rael production secretary
Yvonne Ramond construction accountant
Bradley Randall production assistant
Phillip Raupach production assistant: Northern California VFX Unit
Nick Reasons production secretary
Huxley Rodriguez office production assistant
Rita Rosenfeld assistant location manager
John Rosengrant puppeter
Brian Rozzen set medic
Paulina Salazar key assistant location manager
Jessica Sanchez set production assistant: splinter unit
Carter Schmitt assistant location manager
Erica Severson set production assistant
Jason Shapiro asst craft service
Amber Sheffield set production assistant
Rebecca Silk park staff
Jason Simmonds assistant production coordinator
Mona Sishodia voice
Erik Skramstad production assistant
Gustin Smith additional production assistant
Laura Sode-Matteson Supervising Location Manager
Nicole Souza production assistant: Northern California VFX Unit
Priscilla Stafford key set production assistant
Rieve Stanford additional set production assistant
David Stickler set production assistant
Jason Suhrke set production assistant
Keoki Tavares shipping coordinator
Michael Teixeira production assistant
Phil Tippett dinosaur supervisor
Randy Troy set production assistant
Karen Turner second assistant accountant
Julee Vadnais stand in: Bryce Howard
Conner Verreaux assets administrator
Lauren Von Huene production coordinator
Jason Waggenspack locations consultant (New Orleans)
Jay Watt construction medic
Stephen Daniel Wayne set production assistant
Caleb Wiley production assistant
Alexander B. Williams craft service
Nikki Willson accounting clerk
Orneatha Wright payroll clerk
Ted Yonenaka craft service department head
KiKi Yoshimoto production staff
Robert ‘Bobby Z’ Zajonc aerial coordinator
Katie Zvosecz production assistant
Bree Brincat production assistant (uncredited)
Jeff Juett d-rex paddox construction worker (uncredited)
Kepa Kruse stand-in (uncredited)
Kara Mann body double: Ty Simpkins (uncredited)
Daniel Yi 4D Editor (uncredited)


Brad Bird special thanks
James Schramm thanks (as James P. Schramm)
Stan Winston in memory of (dedicatee)

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