Zombieworld (2015)


Watch Zombieworld (2015)

Directed by: Jesse Baget, Adrián Cardona
Written by: Jonathan Brown, Alex Chandon
Starring by: Noé Blancafort, Lauren Brady, Jeff Newman
Genres: Horror
Country: USA
Language: English

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Zombieworld Plot Summary
Zombieworld (2015)

There is nowhere to hide…nowhere to run…the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our world now belongs to the dead! From Ireland, Canada, Australia, Europe and all over the U.S., the bone-chilling news reports tell the same gruesome tale – walking corpses terrorize and devour the living. Only a few desperate humans find the courage to stand and fight for their last chance at survival. But the hordes of undead keep coming, and there’s only one thing on the menu – us.

Zombieworld Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Jesse Baget
Adrián Cardona (Segment “Fist of Jesus” Segment “Brutal Relax”)
Rafa Dengrá (Segment “Brutal Relax”)
Luke Guidici (Segment “Certified”)
Phil Haine (Segment “I am Lonely”)
Peter Horn (Segment “Dark Times”)
Jared Marshall (Segment “Dark Times”)
Cameron McCulloch (Segment “Home”)
David Muñoz (Segment “Fist of Jesus” Segment “Brutal Relax”)
Adam O’Brien (segment “Apocalypse Marathon”)
Zachary Ramelan (Segment “Dead Rush”)
Paul Shrimpton (Segment “Teleportal”)
Vedran Marjanovic Wekster (Segment “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse”)
Tommy Woodard (segment “Dead Stop”)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Jonathan Brown (writer)
Alex Chandon (Segment “Teleportal”)
Raven Cousens (Segment “Dead Rush”)
Luke Guidici (Segment “Certified”)
Peter Horn (Segment “Dark Times”)
Jared Marshall (Segment “Dark Times”)
Cameron McCulloch (Segment “Home”)
David Muñoz (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Adam O’Brien (segment “Apocalypse Marathon”)
Zachary Ramelan (Segment “Dead Rush”)
Paul Shrimpton (Segment “Teleportal”)
Graham Taylor (Segment “Teleportal”)
Tommy Woodard (segment “Dead Stop”)


Kevin Allen-Bicknell
Carl Sappleton (segment “Certified”)
José María Angorrilla
Cowboy Boss (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Roy Aralios
Zombie (segment “Home”)
Ibby Bakalouma
(segment “Home”)
Ry Barrett
David (segment “Dead Rush”) (voice)
Natasha Benrad
(segment “Home”)
Stephen Benrad
(segment “Home”)
David Bishop
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Noé Blancafort
Lauren Brady
Woman (segment “Dead Stop”)
Timothy Brennen
Mr. Sappleton (segment “Certified”)
Charlotte Bulmer
(segment “Teleportal”)
Vanessa Caruso
(segment “Home”)
Mickey Conde
David (segment “Dead Rush”)
Steve Corcoran
(segment “Home”)
Raven Cousens
Meg (segment “Dead Rush”)
Rob Cray
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Emily Curtis
Bridesmade Zombie (segment “Home”)
Aaron Daynes
(segment “Teleportal”)
Tiina Eklund
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Stefan Engelhardt
Zombie (segment “Home”)
Héctor Escandell
(segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Sherdan Frawley
(segment “Home”)
Thomas Garner
Frank Nuttel (segment “Certified”)
Charlie Hamilton
Chuck (segment “Dead Rush”)
Mike Hardy
Zombie (segment “Dead Stop”)
Nathan Hawkins
Zombie (segment “Dead Rush”)
Renae Hayle
(segment “Home”)
Katty Hodges
(segment “Home”)
Kathy Holowko
(segment “Home”)
Myriam Kessiby
Jogger (segment: Apocalypse Marathon)
Gavin Leadbetter
(segment “Home”)
Madeline Leadbetter
(segment “Home”)
Therese Lentz
Mrs. Sappleton (segment “Certified”)
Salvador Llós
Jacobo (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Emily Lucas
(segment “Home”)
Simon Lucas
(segment “Home”)
Zoran Macakanja
(segment “How To Survive Zombie Apocalypse”)
Jonathan Margeson
John (segment “Dead Rush”) (as Jonatan Rhys Margeson)
Peter Marshall
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Jamie McDowell
(segment “Home”)
Stephanie Neesham
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Jeff Newman
Jennifer Lane Oakley
Wendy (Segment “Dark Times”)
Bill Oberst Jr.
Marvin Gloat
Rob Pearson
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Robert Peters
Zombie (segment “Home”)
Darian Porter
(segment “Home”)
Nikita Porter
(segment “Home”)
Zack Price
Victoria Roldán
Sara (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Beccy Sandford
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Matt Smith
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Trevor Snarr
Police Officer (segment “Dead Stop”)
Roger Sotera
Lázaro (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Rebecca Spicher
Alice (segment “Certified”)
Beck Stuart
(segment “Home”)
Felicity Sykes
Zombie (segment “Teleportal”)
Anthon Ikram Umit
Husband (segment “Home”)
Marc Velasco
Nigel Willcock
(segment “Home”)

Produced by

Steven Barton producer
Kimberley Browning producer (segment “Certified”)
Adrián Cardona producer (segment “Fist of Jesus”) (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Jon Condit producer
Raven Cousens producer (Segment “Dead Rush”)
Jason B. Cox producer (segment “Dead Stop”)
Humberto Estrada producer (segment “Dead Stop”)
Paco Ferrari producer (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Luke Guidici executive producer
Reginald Hunter co-producer (segment “Certified”)
Monica Murguia producer (segment “Fist of Jesus”) (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
David Muñoz producer (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Zachary Ramelan producer (Segment “Dead Rush”)
Zoe Rixon producer (segment “Home”)
Marc Velasco producer (segment “Fist of Jesus”) (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Tommy Woodard producer (segment “Dead Stop”)

Music by

Leigh Dunning (segment “Teleportal”)
J.R. Hunter (segment “Teleportal”)
Cameron McCulloch (segment “Home”)
Jeff McDonough (segment “Certified”)
J. Oskura Nájera (Segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Christian Rivest (segment “Apocalypse Marathon”)

Cinematography by

Arnaud Dumas (segment “Apocalypse Marathon”)
Humberto Estrada (segment “Dead Stop”)
Paco Ferrari (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
John Matysiak (segment “Certified”)
Paul Shrimpton (segment “Teleportal”)
Karl Siemon (segment “Home”)
Tinny Tang (segment “Home”)

Film Editing by

Adrián Cardona (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Mathieu Demers (segment “Apocalypse Marathon”)
Luke Guidici (segment “Certified”)
Cameron McCulloch (segment “Home”)
David Muñoz (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Zachary Ramelan (segment “Dead Rush”)
Paul Shrimpton (segment “Teleportal”)

Production Design by

Adrián Cardona (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Emily Curtis (segment “Home”)
Tema L. Staig (segment “Certified”)

Art Direction by

Jonathan Bell (segment “Certified”)
Adrián Cardona (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Emily Curtis (segment “Home”)

Set Decoration by

Emily Curtis

Costume Design by

Adrián Cardona (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Beth Child (segment “Home”)
David Muñoz (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Marc Velasco (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Marcia Zigler (segment “Certified”)

Makeup Department

Adrián Cardona special makeup effects artist (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Bryn Cummin makeup artist (segment “Home”) / special makeup effects artist (segment “Home”)
Kaysia Joy assistant makeup artist (segment “Home”)
Eva Lohse hair stylist (segment “Certified”) / makeup artist (segment “Certified”)
Tristan Lucas assistant makeup artist (segment “Home”)
Lulu McClatchy assistant makeup artist (segment “Home”)
Monica Murguia makeup artist (segment “Fist of Jesus”) / special makeup effects artist
Tori Plant special makeup effects artist: Segment “Dead Stop”
Mia Kate Russell makeup department head (segment “Home”) / special makeup effects artist (segment “Home”)
Jas Shaw hair stylist: segment “Teleportal”
Mitchell Stacey makeup artist (segment “Dead Rush”)
Marc Velasco assistant makeup artist (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Iona Wands hair stylist: segment “Teleportal”

Production Management

Stanley Longstreet production manager (segment “Certified”)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Nathan Hawkins assistant director (segment “Dead Rush”)
Reginald Hunter assistant director (segment “Certified”)
Nima Sepassi assistant director (segment “Certified”)

Art Department

Katrina Addison set designer

Sound Department

Oscar Coronel boom operator (segment “Certified”)
Stefan Engelhardt boom operator (segment “Home”) / sound mixer (segment “Home”)
Paul Gonzales sound mixer (segment “Certified”)
Aidan Prewett boom operator (segment “Home”) / sound mixer (segment “Home”)
Christian Rivest sound designer: segments: Apocalypse Marathon
Steven Romero Jr. sound designer (segment “Certified”) / sound re-recording mixer (segment “Certified”)
Paul Shanahan sound editor (segment “Home”)

Special Effects by

Adrián Cardona special effects (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Bryn Cummin special effects makeup (segment “Home”)
Hannah Day special effects makeup (segment “Teleportal”) / special effects (segment “Teleportal”)
Monica Murguia special effects makeup (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Mia Kate Russell special effects makeup (segment “Home”)
Jas Shaw special effects makeup (segment “Teleportal”)
Graham Taylor special effects makeup (segment “Teleportal”) / special effects supervisor (segment “Teleportal”)
Marc Velasco special effects makeup (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Iona Wands special effects makeup (segment “Teleportal”)

Visual Effects by

Adrián Cardona digital effects (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Alex Chandon special visual effects (segment “Teleportal”)

Camera and Electrical Department

Forrest Campbell camera operator (segment “Dead Stop”)
Nathan Carrington best boy electric (segment “Certified”)
Matt Irwin first assistant camera (segment “Certified”)
Mark ‘Wellbe’ Lacy camera operator (segment “Dead Stop”)
Peter Marshall still photographer (segment “Teleportal”)
Alicia Pharris second assistant camera (segment “Certified”)
Matthew Scott steadicam operator (segment “Home”)
Nikolas Smith gaffer (segment “Certified”)
Tinny Tang assistant camera (segment “Home”)

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Beth Child costumer (segment “Home”)

Editorial Department

Kevin Allen-Bicknell assistant editor (segment “Certified”)
Peter Mirecki colorist (segment “Home”)
Paul Shrimpton digital imaging technician (segment “Teleportal”)
Andrew Stalph colorist (segment “Home”)

Music Department

Leigh Dunning composer: additional music
J.R. Hunter composer: theme music
Jeff McDonough orchestrator (segment “Certified”)

Other crew

Kevin Allen-Bicknell production coordinator (segment “Certified”)
Adrián Cardona choreographer (segment “Fist of Jesus”)
Alex Chandon additional material (segment “Teleportal”)
Stanley Longstreet location manager (segment “Certified”) / production manager
Elena Rogovsky script supervisor (segment “Certified”)
Jas Shaw make up (segment “Teleportal”)
Graham Taylor additional material (segment “Teleportal”)
Iona Wands make up (segment “Teleportal”)
Marie Allcorn production assistant
Nicola Allpress chaperone
Chris Blyth chef/manager: Hot Goblin Catering
Catherine Booton assistant production coordinator
James Brodie unit security
James Corless operations manager: Pinewood Digital
Laura Cowcher cashier
Matt Curtis Titles Designer
Sean Desmond security
Melanie Dicks sustainability & environmental consultant
Jake Edmonds health & safety advisor
Ben Gladstone location manager
Bill Grantham finance legal: Manu Propria Entertainment
Peter Gray location manager / locations scout
Harry Greaves runner
Puffin Hepworth assistant to S. Oakes / assistant to s. oakes
Sefton Hewitt tutor
Aaron Hopkins green runner
Adam Jackson assistant to R. Jackson
Aliza James associate producer
Jeni Jones creative executive (as Jennifer Ruper)
Hayley Kasperczyk location assistant
Kate Lee unit publicist
Rachel Linehan production secretary
Toby Lomas location assistant
Teresa Mahoney movement double
Linda Matthews chaperone
Kevin McGill healthy & safety: recce
Kevin McHale tutor
Catherine McNamara Financial Controller for eOne Film Productions
Bob Mitchell security
Luke Moorcock digital lab technician
Chrissy Murray 1st assistant accountant
Paula O’Neill chaperone
Richard Oxford Artiste PA
Marnie Paxton script supervisor
Louise Pearce chaperone
Benjamin Perkins head chaperone
Jack Peters assistant to T. Harper
Louise Pocock assistant to B. Holden and J. Hooks (as Louise Ann Pocock)
Christine Samways assistant accountant
Rob Seager production accountant
Matthew Shipley daily runner
Deryn Stafford production coordinator
Viva Stuart floor runner
Julie Summers research and consultant
Jeannette Sutton runner
Rafferty Thwaites production assistant
Sarah Townsend base runner
Graham Walters coffee/craft: Shot Stop
Justine Winkler assistant to T. Armbrust / assistant to t. armbrust
Jack Wren runner: crowd ad
Maimunah Yahkup digital lab technician

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