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Mann (1999) Hindi Movie

Story: Dev Karan Singh (Aamir Khan), a casanova and ambitious painter deep in debt, agrees to marry Anita (Deepti Bhatnagar), the daughter of Singhania (Dalip Tahil), a rich tycoon. Priya (Manisha Koirala), a music teacher for children, is engaged to Raj (Anil Kapoor), whom she has agreed to marry because he had helped her when she was in need. Priya and Dev meet on a cruise and fall in love. However, due to their already being engaged to other people, they agree to work everything out and meet in 6 months on Valentine’s Day to get married. During the 6 months, Dev breaks off his engagement with Anita and starts working hard. Driven by his love, he creates and auctions beautiful paintings, and becomes very successful. On the other hand, Priya realizes that leaving Raj will be wrong and sadly writes a letter to Dev, explaining everything. When Raj gets the letter instead, he supports Priya and convinces her to go to Dev. Things take a bad turn when, on her way to meet him, Priya gets hit…

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  • Aamir Khan
  • Manisha…
  • Sharmila…
  • Deepti…
  • Dilip Tahil
  • Mushtaq Khan
  • Neeraj Vora
  • Anil Kapoor
Indra Kumar


Romantic, Darama


Sanjeev Darshan



Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakeria

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