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Tum Bin (2001) Hindi Movie

     Story: After Amar Shah’s accidental death in India, Canada-based Shah Industries is on the verge of collapse. Pia, Amar’s fiance, is devastated; Girdhari, his dad, has become numb from shock; and Amar’s sister and grandmother are in mourning and attempt to live day by day. Months after Amar’s death, a young man, Shekhar Malhotra, enters the lives of the Shah family, introduces himself, and offers to re-build and restore Shah Industries without any compensation. He is given the chance and goes about the uphill task of making the company viable again. Gradually, Shekhar heals the gaping wound left in the Shah family by Amar’s death and they come to accept him as one of the family. Also, Shekhar falls in love with Pia. What people don’t know — except for Bosco, Shekhar’s friend in Canada — is that it was Shekhar’s jeep that accidentally had hit Amar, causing his death. Ridden by guilt, Shekhar has come to Canada to confess his crime, ask for forgiveness, and…

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  • Priyanshu…
  • Himanshu Malik
  • Sandali Sinha
  • Rakesh Bapat
  • Vikram Gokhale
  • Rajesh Khera
Anubhav Sinha


Drama , Romantic


Nikhil Vinay



Bhushan Kumar

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