TABLE NO.21 (2013)


TABLE NO.21 (2013) Hindi

Release: 2013 / Table No.21
Genre: Adventure , Thriller
Director: Aditya Datt
Stars: Paresh Rawal , Rajeev Khandelwal , Tina Desai


A couple live a mediocre life and are thrilled to have won an exotic vacation to Fiji & their excitement increases when they get a chance to play “Tell all truth” game for a mind boggling prize money. The game begins and the couple discovers that the game isn’t really a game, but is a game of survival.


After working day and night to live a mediocre life, Vivaan and Siya Agasthi are thrilled to have won an all inclusive vacation to the exotic Fiji. Not only do they get to stay in a lavish hotel with a grand suite, the couple also receives an invitation for lunch to celebrate their wedding anniversary at one of the finest resorts in Suva, Fiji. The couples’ excitement only increases when they meet the very suave Mr. Khan at the restaurant who gives them a chance to play a “tell all truth” game … More

Rating: Unrated
Genre: Action & Adventure, Art House & International, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Aaditya Datt
Written By: Aaditya Datt, Sheershak Anand,Shantanu Ray Chhib
In Theaters: Jan 4, 2013 Limited

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