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Mortdecai Movie Info:
Directed by: David Koepp
Written by: Eric Aronson, Kyril Bonfiglioli
Starring by: Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor
Genres: Action | Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English

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Mortdecai Plot Summary
Mortdecai (2015)

Lord Charlie Mortdecai is an eccentric art dealer with a curly mustache. He is at a casino in Hong Kong meeting with a gangster named Fang to sell a rare vase. Mortdecai is about to collect the money when Fang reminds him that during their last transaction, Mortdecai sold him a piece of art for $3 million when it was only worth $1 million. As payback, Fang wants to collect one of Mortdecai’s fingers. One of Fang’s men tries to do the job when Mortdecai’s faithful manservant/thug Jock steps in and beats the goon. A shootout ensues, forcing Mortdecai and Jock to flee. Recently, Mortedcai and his wife Johanna have come into debt. After returning to his home in London, Johanna sees the mustache her husband has grown and she is utterly repulsed by it, gagging whenever he kisses her. She ponders what they will do about their financial concerns. Here, we learn how much Mortedcai loves his wife, and he also mentions a bit about Jock, specifically how much sex he has and how it’s gotten him in hot water (i.e., sleeping with a farmer’s daughter).

A woman named Bronwen is working on a painting by Francisco Goya when she is shot in the back with an arrow. A thief swipes the painting and leaves her home, when he is knocked out by yet another thief. Inspector Alistair Martland is put on the investigation to recover the painting. He visits Mortdecai to ask for his services. Martland has been in love with Johanna since their college years, and he harbors a slight vendetta against Mortdecai after catching them sleeping together. He informs Mortdecai and Johanna of the theft, with their prime suspect being a criminal named Emil Strago. Mortdecai agrees to help on the condition of receiving 10% in payment after they plan on selling the painting to an American dealer by the name of Milton Krampf.

Mortdecai first visits an art aficionado named Sir Graham to get clues. Then he visits Spinoza, an art smuggler who had been screwed over by Mortdecai in the past. While Spinoza angrily yells and swears at Mortdecai, Emil shows up and shoots at the men. Spinoza is killed, while Mortdecai and Jock manage to escape. Meanwhile, Johanna does her own investigation. She meets with a man known as The Duke, who informs her that the painting was taken by a friend of his from the war. It supposedly has codes written on the back that lead to the location of a hidden stash of Nazi gold.

A while later, Mortdecai is kidnapped by Russian thugs working for a man named Romanov, with Jock in pursuit. They, like Strago, think that Mortdecai has the painting, and threaten to electrocute Mortdecai’s testicles until he manages to escape out of a window (using one of Romanov’s thugs as a makeshift crash-mat) before subsequently driving off into the night on a motorbike driven by Jock. After returning to London, Martland, wanting some private time with Johanna, forces Mortdecai to go to America to meet with Milton Krampf, under the guise of finalizing the debt-easing sale of Mortdecai’s beloved Rolls-Royce to the American, so as to track down the stolen painting Krampf is rumoured to possess. Mortdecai and Jock arrive in Los Angeles, and upon meeting Krampf and his apparently nymphomaniac daughter Georgina at their house, discover that the stolen painting has been stashed in the Rolls Royce the entire time, hidden their by the mechanic Spinoza (who stole it from Emil shortly after the murder of Bronwen) at the behest of Krampf, who only agreed to buy Mortdecai’s car in order to use it as a smuggling device for the Goya painting. Krampf informs Mortdecai that he intends to display the painting at a party later on, inviting him to attend. As a result of this development, Jock proposes that during the party they sneak into the room where it’s being kept and swipe the painting for themselves when nobody is looking.

Later that night at the party, it is revealed that Georgina is in league with Emil, the latter getting the former to distract Mortdecai by attempting to seduce him so as to steal the painting first). The attempt almost works, until the pair are caught in a semi-compromising position by Johanna, who has also shown up to the party with Martland. Mortdecai, seeing Jock in the midst of their own theft attempt, flees the scene and goes to help his man servant. They find Krampf has been murdered by Emil, who has nabbed the painting. Martland and Johanna come in with Martland aiming a gun at Emil. However, it turns out Georgina is in cahoots with Emil, and they are also lovers. They take the painting and run for it, with the other four chasing after them. The villains go to a motel and try to find the codes with lighter fluid and a blowtorch. In the chaos, Emil spills the fluid and ignites it with the torch near a conveniently placed pile of petrol. Everybody runs as the motel room explodes, destroying the painting with it. Johanna informs Mortdecai that this painting was a fake. The real one is with The Duke, which he actually did tell her when he invited to show it to Johanna in the bathroom (she thought he was talking about showing her his penis). The couple return to London to find The Duke, only to learn that he has died. His widow does allow them to go to the bathroom and find the painting.

The couple puts the painting up for an auction later that evening, hidden as a fake under a familiar painting owned by Mortdecai. Fang is informed of this and goes down to collect Mortdecai’s finger. Romanov and his goons also show up to the auction with Sir Graham. Mortdecai and Jock subdue both Romanov’s and Fang’s goons. Mortdecai runs to the auction, where Emil has been seated next to Johanna with a knife. Mortdecai arrives and makes a high bid until Romanov outbids him. The painting is sold to him, giving Johanna a moment to pepper-spray Emil in the face, and he is apprehended by Martland.

We learn that Romanov purchased the wrong fake, and he decides to have Sir Graham’s balls. Martland accepts that he will never be with Johanna, and he leaves her be. Mortdecai has collected some money, but the rest is paid off for taxes he skipped. In the end, Mortdecai and Johanna continue to love each other and remain faithful through thick and thin. He agrees to finally shave his mustache if it will make her happy, because he would do anything for her. Johanna decides to let it stay. She kisses him passionately, until moments later when she gags, forcing Mortdecai to follow suit.


Mortdecai Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

David Koepp

Writing Credits

Eric Aronson (screenplay)
Kyril Bonfiglioli (novel “Don’t Point That Thing at Me”)


Johnny Depp
Gwyneth Paltrow
Paul Bettany
Ewan McGregor
Olivia Munn
Jonny Pasvolsky
Michael Culkin
Sir Graham
Ulrich Thomsen
Alec Utgoff
Rob de Groot
Guy Burnet
Jeff Goldblum
Antti Hakala
Paul Whitehouse
Norma Atallah
Nicholas Farrell
Karl Theobald
Camilla Marie Beeput
Michael Byrne
The Duke
Emily Lawrence
Woman in Jock’s Apartment
James Joyce
Duke’s Footman
Jenna Russell
Carly Steel
Krampf’s Third Wife
Austin Lyon
Hotel Clerk
Ricky Champ
Chris Bearne
Georgie Carter
Farmers Daughter
Benny Maslov
Romanov’s Aide
Colette O’Neil
The Duchess
Evie Brodie
Mum on plane
Andrew Spiers
Sedgwick’s Worker – Lights
Paul Westwood
Sedgwick’s Footman
John O’Brien
J.J. Holiday
Band Member (Guitar)
Joe Sublett
Band Member (Sax)
Debra Dobkin
Band Member (Percussion / Congas)
Darrell Leonard
Band Member (Trumpet)
Bruce Witkin
Band Member (DBL Bass)
Michael Murphy
Band Member (Keyboard)
John Rubano
Band Member (Trombone)
Scott Sheldon
Party Guest
Geoff Pilkington
Sick Guest
Kumiko Nagano
Sick Guest
Junix Inocian
Fang Fat
David Cheung
Right Hand Man
Shina Shihoko Nagai
Chinese Lady (uncredited)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jerry T. Adams
Butler #2
Michael Aguilo
Artie Ahr
Jush Allen
Billionaire Mansion Guest
Daniel Chapple
Robert Eames
Airport Security
Lance Patrick
Vomiting Husband
Michael Shelford
Sedgewicks Worker
Leon Sua
Georgie-May Tearle
Susannah Allman
Cute Oxford Student (uncredited)
Jozef Aoki
Business Passenger (uncredited)
Mai Arwas
Michelle (Bridesmaid) (uncredited)
Greg Bean
Aircraft Mechanic (uncredited)
Jamie Bernadette
Bikini Babe (uncredited)
Vernon Courteaux
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Richard Herdman
Dog Walker (uncredited)
Raiden Integra
Party Guest (uncredited)
Sayed Kassem
Man in restaurant (uncredited)
Attila G. Kerekes
90’s Party Goer (uncredited)
Jessica Knight
Valet (uncredited)
Ashley Leilani
Party Guest (uncredited)
Simone Liebman
Airport Staff (uncredited)
Mark Loughran
Laundry Man (Savoy Hotel) (uncredited)
Matthew David McCarthy
Airport Official (uncredited)
Bryan Okes
The Standard Staff (uncredited)
Annabell Osorio
Party Girl (uncredited)
Ronnie Rodriguez
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Arben Selimi
Dancer (uncredited)
Kassidy Serbus
The Standard staff (uncredited)
Clem So
Airport Passenger (uncredited)
Chris Valentine
Millionaire Art Buyer / Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
Carl Wackan
German Soldier (uncredited)
John Warman
Sedgwick’s Worker (uncredited)
Jase Whitaker
Attractive hotel guest (uncredited)

Produced by

Christi Dembrowski producer
Johnny Depp producer
Monique Feig co-producer
Kenneth Kokin co-producer
Andrew Lazar producer
Patrick McCormick producer
Michael Paseornek production executive
Gigi Pritzker producer
Sam Sarkar executive producer

Music by

Mark Ronson
Geoff Zanelli

Cinematography by

Florian Hoffmeister director of photography

Film Editing by

Derek Ambrosi
Jill Savitt

Casting By

Elaine Grainger
John Papsidera

Production Design by

James Merifield

Art Direction by

Gareth Cousins
Jonathan Houlding (additional photography)
Kat Law
David Lazan
Patrick Rolfe supervising art director
Sarah Stuart (additional photography)

Set Decoration by

Sara Wan

Costume Design by

Ruth Myers

Makeup Department

Helen Barrett makeup artist
Gloria Pasqua Casny hair department head: US portion
Punam Chhatralia standby contact lens optician
Julie Dartnell makeup supervisor
Peta Dunstall hair stylist to Mr Depp
Richard Glass contact lens optician
Sarah Grispo makeup artist
Joel Harlow makeup artist: Mr. Depp
Jules Holdren hair stylist (additional photography)
Sallie Jaye hair designer / makeup designer
Roseanna Larner makeup trainee crowd dailies
Chris Lyons special effects teeth
Jutta Russell makeup artist
Jemma Scott-Knox-Gore contact lens coordinator
Mike Smithson key makeup artist
Naomi Spurr make up trainee
Khanh Trance hair special effects / makeup effects hair / special effects hair
Vicky Voller crowd hair and makeup

Production Management

Julie M. Anderson production supervisor : Los Angeles Unit
Matt Craufurd unit manager
Marianne Jenkins unit production manager
Paul A. Levin post-production supervisor
Patrick McCormick line producer
Mark W. McCoy vice president feature post production

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

G.A. Aguilar second unit director
Tom Brewster second second assistant director
Jessica Corlett third assistant director: crowd daily
Mark Cotone first assistant director
Simon Downes second assistant director: second unit
Tussy Facchin additional 3rd assistant director
Dominic Fysh first assistant director: second unit
Eric Glasser second assistant director
Oliver Hazell third assistant director: second unit
Katharina Hingst assistant director runner
Ben Howard key second assistant director
Rowley Irlam second unit director
Alex Kaye-Besley additional assistant director
Danni Lizaitis third assistant director
Michela Marini daily third assistant director: second unit
Candy Marlowe crowd Second Assistant Director
Josh Robertson first assistant director
Matthew Sharp second assistant director (additional photography)
Bryan Snodgrass second second assistant director

Art Department

Alex Abelman carpenter
Giles Asbury storyboard artist
Todd Baranowski on set greensman: LA Unit
Joshua Borgese greensman: LA
Steve Borgese lead greensman: LA Unit
Philip A. Brown assistant art director
Dan Bryant dressings props
Gregory Byrne set dresser
Jeremy Cisneros set dresser
Max Connolly plasterer
Dan Crandon construction manager
Chris Cull property master
Anna Czerniavska petty cash buyer: additional photography
Nigel Dawes painter
Jon De Pabon scenic painter
Sally Dray portrait artist
Jed Evans props
James Foley set dresser
Trevor Goring storyboard artist
James Hendy production buyer
Charlotte Hutchings art department assistant: additional photography
Michael Kocurek construction foreman
Alejandro Mackay standby props
Rob MacPherson charge hand dressing props
Brick Mason storyboard artist
Lisa McDiarmid stand-by art director
Kimberly Merlin set decoration buyer
Martin Milligan on set dresser
Christopher Morente on set greensman: LA Unit
Seb Palmer carpenter
Kitty Parkinson art department runner
Sarah Pasquali graphic designer
Karen Riemenschneider set decoration buyer
Paul Rigby carpenter
Simon Riley stand by props
Linda Jayne Roberts construction medic
Chris Rosser graphic designer
Stephanie Spiegel art department assistant la unit
Mia Summerville assistant buyer
Bgi Supplies prop fabricator
Alice Sutton assistant art director: additional photography
Tom Symes carpenter
Rebecca White assistant art director
Emily Woodward art department assistant
Christopher Wyatt draughtsman
Vincent Yague set dresser
Matt Francis greensman (uncredited)

Sound Department

Justine Baker ADR recordist
Ron Bochar sound re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Joe Carey boom operator
Derek Casari stage engineer
P.J. Corvus audio technician
Marko A. Costanzo foley artist
Marco Dary sound supervisor: Italy
Tony Dawe production sound mixer
Mark DeSimone adr mixer
Catherine Duffy sound assistant
Kevin Faber sound utility: Los Angeles (additional)
Tom Fleischman sound re-recording mixer
Maegan Hayward post production mixing facility coordinator
Michael Kneafsey second unit: boom operator
Thomas Markwick sound assistant: additional photography
Michael Miller adr mixer
Angela Organ assistant sound editor
Aiden Ramos adr recordist
David Raymond boom operator
Steve F.B. Smith consultant: Dolby
Sara Stern assistant sound editor
Philip Stockton dialogue editor
Steven Visscher supervising foley editor
Ja-Ann Wang apprentice sound editor
Zach Wrobel sound utility
Jonathan Wyatt production sound-mixer: second unit
Alexa Zimmerman dialogue editor

Special Effects by

Sven Harens senior special effects technician
Karl Openshaw special effects technician
David Payne special effects supervisor
Chris Reynolds special effects supervisor
Neil Reynolds special effects technician
R. Bruce Steinheimer USA EFX
Neil Toddy Todd special effects technician

Visual Effects by

Michael Adkisson compositing supervisor
Neishaw Ali visual effects producer
Naline Amaral visual effects production coordinator
Michael Balzer digital compositor
Debajit Barman visual effects editor: prime focus
Peter Bartfay digital compositor
Giorgio Bertolone senior rigger
Baljot Bhatti assistant visual effects editor
Kristen Branan head of production: Zoic Studios
Melanie Callaghan visual effects production manager
Jeff Campbell Visual Effects Supervisor: SpinVFX
Yashvhanth Chandrasekaran digital compositor
Ling Chen digital compositor
Dhirendra Chhatpar visual effects dailies editor
Pinar Comezoglu visual effects editor
Ben Conrad creative lead: Logan
Chad Cortvriendt visual effects producer
Bryan Davies visual effects artist
Paul DeOliveira compositor: Spin VFX
Claire Duthie digital paint artist
James Gardiner compositor: prime focus
Mohammad Ghorbankarimi digital compositor: Spin VFX
Pauline Giraudel visual effects artist
Hanna Goodman compositor: prime focus
Justin Goran digital compositor (Spin VFX)
Pradeep Gownipuram digital compositor
Luke Gray digital compositor: Prime Focus World
Adam Gritt senior software developer: Prime Focus Film
Lucien Harriot visual effects supervisor
Mutia Iskandar paint artist
Velichko Ivanov visual effects artist
Josh Judd digital artist
Jon Julsrud visual effects artist: Logan
Marshall Richard Krasser vfx supervisor: PFW / visual effects supervisor: PFW
Yashawantha Kumar digital compositor (prime focus)
Kuan-Ting Lee roto/paint artist: Prime Focus
Diana Li fx td: Prime Focus
George Macri Supervising VFX Producer: SPIN VFX
Richard Mahon matte painter
Gabriel Mandala compositor
Zack Mazerolle visual effects editor
Sarah McCulley visual effects coordinator
Daniel Mermelstein digital compositor
Souvik Mitra matchmove supervisor: prime focus
Jonathan Molcan roto/paint artist: Prime Focus
Achal Muchhala Digital Compositor: PrimeFocus World
Jordan Nieuwland matte painter: Spin VFX
Rocco Passionino visual effects supervisor: Zoic Studios
Joseph Payo visual effects coordinator
Andrew Pellicer compositor: Logan
Doug Penner systems administrator
Prashant Raj digital compositor
Federico Rivia cg artist
Sharon Roberts visual effects production manager
Daniel Rubin lead compositor
Angel Gil Ruiz lead matchmover: prime focus Vancouver
Susil Sabat digital compositor
Geoff Sayer digital compositor
Anik Seguin visual effects editor
Christopher Stewart lighting artist
Ray Sun digital compositor
Christa Tazzeo associate visual effects producer: spinvfx
Brandon Terry visual effects editor
James Tichenor vfx bidding producer: prime focus
Kazuma Tonegawa tracking artist: prime focus VFX
Mark Van Ee visual effects line producer
Victor Wagner fx td (double negative)
Angus Wakefield visual effects artist
David Windhorst lead tracking/layout artist
Rachel Beniuk digital compositor (uncredited)
Kyle Cunningham communications associate: Prime Focus World (uncredited)


James Armstrong jonny pasvolsky / stunt driver
Scott Armstrong utility stunts
Gary Arthurs stunt safety
Jill Brown stunt driver
Richard Bucher stunts
Richard Burden stunt double: Ewan McGregor / stunt double: Ewan McGregot
Michael Byrch stunts
Tony Christian stunt driver
Whitney Coleman stunt double/horseback: Olivia Munn
Ben Collins precision driver
David Collom stunt performer
Rob de Groot stunt player
Will Dent stunt double (as William Dent)
Ben Dimmock stunts
Rick English motorcycle stunts
Peter Epstein stunts
Mark Fichera stunt performer
David R. Grant stunt double: Johnny Depp
Riley Harper stunt performer
Paul Herbert stunt coordinator: additional photography
Paul Howell stunt performer
Rowley Irlam stunt coordinator/2nd Unit Director
Olivia Jackson stunt double: Gwyneth Paltrow
Josh Lakatos stunts
Christopher Leps stunt double: Johnny Depp
Tara Macken stunt double Olivia Munn
David Newton stunts
Casey O’Neill stunt driver
Rob Pavey stunt performer
Ian Pead stunt double: Ewan Mcgregor / stunt double: Johnny Depp
Jan Petrina stunt double: Paul Bettany (stunt double: Paul Bettany)
Tom Rodgers stunt performer
Matthew Sampson stunt supervisor
Marcus Shakesheff stunt performer
Helen Steinway Bailey stunt double: Olivia Munn
Leon Sua stunt performer
Lee-Anne Telford stunt double: Gywneth Paltrow
Trampas Thompson stunts
Josh Wood stunt double: Paul Bettany
Leo Woodruff stunt double: Paul Bettany
Steen Young stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department

George Keightley Ambrose grip rigger
Simon Ambrose grip rigger
David Appleby still photographer
Ben Appleton digital imaging supervisor: second unit
David Ashby dolly grip
Natasha Back second assistant camera: “b” camera
Florian Ballhaus director of photography: additional photography
Andrew Banwell first assistant camera (additional photography)
Thomas Barber digital imaging technician rainee
Alex Bender additional second assistant camera
Emmet Cahill crane grip: dailies
Adam Camacho grip
Michael Chambers 2nd unit gaffer: additional
Mario Cisneros grip
Ian Coffey b camera: first assistant camera
Simon Cullen electric rigger
Martyn Culpan video assistant
Adam Dale aerial director of photography
Greg Dellerson first assistant camera: los angeles plate unit
Harry Dibden camera trainee
Kelly Diehl alpha head technician
Tulio Duenas second assistant camera: “a” camera, USA
Tony Ephgrave electrician
Craig Feather director of photography: second unit
Avelino Fernandez gaffer: second unit
Melissa Fisher camera loader: USA
Dan Fontaine gaffer
George Anthony Fox camera trainee: additional photography
Ray Garcia key grip: USA
Robert Gavigan Rigging Gaffer
Dean Georgopoulos digital imaging technician: USA
David Golia camera operator: “b” camera, USA
Bob Hall first assistant camera: “b” camera, USA
Will Handley eclipse technician
Mikey Ray Harkins Desk operator
Jimmy Harritos rigging electrician: los angeles
Richard Harrowing electrician: dailies
Tristan Hey senior dailies operator
Sean Higgins fixtures technician
Erik F. Hill grip
Stuart Hurley lighting technician
Gregory Irwin first assistant camera: “a” camera, USA
Nikos Kalimerakis rigging gaffer
Brad Larner first assistant camera: “a” camera
Stephen Lee video playback coordinator
Lydia Lewis second assistant camera: additional photography
George Lozano Jr. Fixtures Foreman L.A.
David Maund key grip
Greg Mayer rigging chief lighting technician: Los Angeles
John McSweeny best boy: grip
Ray Meere first assistant camera
David Melhorn rigging electric: la unit
Howard Mills second assistant camera
Mark Moriarty camera operator
Dean Morrish second assistant camera: second unit
Natasha Mullan digital imaging technician trainee: second unit
Charlie Murphy digital utility: USA
Spencer Murray first assistant “b” camera: second unit
Francine Natale set lighting technician: Los Angeles
Darren O’Leary electrician
Dino Parks camera operator: los angeles plate unit
Brett Parnham electrician
Gary Parnham electrician
Mike Parsons lighting technician
Jim Philpott grip: dailies
Felix Pickles second assistant camera: “a” camera
Michael Rich 2nd unit key grip
Craig Steven Riley dolly grip
Grace Royall camera trainee: dailies
P. Scott Sakamoto camera operator: “a” camera, USA
Marcus Samperi camera operator: MoVi M10 Rig
Dan Schroer second assistant camera: “b” camera, USA
Stuart Sheppard rigging electrician
Simon Shin remote head tech
Daniel Sean Smith lighting technician: second unit
Scott Sprague best boy electric
Tom Stansfield grip: dailies (second unit)
Joe Steel digital imaging technician
Ian Stowe balloon light technician
Colin Strachan dolly grip: “a” camera
Chris Tann 2nd unit best boy
Roger Tooley camera operator: “a” camera / steadicam operator
Ryan Turner technocrane technician
Chris Weigand lighting technician: LA Unit
Glyn Williams first assistant camera: ae / first assistant camera: aerial
Marc Wolff pilot: camera helicopter
Harry Young-Jamieson camera trainee: 2nd unit
Peter Childs Towercam Technician (uncredited)
Tim Dean Libra head technician (uncredited)
Joshua D. Thatcher console programmer: Los Angeles (uncredited)

Animation Department

Richard Smith additional animation

Casting Department

Deanna Brigidi casting associate
Rich King extras casting: Los Angeles
Jeremy Lambert extras casting assistant
Hattie Mark extras casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Isabella Artitzone principal costumer
Elena Balshem assistant costume designer
Kathryn Blight principal standby
Max Brennan stunt set costumer
Becky Brown assistant costume designer
Becci Bulteel crowd costume daily
Jake Collier leather maker / principal costume standby: Additional Photography
Eddie Gomez set costumer
Perry Goyen principal dresser
Sean Haley set costumer
Leah Hall seamstress: reshoots
Jenny Hawkins assistant costume designer
Persephone Lauer costumer
Marylou Lim set costumer
Marina Marit costumer: mr depp LA unit / mr depp costumer los angeles unit
Gilly Martin costume supervisor
Selene Pearson costume production assistant
Bonnie Radcliffe costume assistant
Adam Sabodish set costumer: Los Angeles Unit
Jec Smith trainee
Rebecca Tredget Costume Standby Reshoots
Clare Vyse costume assistant
Leslie Weir costume supervisor: los angeles crew
Damon Wridgway costumer: dailies
Tricia Yoo set costumer (los angeles crew)

Editorial Department

Dannah Collins color corrector
Jennifer Davidoff Cook first assistant editor
John Diesso digital intermediate conform editor
Liam Donaghy avid technician
Paul Ensby digital intermediate colorist
Colin Garland post-production assistant
Ann Gray post-production coordinator
Jake Hosemann trainee editor
Eric Van Dyn Hoven post-production assistant
Fred Hudson dailies operator
Chris Hunter assistant editor
Steve Jacks 2nd assistant editor
Miguel Lloro Javierre digital dailies
Max Ethan Miller post-production assistant
Steve O’Leary digital dailies
Justin Powell post-production coordinator
Kimi Rosenthal post-production assistant
John St. Laurent dailies operator: additional photography
Girish Takle dailies editor
Andrew Walton first assistant editor
Renannah Weinstein vfx editor
Jahanzeb Hayat dailies producer (uncredited)

Music Department

Josh Blair scoring engineer
Phill Boucher technical score advisor
Richard Bronskill orchestrator
David Butterworth orchestrator
Stefano Civetta assistant score engineer
Peter Cobbin scoring engineer
Riccardo Damian engineer
Isobel Griffiths orchestral contractor
Toby Hulbert score recordist
Trevon Kezios music executive
Alastair King conductor / orchestrator
Debora Lilavois assistant music editor
Zak McNeil technical score assistant
James McWilliam orchestrator
English Session Orchestra orchestra (end credits)
Ben Parry choir director
Dennis S. Sands music scoring mixer
Karen Sidlow Manager: Music Business Affairs
Ryan Svendsen music coordinator
John Ashton Thomas orchestrator
Kirsty Whalley score editor
Justin Wilk assistant to composer
Dean Parker music librarian/copyist (uncredited)

Transportation Department

Michael W. Broomer driver
Alan Canty driver: Paul Bettany
Tony Cooper driver: cast
Erik Coutts driver
Simon Dennis driver: cast
Michael Geary action vehicle supplier: Motorhouse
Jerry Hamshar driver: cast
Rob Hempenstall transportation captain
Austin Hunter dot coordinator
Carl Isherwood driver: cast
Steve Lewis driver
Stan Mataele production driver
Jason Pinto unit driver
Jack Jay Reece transportation co-captain
George A. Sack transportation coordinator
Clive Shaw 4×4 driver
Stageleft Transport supplies: minibuses
Lysette Tredgett facilities crew
Pete Trotman driver: Johnny Depp

Other crew

J. Mark Abbott key assistant location manager
David Allsberry Head dog trainer
H. Leah Amir Key craft service: Los Angeles / key craft service
Jon Baker armourer
Randall Balsmeyer title designer
Stephanie Bamberg production coordinator (additional photography)
Dave Bennett completion bond rep
John Biondo executive vice president of business and legal affairs: Lionsgate
Gillian Bohrer production executive
Tom Bosanquet location assistant
Daniel Budd first assistant accountant (additional photography)
David Campbell-Bell unit location manager
Lindy Chambers production assistant
Claudia Cimmino production coordinator: second unit
Tina Clark production assistant
Ami Cohen production department director
Emily Coldwell Location runner
Steve Cole security and location assistant
Elizabeth Ryan Cowell production assistant (as Izzy Cowell)
Jennifer Kristin Cox assistant to robert melnik: Lionsgate
Jennifer M. Crandell production assistant
Cristiano D’Urso first assistant accountant
Christian De-vos head of security
Sam Dent horse master
Jason Devil on set security
Maria Ana D. Dias production assistant: additonal photography
Mark Dillen security
Lex Donovan assistant location manager
Harriet Eastgate assistant accountant
Karen Fayerty unit nurse
Lucia Fedeli location marshall
Erik Feig production executive
Lucia Foster Found aerial operations coordinator
Suzie Frize-Williams production assistant: dailies
Thomas Fyans stand-in
Rachael Lin Gallaghan production coordinator: Los Angeles Unit
Jacob Glass accounts assistant
Natalie Gothelf production assistant (additional photography)
Heather Gothie location coordinator
Mark Grimwade location manager
Claire Hall second unit medic
Malissa Hallenbeck assistant accountant: post production
Annys Hamilton production assistant
Mark Harden dog trainer
Deborah Harpur production resources
Samantha Hatch additional set production assistant
Milo Hewitt set production assistant: dailies
Julie Hill art department clearances / script clearances
Sue Hills script supervisor
Nathan Holmes assistant: mr Depp
Ian Hutchinson location manager
Jerry P. Jacobs production executive: Lionsgate
Johnathon Johnson set production assistant
Julia Jones unit publicist
Trisha Joyce expert: ambulance
Waléra Kanischtscheff voice actor
Sophie Kenny locations marshall
Nessa King unit accountant
Jon Kuyper production executive
Jon-Luke Kvapil production assistant
Christina LaMonte additional production assistant
Cary Sato Lee los angeles-crafts service
Rob Levy security
Jordan Little production assistant: LA unit
Matt Lombardo set production assistant: Los Angeles
Chris Lynch location marshall
Angus MacDonald locations marshall
Michael Mann assistant production coordinator
Lawrence Mason production assistant
Lottie Mason assistant location manager
Robert M. Melnik executive vice president of business and legal affairs: Lionsgate
Curtis A. Miller executive director of production: Lionsgate
Kurt J. Miner safety consultant
Jesse Morrison production secretary
Crystal Munson production assistant
James Myers production executive
Simon Neville armourer
Gemma Nicholson assistant production coordinator: travel
Caitlin Noah production assistant
William O’Toole assistant accountant
Dan Osborne armourer
Michael Paseornek production executive
Daniel Peacock locations runner
Ben Pearce assistant to david koepp
Carl Pedregal head of feature post production
Joana Powell production secretary: additional photography
Meredith C. Powell set production assistant: Los Angeles Unit
Lizzie Pritchard script supervisor: 2nd unit
Timothy Scott Ralston screening operations executive
Ben Rothwell armourer
Richard Ruck ground rigger extreme
Will Samuelson helicopter camera pilot
Ben Sanderson location assistant
Sallyanne Scotton locations marshall: Dailies
Jo Seager production assistant (additional photography)
Jeffrey Shepherd key assistant location manager
Donna Sloan Executive in Charge of Production
Cara Smiczek Production Finance Coordinator
Aaron R. Smith set production assistant: second unit
Andy Stephens aerial operations manager
Lynsey Stewart assistant to Executive Producer Patrick McCormick
Isabelle Suas payroll accountant
Artur Surma payroll accountant
Christy Taylor layout board
Liam Thornton production secretary
Elizabeth Tyson assistant production coordinator
Anna Vahrman location assistant
Vanluke Watson locations runner
Shawn Weber dog trainer
Carrick Welsh unit manager: additional photography
Jason Wheeler supervising location manager
Sean Williams location marshall
Jacqueline Wilton production assistant
Marc Wolff aerial coordinator: pilot
Jack Wren runner: dailies
Jessica Wright assistant location manager
Ariana Young manager: Post Production
Lenart Cernilogar location marshall (uncredited)
Adam Abrams the producers wish to thank
Chris Allen the producers wish to thank
Sarah Allen the producers wish to thank
Vikki Barr acknowledgment
Alison Bird acknowledgment
Skip Bolden the producers wish to thank
Ian Booth acknowledgment
Glen Boreham acknowledgment
Ann Churchill Brown the producers wish to thank
Faby Calearo the producers wish to thank
Sally Caplan acknowledgment
Fraser Chambers the producers wish to thank
Jonathan Chissick acknowledgment
Martha Coleman acknowledgment
Sue Collins acknowledgment
Liesl Copland acknowledgment
Dean Craig the producers wish to thank
Raja Deka the producers wish to thank
Sandie Don acknowledgment
Mark Donaldson acknowledgment
Kathleen Drumm acknowledgment
Sue Edwards acknowledgment
Samantha Fake acknowledgment
Mark Findlay the producers wish to thank
Dan Fox the producers wish to thank
Adam Goral the producers wish to thank
Anthony Grundy acknowledgment
Simon Hargreaves the producers wish to thank
Ruth Harley acknowledgment
Natasha Harrison the producers wish to thank
Ryan Hodgson acknowledgment
Kyle Hollingsworth the producers wish to thank
Defrim Isai acknowledgment
Erin Keneally the producers wish to thank
Josh Kesselman the producers wish to thank
Kata Kiss the producers wish to thank
Mark Lazarus acknowledgment
Shana Levine acknowledgment
David Lightfoot the producers wish to thank
Troy Lum acknowledgment
Boomer Malkin acknowledgment
Kate Marks acknowledgment
Graeme Mason acknowledgment
Ross Matthews acknowledgment
Danny May acknowledgment
Jason McDonald the producers wish to thank
Deborah McIntosh acknowledgment
Greg Mclean the producers wish to thank
Jeremy Meyer the producers wish to thank
Mark Morrissey the producers wish to thank
Robert Neely the producers wish to thank
Kate O’Connor acknowledgment
Rachel Okine acknowledgment
Tim Reid acknowledgment
Scott Schachter the producers wish to thank
Dawn Sedgwick the producers wish to thank
Annabelle Sheehan acknowledgment
Danny Sherman the producers wish to thank
Richard Signeski the producers wish to thank
Phillip Sun the producers wish to thank
Keith Sweitzer the producers wish to thank
Graham Taylor acknowledgment
Chad Thumann the producers wish to thank
Jenni Tosi acknowledgment
Jo Yao the producers wish to thank

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