UNDISPUTED 2: LAST MAN STANDING (2006) Hollywood HD Watch Online

Release: 2006 / Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing
Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Sport
Director: Isaac Florentine
Stars: Michael Jai White , Scott Adkins , Ben Cross

Movie Story

Yuri Boyka is a Russian male sent to prison for 1st degree murder. During his time in prison he became the prison fighting champion as well as made a reputation for himself. He lost his championship title when George Chambers, an American boxer, beat him and broke his knee. Several years later he began fighting again by defeating Sykov, the current prison champion, and entering a tournament where the winner earns his freedom. Boyka wins but helped another fighter escape which cost him Boyka his freedom. However before Boyka’s execution, the fighter he helped escape (Turbo) killed the executioners and gave Boyka his freedom. Boyka is 5″10. Boyka believes himself to be the most complete fighter in the world.

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