The Ouija Resurrection (2015)


Watch The Ouija Resurrection (2015)

Directed and written by: Israel Luna
Starring by: Justin Armstrong, Swisyzinna, Israel Luna
Genres: Horror
Country: USA
Language: English

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The Ouija Resurrection Plot Summary
The Ouija Resurrection (2015)

The movie begins with a flashback, where we see two young girls, Laine Morris and Debbie Galardi, playing with a Ouija board in Laine’s room. Debbie tells Laine the rules of the Ouija board: never play alone, never play in a graveyard, and always say goodbye. You also have to circle the board with the planchette for however many people you are playing with, then say “as friends we’ve gathered, hearts are true. Spirits near we call to you”. Debbie also tells Laine that if you look through the magnifying glass in the middle of the planchette, you can see any spirits in the room, as it is the “eye to the other side”. The two girls are interrupted by Laine’s sister, Sarah. Debbie notices Laine seems frightened, and she assures her “it’s only a game”.

The story moves to present day, where Debbie is playing with the board by herself in front of her fireplace. She moves the planchette to goodbye, and she burns the board. Laine calls Debbie as the board begins to burn and asks her to come outside so they can go to a school sporting event together. Debbie reluctantly agrees to come outside and explains to Laine that she found a Ouija board in her house, that she played alone and weird things have been happening. But she brushes it off as nothing and decides that she isn’t going to go to the game, opting to eat leftovers instead. Laine offers to not go to the game and come inside to be with Debbie, but Debbie insists that she go to the game without her. She tells Laine that they will meet up in the morning to eat breakfast, so Laine leaves. Debbie goes back inside and begins to eat leftovers when a door behind her opens on its own. She shuts and locks it. The gas stove burner then turns on by itself, and Debbie turns it off and goes upstairs. She is shocked when she finds the board on her bed, in perfect condition. She steps on the planchette, which has mysteriously appeared by her feet. She picks it up and looks through it, and her eyes suddenly turn a foggy white color. She tears the Christmas light decoration off her wall, and hangs herself over the banister.

The following morning, Laine is with her boyfriend Trevor at a diner, where their friend Isabelle also works. While chatting, Laine receives a text message from her father asking her to come home, and when she arrives at her house she is informed of Debbie’s apparent suicide. A viewing is held at Debbie’s home, where Debbie’s friends mourn her death. They wonder if there was anything they could have done to stop it from happening. Laine wanders upstairs to Debbie’s room, where she is greeted by Debbie’s mom. Debbie’s mom gives Laine a box full of some of Debbie’s possessions, including a video camera. She also thanks Laine for agreeing to watch over the house while they are gone for an unknown amount of time. After the viewing, Laine is back at home and watches some of the videos of her and Debbie on the camera. Her sister, Sarah, is about to sneak out of the house, and the two sisters get into an argument about Laine trying to act like their mom, since she hasn’t been around often. The next day, Laine and Sarah’s father leaves for a business trip and tells them that they can call if they need him, or to go to Nona, their housekeeper.

The next day, Laine and Trevor go to Debbie’s house to water the plants and check the pool cover. Laine hears a noise upstairs and goes to investigate. She finds Debbie’s Ouija board in the closet, and she tells Trevor about how she and Debbie would play it and answer each other’s questions about their crushes, etc. when they were little. At school the next day, Laine asks Debbie’s boyfriend Pete if he noticed anything strange about Debbie before she killed herself. He tells Laine that she didn’t talk to him as often, and wouldn’t invite him inside her house, the same way Debbie didn’t let Laine into her home the night before her suicide. The next day at the diner, Laine is explaining to Trevor and Isabelle that she feels as though Debbie is still “here” in her home. She wants to use the Ouija board to contact Debbie to say goodbye, and wants her friends to participate in holding theseance. Trevor and Iz agree to do so.

The night the seance is to be held, Laine catches Sarah trying to sneak out again. She forces Sarah to come along with her since she cannot trust her alone. Laine decides to hold the seance at Debbie’s house, since it is where she died. It is apparent that Laine’s friends and her sister are hesitant to play the game, but they know it’s what is right for Laine. While Laine is upstairs getting the Ouija board, Trevor, Iz, and Sarah are turning on the lights in the home. They are frightened to see Pete has come through the back door with his spare key.

The teens decide to play in the dining room. Before beginning the seance, Laine places a photo of Debbie under the corner of the Ouija board. She begins to ask questions. At first, the planchette doesn’t move and everyone dismisses the seance as a joke, and the group accuses each other of moving the planchette. Laine asks if anyone is present, and the game piece moves on the board to “yes”. She then asks if the spirit has something to tell them, and it spells out “Hi friend”. Laine asks who they are talking to, and the planchette moves to “D”. She believes it’s Debbie. Isabelle is frightened, and momentarily takes her hands off the board. Laine asks her to put her fingers back on the planchette. There is a noise upstairs, and Trevor reassures everyone that they are in an old house. Laine tells Debbie that they just wanted a chance to say goodbye, and the planchette moves to “goodbye”. The lights go out. Laine immediately gets up to investigate, and Trevor confirms the power is out. In the kitchen, the gas stove top burner is on by itself, much like the night Debbie died. Laine tells Trevor that she believes Debbie wants to tell them something. Back in the dining room, Pete, Iz, and Sarah ask each other if they were moving the planchette and they all say no. Pete suggests Laine was moving it herself, as a way of giving herself closure. He then hears a sound and goes to investigate. He notices the chandelier in the entryway is moving back and forth, and he sees the reflection of a woman in a mirror propped against the wall. Something then pushes him into the mirror, cutting his hand. The friends decide to leave, having said goodbye successfully. A few days pass and Nona discovers the Ouija board in Laine’s room and warns her of the dangers of attempting to contact the dead, and asks her to never use the board again. Laine agrees.

Strange events begin to occur among the friends. Trevor is riding his bike through a tunnel, when he steps off his bike to walk it. He hears strange noises, and discovers “Hi friend” written on the wall of the tunnel after a piece of chalk rolls toward him. Isabelle is leaving work when she notices the words “Hi friend” written on the inside of her car, where a hand from inside the vehicle smudges the letters. LPete finds the words carved into his desk at home. Laine and Sarah are at home when Laine notices the front door is open. She calls out to whoever is there, and the door slams shut. Sarah and Laine hide in Laine’s closet for a few minutes, and Laine discovers that someone typed “Hi friend” on her laptop.

The friends decide that Debbie is trying to tell them something, and decide to hold a seance again at her house. They call out to Debbie and tell her they got her signs, and ask for a sign that she herself is present. A chair is pulled out from the end of the table on its own. The planchette flies off the board, but the group continues the seance. Laine asks if Debbie actually killed herself and the board answers “no”. She then asks if someone hurt her and the board says “yes”. The responses briefly stop, and Pete decides to ask the board if Debbie remembers their first date at “the lookout”. The board replies “yes”, to which Pete is unnerved and realizes they aren’t talking to Debbie, as he never took her to the lookout. Laine asks if they are actually talking to Debbie, and the board answers “no”. Pete asks who they are talking to and the board spells out “DZ”. Laine asks if they were talking to DZ the other night and the board says “yes”. Sarah asks if they were ever talking to Debbie, to which the planchette moves to “no”. Trevor tells Laine they can stop playing. Laine asks if Debbie made contact with DZ and the board says “yes”. Laine asks where DZ is, and Sarah suggests the chair. Laine looks through the planchette and sees no one in the chair, then turns towards Sarah and sees a young girl with her mouth stitched closed. Laine throws the planchette down and it begins to spell on its own. It spells out “run”, then “she’s coming”. They ask who is coming, to which DZ replies “mother”. Laine looks through the planchette to see DZ pointing towards the stairs, and Laine looks over to see an apparition of a woman gliding towards her screaming. Laine throws the planchette down again, and the board flies up into the air. The group decides to stop playing the game. The same night, Laine discovers trough Debbie’s digital camera videos that Debbie found the board in her attic after cleaning it. She recorded herself playing the game alone, and came in contact with DZ.

Isabelle arrives at home from work and its preparing herself a bath. While flossing, her mouth is stitched shut by the floss, and her eyes turn white. She levitates off the ground and up into the air, and is then dropped, hitting her head hard on the sink, killing her. At school the next day, a counselor tells Laine that she has people to talk to while she is grieving over the loss of two friends. Laine tells him that he has no idea what he is talking about. She confronts Trevor and Pete in the hall, and Trevor is upset that Laine made them play the game. He tells her that DZ is watching everything they do, that “it’s coming for all of us. So who’s next?” Laine persuades Pete to help her figure out exactly what is going on. The two go to Debbie’s house and Laine goes into the attic to see if she can find anything. While looking around, Pete hears noises in the house. Laine finds a box full of old vintage photos, as well as an old doll. She calls Pete over to take the box that she found, and the flashlight she was using moves on its own, pointing towards the other end of the attic. A figure appears, startling Laine.

Going through the box of photos, Laine and Pete learn that Debbie’s home holds a dark secret: a young girl named Doris Zander went missing from the home, and shortly thereafter her sister, Paulina, killed their mother. The two discover that Doris’ sister is still alive in a mental institution, and Laine visits her, claiming to be her niece. Laine informs Paulina that she found photos of her and her sister Doris, and that she believes Doris is still alive in Debbie’s house. Paulina explains to Debbie that her mother practiced mediumship, and that Doris was very interested in her mother’s practices. Paulina’s mother used Doris as a vessel for the spirits she came in contact with to use to speak. Over time, Paulina’s mother began to go insane, and the voices of the spirits inside of Doris became too much for her to handle. She killed Doris and sewed her mouth shut. Paulina then killed her mother. Paulina asks how Laine was able to see Doris, to which she suspects a spirit board. She informs Laine that she played in a graveyard, because Doris’ body is within the home. Paulina tells Laine that, while she can only see the spirits through the planchette for now, the energy is growing stronger. There are two points of connection between Laine and her friends with the spirits, the body of Doris and the Ouija board itself. Paulina informs Laine that the connection is hard to break, but it can be done by locating Doris’ body in Debbie’s basement in a “secret room” made by Paulina’s mother, and cutting the stitches on Doris’ mouth. But this won’t be able to be done without a fight from Mother.

Laine, Sarah, Trevor, and Pete all return to Debbie’s home and go into the cellar. While looking for the secret room, Laine notices Mother’s shadow on the wall. Mother lashes out towards Trevor and drags him into a room, where Pete follows in attempt to rescue him. The door to the room is slammed shut, and will not open. Pete and Trevor urge Laine to continue to try and find the body. Laine finds the entrance to the room, and successfully manages to cut the stitches on Doris’ mouth. Mother’s spirit appears, exclaiming “no”, but Doris’ spirit also manifests and screams at Mother, unleashing the voices of the spirits trapped within her. She is able to overcome Mother, whose spirit bursts into ashes. The group believes that everything has been resolved, but Doris later kills Pete at his home after disguising herself as Debbie briefly.

Laine confronts Paulina at the mental institution and learns that Doris and Paulina were possessed and that Mother was trying to defend herself against them. Mother was not the evil one. Laine is horrified, and turns to Nona for answers. Nona explains that the only way to stop the ghost is to burn Doris’s body with the Ouija board, and to hurry before Doris grows too powerful. Trevor arrives at Debbie’s house before Laine and Sarah, and he is drowned by Doris. When Laine and Sarah enter Debbie’s home, the find what appears to be Trevor, standing in the living room, soaking wet. He then explodes, splashing water everywhere. Laine and Sarah have to continue moving forward. In the cellar, Laine instructs Sarah to go and get Doris’ body and starts a fire in the furnace. Sarah goes into the secret room, but Doris’ spirit intervenes, attempting to sew Sarah’s mouth shut. Laine begins to play a game alone, insisting the Doris come and play, to which Doris must. Doris grabs Laine’s arm and begins to twist it around, and Laine’s eyes turn white. Just before anything worse can happen, Debbie’s spirit appears and places her hand on the planchette, and Laine’s eyes clear up. Sarah and Laine succeed in burning Doris’s corpse and the Ouija board, and Doris is defeated.

The sisters return home, happy that everything is over. Laine takes a shower and flosses, then returns to her room, only to find the planchette on her desk. She picks it up and lifts it to her face and looks through the magnifying glass, and the film ends.

The Ouija Resurrection Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Israel Luna

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Israel Luna (written by)


Justin Armstrong
Jessica Willis
Elena Cooper
Sally Greenland
Michelle Joy
Nicole Holt
The Ghost
Israel Luna
Ticket Taker
Eric Zettina
Ty Gibson
Eric Window
Tom Zembrod
Sheriff Anderson
Shanon Snedden
Margo White
Gerald Crum
Danny Grey
Ty Larson
Drew O’Neal
Chaselyn Wade
911 Operator

Produced by

Stuart Alson executive producer
Nicole Holland executive producer
Felix McNulty executive producer
Hareendra Samarasekera executive producer
Tom Zembrod producer

Cinematography by

Israel Luna

Set Decoration by

Gerald Crum
Jason Mcroberts

Makeup Department

Chaselyn Wade hair stylist / makeup artist

Art Department

Tom Zembrod props / set dresser

Sound Department

Gerald Crum sound recordist
Jason Mcroberts sound recordist

Special Effects by

Trace Lundberg special effects

Visual Effects by

Trace Lundberg visual effects artist


Tom Zembrod stunt coordinator

Camera and Electrical Department

Taylor Bridges behind the scenes camera
Gerald Crum lighting technician
Jason Mcroberts lighting technician

Other crew

Taylor Bridges production assistant
Eric Zettina production assistant

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